Thursday, 10 April 2008

Surveying the view.

Strange week this one is turning into - good things mostly, but underpinned by annoying frustrations such as being the only one who seems bothered about people traipsing through the House of Grime and its attendant Grot in the shape of ancient cobwebs, damp patches in corners and a general air of the Miss Havishams. Ah the neglect, the shame and the unfairness that I was the only one here when the surveyor came to visit. Won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say a re-mortgage is involved in this sorry little tale.

On to better things in the shape of this beautiful little package that arrived all the way from Australia yesterday - just look at the pretty handmade card

and the lovely tissue paper

not to mention the gift itself; this dear hand-stitched bag was a gift from Ros of Bloom - pop over and have a look at her blog

I love the dainty flowere embroidered onto the front - thank you so much Ros. Unfortunately it was snaffled by Miss Isabella who took an instant liking to it.

After a good look inside she raced off to fill it with a cup, toy brick and a little book, and I haven't been able to find it since! Hmm...

Other nice things? The ducks are back in full lay so lots of yummy cakes will be on their way

Lucy has decided to be her own fashion stylist, but had a fit of the giggles when she pranced out of her room in this outfit (she is actually quite tall and slim - I was looking down at her from the bedroom window so she seems rather wide and short!)

A little splash of something cheery before I head off to feed the hungry hoards with some thrown together dish - what's known as 'ifits' in this house, meaning 'if it's there you can have it'! The sun has been catching the red of these tulips for the last few days, filling the garden with hot spots of vibrant colour wherever there is a clump and making the view from the kitchen window resemble a child's drawing: bright, happy and fun - the perfect view to lift the bad mood of a frazzled Pipany!

Bye for now xx


  1. well you sound in a very good mood to me, lovely pictures

  2. yes you sound much more cheerful - and Isab. clearly a v sensible child in perpetual search of a bag and having things to put in it.

  3. Love the curls at the back of Isabella's neck!

  4. Your daughter looks so cute carrying that bag. I reckon you've lost it for good

  5. Love the bag and the way it was packed - but you do the same when you send stuff.

    Aw bless both your kids.

    Hope you find the bag.

  6. Gorgeous tulips Pipany. None of mine are out yet.