Friday, 11 April 2008

Cheery Friday

So many things went awry yesterday and the whole week has had such an air of being out of kilter that I am walking around today waiting for the next problem to pop up; this is not a good way to begin the weekend and so I am going to focus on the fact that it is Friday - my favourite day of the week - and think only of good things like this little lady...

Her name is Biscuit and she is a Silver-cheeked Appleyard; Biscuit has the softest feathers in gorgeous muted creams and browns, and is the sweetest of our ducks by which I mean she always has an apologetic air about her when I chase her back into the pen unlike the others who look positively affronted and dip their heads at me in disgust. All our duck are quite enormous compared to the little wild ones we see in nearby Swanpool. I didn't realise just how large domestic ducks are until we kept our own; certainly a heavy armful when I cart them around as is needed from time to time. It's good for me to stop and think how lucky we are that our children have grown up caring for these lovely creatures and what fun they have brought us all, as have the hens with their enormous Dave-and-Pip-built des-res!

Isabella and Lucy are both a little poorly today with colds. Lucy is quite put out as winter is over and she wants to be racing around outside not tucked up under a cover on the sofa, whereas Isabella is quite content and enjoying the sound of her own moaning - she runs often to the mirror to observe her expression as she whines and groans! I think it is so funny when toddlers become this aware of their reflection; we sometimes catch her twirling around in front of the wardrobe mirror to see how she looks from all angles, her chubby body twisting this way and that as she tries to view herself and she frequently holds teddy up for the same treatment!

Other things for a cheery Friday? well, my eye has just fallen on this kitchen cupboard which I love because Mr Dave made it - there is a matching one (though of slightly different proportions because I don't like things too much the same) under the sink. Yes, the flowery curtain has gone to be replaced by these pretty doors and drawers - oh the bliss of extra storage. We even put child locks on, but all that happened was that Isabella could still raid the food stores as they opened so easily, and we couldn't close the doors instead!

A final picture to end today's post - this surely can't fail to brighten the day. The forsythia is in the last glorious throws of flowering and I took this photo just a moment ago. Perfect.

have a great day xx


  1. Lovely forsythia pic Pipany. Isabella is a cutie and very funny - I love the things toddlers do and say.

  2. Love those Ducks - they are wonderful, we have two that visit here with their brood - we call them Jake and Martha, they quack their heads off til I open the door and feed them. They would come in, but I cant stand the green sludge they leave as a tip!

    Look at the colour of your sky, we have a thunderstorm here at the moment, it's dark and brooding and raining cats and dogs. Much rather be were you are. xx

  3. Dave MADE those?!? Wow, how clever. Great pictures as always - but did have to laugh as was expecting a truly tragic home-made botch job and then confronted by zippy A1 cabinet making. Don't do ducks, but if I did, I'd do yours. *issing down here, reminds me that CD, Nice Weather for Ducks by Lemon Jelly.

  4. I used to have Silver Appleyard bantam ducks, just delightful, wonderful time wasters.

  5. I'll try this again - couldn't leave a comment a moment ago. Your ducks are beautiful and make me anxious for our ducklings to grow large enough to let them out of the brooder house (sounds ambitious but is just a new shed that The Great Dane built to keep hatchlings warm). Great duck house you've made - we may need to do the same as the eagles and racoons are getting very agressive.

  6. Oooo Forsythia always makes me think of my Mother.

    I envy you your ducks - we had ducks briefly, but a Pine Martin got the lot.

    Wow clever man.

  7. Just love your ducks. I may have to have some to go with my hens. And such a lovely name too. You sound in a much better mood as the week ends. Have a good weekend.

  8. Hmm, ducks... when we get a pond I can have a new obsession!
    Your Dave is a handy man to have around!
    And that blue blue sky - so jealous, our plum blossom is just lost against the grey clouds, last year it sparkled against a Grecian blue sky but this year, flat as a f@rt!

  9. Hello Pipany,

    We had Forsythia growing in the garden to our old house, always loved it's fresh burst of yellow colour in springtime.

    I love the Ducks, we have a Duckpond near church not far from where we live.

    Lovely pictures Pipany, and lovely blog too.