Monday, 21 April 2008

A whole week!

I can't quite believe it is a whole week since I last blogged - where does the time go? It was certainly a topsy-turvy week where the stars and planets must have been misaligned or something as everything I touched seemed to go wrong apart from the things I worked on for the business. Actually then, I suppose it could have been worse - so the car went wrong to the tune of £500 and there were a few family hassles including colds which brought babies and adults alike to their knees with hacking coughs and ear infections....hmm, think I'll move on.

The weekend finally arrived and began in the most wonderful way with a 'to cheer you up' gift from a very lovely lady I have got to know through the wonderful world of blogging and whom I now consider a friend. I need to check whether she would rather not be named here (like to check on privacy issues), but will pop a link later if that's ok with her. Anyway, here's what this sweet soul sent me and it really couldn't have been more perfect

Isn't that just wonderful? I can't wait to get out into my little ramshackle greenhouse and get going; just the thought of all those delicious veggies makes my mouth water, particularly as the gift contained seeds for one of my most favourite vegetables: purple sprouting broccoli. My dad was a fantastic veg gardener and every time I was pregnant I used to drive home and he would send me away with bagfulls of this broccoli which I craved with a passion. Sadly he died before Lucy and Isabella were born and I was unable to get my fix in the same way - not the same thing at all buying it pre-packaged from the supermarket is it? So thank you once again Z for such a thoughtful and much-loved gift.

A lot of time was spent in the sewing room as I had a few orders to work on; my lovely sorta-daughter (step-daughter but we hate the phrase!) Matzen and her boyfriend arrived home for the weekend which meant films and popcorn, walks on the beach in the rain and pasty-making by Dave and Isabella were all on the agenda. Isabella takes her work very seriously as you can see!

I have to say they were the best pasties I have had for years and my mouth waters now just thinking about them. The food theme continues - as it usually does here - with a glorious high-tea on Sunday of scones piled high on the cake stand ready to be covered with wonderful jam from Sufflokmum, another blogging friend, and the whole to be topped by thick Cornish clotted cream. Dave also baked a gorgeous Victoria sponge which was lightness itself without that horrible dryness that sponges can sometimes have (you know what I mean? The ones that make you cough!).

By the way, just in case I give the impression that I sit scoffing while Dave slaves away (well, I would given half a chance), I have been rather busy with orders so have been working where I can at the weekends and have also been working on a line of little lovelies ( more of that on my pipany blog). I am also doing a bit of private English tuition as two young ladies have asked me to help them out - it seems strange to go back to looking at the ins and outs of poetry, but nice too as literature is another creative thing which lies close to my heart.

So, all in all a lovely weekend full of treats and busyness and family - just perfect.

Well, that's it for today
Pip xx


  1. Oh Pipany, please dont write about Cornish pasties, cream, scones!! It makes me homesick!
    We are picking and freezing this year's p.s. broccoli and very good it is too. The first spears are like asparagus!

  2. What a delicious weekend! Full of family, cooking and feasting, and lots of sewing, too.

    Best wishes, Pipany. xo

  3. You're very naughty talking about clotted cream an' all. I haven't had lunch yet and I'm starving!! Lovely picture of the little one in her pinny.

    And the veggies look delightful. Yes, it was a lovely gesture from your friend.

    Crystal xx

  4. I mad scones yesterday and we had Rhodda's clotted cream too, the jam was the last of a batch from last summer, it was a toss up between scones or a Victoria sandwich.

    Good to hear you have been busy in the greenhouse, I must clean mine soon, its been so damp this winter, the only thing that has grown well is a green bloom all over the glass!

  5. You are SO busy Pips, I am in awe of all that you achieve.

  6. Sweet dress that you sewed for your Isabella! It sounds like you had a lovely family day. Yummy too!

  7. How do you stay so slim?! Those pasties look divine - as does Isabella but she always does!

  8. I really think we should have a rule about not mentioning food in blogs, all this roast chicken, cake, bombay mix, and now cream I have had to consume after reading various blogs. I'll never get into those white jeans!

  9. That does sound just perfect! All that lovely food. The pasties looked delicious - which gives me an idea for tea tonight. Yum!

  10. You sound very content Pipany, sounds like youve had a lovely week,

  11. I love your food blogs - they make me feel like eating something right now. Glad you are all better and what a great gift of seeds - lucky you!