Friday, 25 September 2009

A September Morn.

It is cloudy here now after the most beautiful start to the day. I wanted to show you the things that are inspiring my work at the moment and so took these pictures early this morning after Isabella and I had taken Lucy to school. Seedheads and grasses of every description catch my eye, from golden grasses

to rumex of the darkest red

and as for these...oh, how beautiful they are.

Thay seem to change from soft and downy

to harder, more scratchy in texture - does that make sense?

Such amazing colours from vibrant green

to wheaten yellow.

From starkly structural

to spindly and delicate.

Pure inspiration. If only what I see in my head would leap onto the fabric - or, read another way, if only I could stop scribbling ideas and leave it at the thousand or so designs I already have. My business head says the new range is ready to go, items made and set to be showcased, and yet I feel nervous.

There is a change evident in this range, a slightly more 'grown-up' feel for want of a better description and I am nervous at the reaction to it. Silly and not very business-like of me I know, but perhaps it is because these designs speak to something in me, the bit of me that loves autumn and the restful feel that comes with the softened tones of nature, the fires lit in the lengthening dusk, the soft-and-sad song of birds on quiet mist shrouded rivers. All these things I love and I hope they are evident in some small way in the stitches worked, the gentler tones weaving through the cloth.

I hope to show my new range next week after a little final tweaking (though heavens knows I have probably built it into something it isn't now and thus will regret mentioning it at all!). In the meantime,

have a lovely weekend everyone x


  1. Lovely, lovely. And don't worry about your new range - it's from the heart so it HAS to be ok!

    Autumn is very atmospheric, is it not? You describe it beautifully. Like you, we started here in sunshine, now cloudy again.

    Coming down to your neck of the woods later. Catching a plane to Newquay in a few hours' time and thence down to Carbis Bay and party near Penzance in a place named, marvellously, Ding Dong!!


  2. Pipany, it looks to me as if you have captured those natural forms very well in your embroidery. You've got just the right touch of sticks and wisps! The colors are also very good.


  3. I do not think that you are being silly! You are showing personality and emotions and that is what people go to small businesses for! If they want the opposite then they should go to Tesco!
    I am sure that your new range will be beautiful. x

  4. pipany,these photos are wonderful & are so much like what i have just taken on holiday in cornwall,i always take pictures of the different grasses etc along the coast. i just love the different colour tones & how they complement the tones of the sea & sand. true bliss!! you will have to look at mine which will be on my blog in day or so. xx

  5. Hello - came hear from Her on the Hill.

    When I used to paint seriously - less so now - I would get nervous before an exhibition, but excited too. After a while I realised there were three reasons why I wanted to show the pictures - all connected but all different.

    Sure I wanted to sell them

    But I also wanted to see them in situ - it was different to seeing them in the studio. Like writing on the blog as opposed to on the page.

    And lastly, there's a sort of invitation to others - come and see what I found; come and share what I see. Some people get that, others less so - but if the work is 'true to yourself' it will connect with those who you care about.

    That's what I found anyway

    Good luck.

  6. Sorry can't let that typo go - I came here, not hear!

  7. Pipany, your new designs appear to have captured the essence of Autumn with those marvellours colours. In love the miscanthus in the garden and shall endeavour to grow more next year, they really are a showy piece of work. Look forward to your new product launch.

  8. Beautiful pictures - I love seeing the things that inspired such lovely work. Good luck with the new range - I can't wait to see it.

  9. Lovely photos Pip, and even more lovely sewing ideas. I look forward to seeing the finished articles.

  10. I love, love, love that last photo. Your embroidery is simply beautiful. So delicate, and I love the autumn/ earth tones.

  11. I love these and if anything like them even better than your earlier ones! They are clearly yours, purely pipany style. Fabulous.

  12. You write so beautifully. It really touches my heart. Be confident with your new range and be true to yourself. x

  13. Love these images Pip...isn't nature looking wonderful at the moment. Look forward to the unveiling of your new range - bet it's wonderful!
    Happy weekend my friend.
    xxx Diana xxx

  14. Very beautiful. How fortunate you are to have that view to get your inspiration from!

  15. The napkins are just beautiful, Pip, as are your photos. You could almost do a cloth painting, I suppose - an embroidered landscape - I see something very plain - like those napkins, but bigger.

  16. Your photos of the grasses and seedheads are very inspiring Pip - I'm sure your new range will be as successful as your others. These designs seem so very personal to you, illustrating your love of autumn and the nature you see around you.

    I look forward to seeing the new range soon.

    Jeanne x

  17. It is lovely to see the connection between what you see in the natural world and your work. I look forward to seeing the new range soon!

    Pomona x

  18. AGree with Elizabeth - you are developing your very own distinct style. Can't wait to see the new range


  19. Phabulous photos and wonderful words Pipany.
    Like you I enjoy, nay love, this time of year. Although we are in the midst of constant rain so it is like living in a cloud I even find this beautiful a syphony of greys. You new work sounds lovely so now I am going to have a look!