Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Day For....

Couldn't help snapping some more things that have pleased me today. First up, big brother Sam playing patiently with little sister Isabella. Very patient considering she was trying to fashion him a hat from her poor, bedraggled bunny.

Washing quilts and seeing them blowing on the line...

Awful pictures as the sun had moved behind the trees, yet the shade was bright. Hmm, that makes no sense does it?

One day I swear I'll take a decent picture of the quilts I made for the two littlest girls (said in the manner of one obsessed!)

A perfect blue sky

Dazzling daisies against murky pond

Still perfect even with a cotton-wool cloud or two scudding lazily across the canvas

A chilled out Tiger-Lily stretched out on the bench beneath the weigelia.

So, a day for playing and quilt-watching and cat-napping and for reading this wonderful post from one of my favourite blogs, Little Cottage Comforts by Pomona. Pop over if you haven't already and have a lovely read through her truly gorgeous blog.

And isn't it always a day for a kiss?
Bye for now x


  1. I think you deserve a kiss, Pipany! I am so glad you like my blog, and thank you for being so complimentary! I just love those pictures of the children - it brings a tear to the eye - and I am not surprised you recorded it - better than squabbling, too! And I love the quilts - which make me feel very guilty about my own embryonic quilts (ie fabric stash!).

    Pomona x

  2. 'Ah Pipany' you've made my day - it's been a bit of a rotter and your pictures have put such a smile on my face - thank you!

    Have a good one,

    Nina x

  3. What a glorious day to remember. The sky, the quilts and the cat are such the embodiment of summer. And the love between your children shines through the photos.

    My children have 10 years between them and it's been great for them. And for me.

  4. tears in my eyes...such sweet kids :) thank you for your lovely post

  5. Beautiful pictures as always pipany and love the quilts. Flushed with the triumph of my new curtains, I might even have a go!

  6. The pictures of Sam and Isabella are priceless, especially that last one. Lovely.

  7. OMG....I am sure that I have commented before that I have a cat that looks very similar to yours but it gets cat is called Tiger-Lily too!!!!!!!!!!
    Lovely pictures of your children; definately frameworthy!
    Thank you for the good luck wishes.
    Love Hannah x

  8. What delightful photos! Is there anything better then happy children, quilts hanging on a clothesline, blue skies and flowers, or kitties stretching in the sunshine???? Lovely, Pipany!

  9. What a tonic your blog is - I'm so fed up in my office, but your lovely children and fabulous washing made my day.

  10. Wonderful to catch up with you again,Pipany. I adore your quilts.... the children........ the cat........ the blue sky (especially as it's been such a grey day here today!)xx

  11. What a lovely record of a lovely day Pipany. The quilts are sooo very pretty. Pics of the kids - priceless

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Your blog always lifts my spirits.

  13. Pipany, your posts always show us just how lovely and loving life can be.

    This one really was full of that message.

    The blue sky ... perfect.

    The quilts in the wind ... inspiring.

    Your youngsters having a kiss ... fabulous.

    I think that before long one of those youngsters will be photographing herself,himself and will be posting tributes to their amazing mom. xo

  14. Delightful Pipany - the garden, the quilts, the cats, big brother and little sister, all tangled hair, all absolutely divine.

  15. I love, love, love laundry in the breeze. Gorgeous day!

  16. As ever such wonderful bright and happy pictures. I think you have a magic camera!

  17. Thats so gorgeous. i would have loved a big brother. x