Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Things to Please.

A few things that please me today.... A collection of Lucy's toys so beautifully arranged on the end of her bed this morning. What could be nicer than a Babbit having a chat with his friend, both snuggled up on Lucy's quilt - made by Mamma of course - and nestled against a heap of pretty cushions. So sweet.

Soft early morning sunlight all golden and warm through flower strewn curtains. This pleases me greatly.

The same autumnal sunlight on the Cornish Aromatic apples tree. Not too much longer to wait before Lucy and Isabella will be choosing one for tuck each day.

Pictures of children playing Pooh sticks...

and scrambling through leafy glades.

Busy boats bustling on an otherwise peaceful river. Beautiful reflections on water.

Thoughts of still more blackberrying, little hands and mouths stuffed full of fruits bursting with scrummy juice. Such a good year for it.

Other things that please? Well, we are still making all our own breads having started at the beginning of the summer holidays (a task that sometimes sees me kneading batches of dough at six am! Not sure how this will continue through the winter. The shelves are full of jams and jellies ranging from blackberry through to plum, mint and rowan. Wines are well underway and already all tasting delicious. Not so good is the fact that the house is still refusing to be tidy after the long summer break, but never mind. Plenty of time for that (she laughed hollowly).

Happy Tuesday and let me know what pleases you today x


  1. Lovely post, full of life's simple pleasures. Pleasing me today are the 6 child-free hours ahead whilst the small person is back at school! 6 hours of unadulterated sewing and crafty time.
    Hen x

  2. The gentle, simple pleasures of a full life lived in the pursuit of country activities.
    What I find utterly amazing is that these lovely pictures could have been taken this morning (it's dull grey here in the Marches), and that you have found time to compose and post this blog. At Mr. and Mrs. Friko's the day never starts till after eight.

    What pleases me today is, that apart from entertaining a dear friend to supper tonight the whole day is mine, to do with as I please.

  3. This blog post pleased me today, a reminder to enjoy what we have!
    I'm enjoying the September sunshine, fresh eggs from our chickens and quail, the delightful company of my children, plums straight from the tree and putting some lovely unused vintage tablecloths in my shop - though really I want to keep them for myself. Victoria Plum jam.... oh I could go on and make a post of my own on this subject.

  4. Ah how lovely...
    It pleases me to read your blog.

    It would please me greatly to be pain free for a day but that won't happen so I shall settle for writing 2000 words of my novel.

    take care

  5. I always look forward to your posts, I love to see your part of the world and your gorgeous, atmospheric photo's. So that's one thing that makes me happy! Other pleasing things are sunny days after winter gloom, blossoms, chooks enjoying a roam in the garden, a dog who is no longer chasing chooks! and a holiday to sunny Queensland at the end of the week...ahh! xo

  6. Such a wonderful post Pip - something to make me think.

    'Urrrrmmm' not too sure what is pleasing me today (so far) as it's chucking down with rain here and the girls are bored because I'm all mummyied out with playdoh and painting!! I guess I'm looking forward bedtime.

    Enjoy the rest of your day,

    Nina x

  7. Reading your posts Pip. That really pleases me. It also makes me feel calm and relaxed. (No easy feat!).


  8. What a delightful bed your daughter has - clever Mamma!
    What pleases me today - listening to "Proms in the park" on BBC iplayer - I missed it on Saturday as we were out at an old school reunion.

  9. Yes I also have to say reading your post here while enjoying a cup of coffee in my favorite mug. Terrific start to the day! Thank you :)

  10. Brilliant blog as ever and wonderful photographs and it pleases me very much to read it!
    Other pleasing things today are that it is my day off and although it started wet and miserable, the sun has now come out and I can go into the wilderness and continue my efforts to make it into a garden.

  11. Your pictures pleased me too :)

  12. The thought that I will have a day off tomorrow! And some kindness in the post! I love those pictures - especially that dear little face.

    Pomona x

  13. Oh what a gentle, soothing post. Thanks Pip.

    Pleasing me today is the delicious Toast home catalogue arriving. Not that I can afford a thing but a girl can dream!

    Simple pleaseure are the very best.

  14. I've come to the conclusion, looking round at my squalid room, that I don't believe a word of it, that you ARE the trucker from Hull but with access to nice pictures!

  15. My house refuses to be tidy too! Beautiful pictures and words as I have come to expect from reading your blog. What pleases me today is the discovery of a rose in the garden that has only now come visible to me after some undergrowth was cut back.

  16. Hello Pipany, reading your posts always bring pleasure!

    Right now, at this hour (almost 10 pm after a long day at work) what really pleases me is thinking that I helped lots of ladies earlier today to find pretty clothes, and ... that before too long, I will be asleep!

    There is no way that I will wake early enough tomorrow to be kneading dough at 6 am, but I do very much love it that you can do that!


  17. Lovely picture of Babbit & friends & I love that tulip fabric. A very uplifting post Pipany, thank you.

  18. Oh... E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G, is just so delightful!