Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I may not have mentioned it much lately, but sewing has been pretty much filling my days; come to that it has pretty much been filling my nights too. New designs, orders, fabrics to sort ... these are just some of the things which demand of my time and as they are also the very things which lie at the heart of a textiles business such as mine, then time must be found - somehow.

If only days were longer; if only I had more energy; if only I could find more time for stitching grasses...

baking breads...

more grasses...

knitting socks... still...sigh...

playing games....

but mostly trying to perfect darned designs that swim around my head

they'll get there

in time.

What are you struggling to find time for? Just one thing will do!

Have a restful evening x


  1. Me!! I promised myself that when I turned 50 that I would indulge in "Me" time - its not happened yet!!

  2. Relax!! just to clear your mind of everything just for a short while,bliss!!
    love the stiching! x

  3. What beautiful work, Pipany - and I love the sock yarn, too!

    Pomona x

  4. What a beautiful post Pipany and one that I can 'oh so' relate to.

    Time for me is in routine bits of rushing here, there and everywhere and none of it ever seems to be of any real quality so I guess I would love my time to be quality - I think that's what I'm trying to say!

    Nina x

  5. Struggling to find time to sew for one! your sewing is peaceful, beautiful and should make you feel good just doing it.
    I am trying hard to make 'me' time a lot more often. Without upsetting the family!!!
    I think with the darker evenings it is easier to relax more. Well it is for melol..as I lounge of the sofa again. And joining Love film is great too as I can see all the films I love again and the ones I missed. I am so loving Love film at the moment!
    The trouble is, I guess I could be sewing!
    Carol xxx

  6. time to be still....aaaah to do nothing at all


    p.s. your stitching is just so beautiful...very restful and lovely

  7. Just popped over from Pomona's blog.
    What lovely designs and stitching!
    Time for all the things you mentioned, and all the other little things I can't quite get to. Time for an uninterrupted cup of tea.

  8. I struggle with figuring out how to get what has to be done and what I want done... and to sit down and write a very special letter to a new friend... :)

  9. Struggling to find time to read...... I mean R.E.A.D..... Loved your work. Just lovely.

  10. Your work always looks so calming Pipany, beautiful, nostalgic and charming.
    Anything and everything though have managed to tick a good few things off the list today only otherthings joined the bottom! So not fair!

  11. I'm struggling to find the time to reply to your email with more than one sentence!!! Ack! Not deliberately ignoring you Pip. So, for, simply not enough time at the moment, juggling too many balls. But the glorious weather has been a real treat!
    Love Diana
    Love all your new stitching!

  12. Pipany, when I saw the title of this post and the first picture of your embroidery began to appear, I was thinking, "Time ... will tell."

    For months now I have also felt that there were not enough hours in any day. I confess that I have also felt that my job is taking too many of my hours.

    I've begun to treasure the time when my eyes do close and sleep releases me from clock consciousness.

    Please let me say that what you've been doing with your precious time seems so wonderful

    Today is the first of autumn, and I realized I never found time for a single summer ice cream cone.

    That's crazy!


  13. You are so, so clever. And that's such a good post - so true. There is NEVER enough time, hence I'm up at 3.30 today!

    I'd like to have time to bake. I've been planning to for the last 2 weeks. And I have plums in the fridge starting to crinkle because I haven't made it into jam yet!
    Later today I'm going to bake and make jam...if I'm not asleep!


  14. My sewing has taken a back seat to knitting. Got four things on the go now, just wish my embroidery was as good as yours. How about a report on that shiny new machine you bought?

  15. I'm struggling to find the time to just....BE. But I'll do it, by hook or by crook...soon.

    Sue xx

  16. Actually I'm always amazed at the amount you manage to achieve everytime I visit here. I'm currently strugglying to get our website built with our little shop. Probably haven't chosen the best time of year to be doing this what with the apple picking an all

  17. Your blog to-day Pipany is just what I plan to think about when on Holidays. My problem is I am so enthusiastic and love so many pursuits.I can never stop new ideas popping into my head. Because of a high energy level I fail to realize I am getting older. No wonder I have pulled my knee, dancing my head off to Abba at my sister's party keeping up with my daughter(36)! I need to prioritize a bit next year me thinks. Love your work to bits.

  18. Very poignant for me - time. Time just to concentrate really and lick over the wounds.

  19. Ah time. Just wish I had the time to fit it all in :) The crafting, cooking, playing, and cleaning.

  20. Those designs look perfect to me - my hands would never translate what my brain was thinking into needlework. Time to ourselves would be good... sigh!

  21. Wonderful blog as always, how do you manage to do so much? I would love to have the time to bake some bread like yours!

  22. I should have all the time in the world now but I don't! How can that be? I need time to work outside as well as in!

  23. I DO have time.... but I just waste it and feel guilty about it. I love the simple grasses and little cottage design, Pipany.

  24. Hi Pipany,
    Its been so lovely to visit your blog again... I have had rather a long break from the blogging world. Looks like we have a lot in common. I totally agree about 'time' when running a business there is never enough time. Its lovely that your creativity shines through in every thing you do. Love the bread too, now I'm feeling hungry. I have turned into the planning queen for the run up to Christmas :)
    x Faye

  25. Beautiful! I am struggling to devote my time to any one thing.

  26. Hi Pipany, Ooh I love your new stitchery. The grasses are really lovely. I've been really busy too with several "Princess and the Pea' pictures and also preparing for a few sales. I'm knackypooed but will be having a break this weekend as we are coming down your way for my dad's 70th Birthday.
    I'll wave from Launceston. Lots of love xx

  27. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've only read this first post, and I'm impressed by yours. Those grasses are beautiful!
    Ah, yes, time. I just quit my full time salaried job(today)in which I often worked 60-70 hours a week, and will be starting a 32 hour a week, hopefully more manageable job Oct. 5th.
    I can't even begin to list the things I would like to do with my newfound time, but making more bread and spinning beautiful sock yarn are two of things on that would be on that list!