Monday, 28 April 2008

A long week.

I feel very cross with myself as I meant to get this post sorted last week and time just flew away with me meaning it didn't happen. Never mind, I shall do it now and apologise for the lateness to dear Tracy of 'Cupcakes at home' who sent me this lovely package. I won it in her giveaway and have already spruced the somewhat grimy rooms of our little house - how much nicer the task is when you have such cheery things to hand.

Aren't they lovely? Isabella is particularly taken with the bird pegs and obviously thinks mummy does nothing but get sent presents on a regular basis; must make a mental note to ensure I prepare her for the reality of bills, etc...or maybe not eh? Thank you Tracy for such a bundle of fun x

The week as a whole has been yet another stressful one where final assessments (Dave) and a sewing day at Lucy's school where mummies who can sew were asked to come in and help the children make hats (thus Guilt as was unable due to littlest one). I also started teaching for the first time in three years which set my stomach churning in that oh-so-familiar way. Lord how I hated that feeling! As is often the way with these most dreaded of events, all went well and I actually felt a huge sense of pride when I arrived at the house of the aunt of one of the pupils to hear a phone conversation where my pupil was squealing that she wasn't 'thick' after all. How sad it is that the accumulation of academic qualifications is still what decides to many whether or not we are intelligent? I truly believe intelligence is about so much more than grades on a piece of paper and know many, many people who have these supposed proofs, working in highly paid and professional jobs, who seem to me to display a very narrow view of intelligent thought processes - give me someone with the ability to see things from all perspectives and able to use common sense any day.
Phew, mini rant over!

What else happened this week? Well, we had most of the children here all weekend and I was on cooking duties while poor Dave worked the entire time. What was on the menu? Roast (of course) with all the trimmings and far too many yorkshire puddings as usual; they were so yellow as I used the eggs from the ducks which are just the most beautiful chrome yellow at this time of year. I also made a casserole with a potato dish called Pan Haggerty (layers of pots, onion and cheese with milk and cream poured over before baking), a plum and rhubarb crumble with homemade custard, again very yellow though it was the hens' eggs this time, and a gorgeous but thoroughly rich chocolate pudding which oozes velvety chocolate sauce when you cut into it. Mmmm! No photos as it was gone almost as soon as I cut into it!

Lucy and I spent Saturday morning sowing seeds - sweetcorn, courgettes, cucumbers, toms, sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli, parsley and a few others. Luckily she loves gardening as much as I do and it was so lovely sharing this time together, her cheery little voice chattering away as she wrote out labels and struggled with the heavy watering can.

We looked around to see what was new in the garden and discovered the bluebells I planted when pregnant with Isabella have just started to flower as the picture above shows, and the pretty little Cornish Aromatic apple covered itself in gorgeous blossom to keep them company.

Golly, I have rambled on rather - sorry for such a long Monday blog! xx


  1. Pipany, Once again you've written about such a lovely weekend. All that warmth, yummy food, early doings in the garden. Fabulous.

    Also, you have got some lucky pupils, who will have the benefit of your teaching and encouragement.


  2. Pan Haggerty sounds so good, will have to try that recipe. I've just made meringues that haven't crisped up - despite being cooked for 3 hours. Oh dear. The cooking Gods are not looking over me today.
    Going back to teaching is brilliant, I can imagine you're an inspirational teacher - all that enthusiasm!

  3. Hello there Pipany, thanks so much for popping by to say hello. I've just had a good read of your three blogs(wow!) and love your textile creations. I wish I could get my boys to wear a lovely hat like the ones you make but not sure mummy could swing that one! They're beautiful, such pretty fabrics.
    Lucky you living in Cornwall, being there last year seems an age ago already. Hope to get back very soon. I shall certainly be popping back to say hello again soon.

  4. I come to your blog to relax and get fed without putting on weight! it never disappoints.

  5. Gosh you've been busy no wonder you couldnt blog , your food sounds delicious and fair puts me to shame xx As for common sense i'm with you all the way The thickest people i know are the very clever ones?? does that make sense?

  6. Absolutely lovely blog as always. The food sounds gorgeous, especially the cake which oozes choc sauce. Yum!

  7. Well done for starting the teaching - the first day is always the worst.

    Congratulations on the prize from Cup Cakes.

    Lovely food, lovely pictures, lovely blog . . .

  8. ahh - i am so pleased you like the goodies x
    can i come to yours for tea?
    much love
    t x

  9. Gosh, you have been a very busy girl. Sorry I have missed so much but its lovely to catch up.

  10. Hello Pipany, you've been so busy! And yes, where does the time go...even with cornish time, ha!! Looks like everyone is extremely well fed, chez pipany. And more to come from the garden too. Funny old weather this week (well it is in Penwith!) Diana x

  11. Love those Pegs, what fun!

    The veggies are looking promising ... make sure you let us know how they taste!

  12. I can't believe you have time to eat, it sounds just so impressive the masses of stuff you fit in. TOTALLY TOTALLY agree with all in your mini rant!! And agree with KB that I bet you're a wonderful teacher. Great pegs, too, and am salivating over food.

  13. A lovely blog Pipany, and beautiful pictures.

    Your food sounds delicious, and I marvel how you can juggle with so many things Pips, love your textiles, you have such a talent.

    Many congratulations on the Lavender Sachets for Wedding Magazine, I am so pleased for you.

    Love Camilla.xx

  14. Pan Haggarty I think means so many things to so many people. When I make it , it has sausages, corned beef, onions and potatoes... hub likes black pudding in it too ( yuk). I'll have to give your version a go.