Sunday, 20 September 2009

Changing Light.

Friday late afternoon found me waiting on Customs House Quay for the return of Lucy after a one night school residential. Glorious sunshine had disappeared leaving a lowering sky in its wake, a light that turned sea to a leaden version of its erstewhile glittering self. I love both its costumes, the former for the cheery holiday feel a sparkling sea and jaunty wavelets impart, and the latter because in my heart I am a North coast girl prone to the pull of angry seas, crashing waves and dark, moodily brooding scenes. We don't get so many of those on this softer south coast, but this was such a day; ok, the crashing waves were noticeable in their absence, but the light was pure molten lead...just call me Heathcliffe.

The tide was exceptionally high and reached just below the quayside bringing the myriad boats closer than ever. I love to come into town and stop by one of the various places that lead to such views as these. Somehow shopping seems far more interesting when boats are just round the corner (or so Isabella thinks judging by the fact that we spend sooo long walking around the quays and so little time actually in the shops).

Water polo used to be played in this little inlet. Shame there wasn't time for a swift pint in the Chain Locker!

By contrast, a walk along another waterway took place in soft autumnal sunshine late on Saturday afternoon. We headed to Coombe, a favourite walk of ours which I have blogged about before. Here the famous Kea plums grow in ancient orchards bordering the banks of the river. We usually take the children here a bit earlier in the year to gather the fallen plums from the lanes, but somehow we missed it this year and found only the splattering purple marks embedded in the grit to mark their passing.

Such a beautiful place with old ramshackle sheds nestled under trees

pretty boats bobbing softly against the shore

A place of quiet and peace and beautiful houses peeked at through hidden gateways...oh, the garden of this one is just perfect with sloping lawns - not manicured, thank heavens (hate, hate, hate this, much prefering lawns with moss and clover, buttercups and dandelion making up the sward) - and hazel teepees covered in deliciously scented sweet peas. I could go on (and frequently do!), but suffice it to say I could move in tomorrow given so much as a nod.

there's the sloping lawn...

We trudged on up the lane past this piece of perfection

quick view of another piece of perfection (what do you mean, love is blind?)

I realise this post is rather long, so will call a halt for now and leave the orchards & bric-a-brac stall hidden under a tree for another day. We bought a few things including a little footstall which Isabella liked so much she sat upon the shore watching the sun slanting across the still waters while the river birds quietly sang their song in the distance. Very lovely.

Hope your weekend was good too x


  1. The light is so beautiful, and I love those old fruit trees with silver bark and pale green lichen. What a lovely day you have had!

    Pomona x

  2. *sigh* beautiful thoughts, lovely post ;0

  3. i recognise the 'chain locker' at falmouth,i have sat there a few times with a pint or two of cornish ale!! just got back from a wonderful week in cornwall,we were so lucky with the weather!! i will be putting lots of pics on my blog,watch this space!! x

  4. A beautiful place no matter what the mood of the season.x

  5. Beautiful pictures Pip and such amazing light. I love your walk so relaxing and tranquil - thank you.

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  6. 'Very Lovely' rather sums up this post Pipany. Gorgeous photys.

  7. Such beautiful pictures Pip - the lovely light from the lowering sun is so wonderful. We have just returned from our Cornish break and spent some time along the Helford River and Fal Estuary - heavenly days! Recognised some very pretty bags and hearts in the shop at Trebah Gardens!!

    Jeanne x

  8. Lovely post - I love Falmouth - especially the really old bits.

  9. Such a lot of gorgeousness to catch up on while I've been offline. Adorable photos and beautiful flower-strewn curtains (I've been looking for fabric like that for AGES!) I love all your boats, water and reflections photographs - calming and beautiful.

  10. I love the photos of the boats and the reflections. It makes me realise that, love it though I do here, sometimes I really miss the sea. Fabulous light too!

  11. Gorgeous. Chain Locker looks fab. And it sounds like you'd like our lawn ;¬}

  12. What a fine black shed. There was one like this outside my house in Pembrokeshire - over the years it had become a communal resource; the villagers would store all sorts of junk in it, nobody really knew who owned it. Then someone bought the land off the council and demolished it as an eyesore. Blind man!

    But I have drawings of it to remind me. When I first came to Wales I drew dozens of sheds; I liked the ramshackle, shabby, devil-may-care feel of them - they reminded me of grandfather who was much the same in life.