Monday, 7 April 2008

Just some pictures.

I have spent so long posting my Pipany business blog today that I have only got time to pop a few pictures of the garden on this one - if I don't do them today they'll get lost in the thousands (ok, slight exaggeration) of others saved on the computer. They were taken yesterday before the snow; even Cornwall finally managed some! First up, the Black Prince marigold which hasn't stopped flowering since last summer

the sloe blossom...don't you just love all the different blossoms?

a view from the kitchen window - soon there will be a huge mass of pink cherry blossom (well, as long as the snow goes away that is!)

and lastly, the reason the other blog took so long - Baby Babbit is here! More pictures on my business blog but I really must go now and sort the website.

Have a lovely day xx


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  2. Hopefully no-one will click on the berludy link above.

    Gorgeous photos - so much early lossom - yet I can't beleive you had snow in Cornwall too!

  3. Pipany, thanks for posting the pre-snow flowers. I have never seen that sort of marigold! Your kitchen window view is so softly full of springtime beauty. Wow.

  4. The Garden is looking lovely, verdant. I have ordered a Lavendar and Chamomile Baby Babbit; can't wait!

  5. Too bad about the snow - but the flower photos are babbits too!

  6. Love the babbits, Pip. And love that Marigold. Must look out for that one and a ton of slug bait for I don't have a garden so much as a slug ranch

  7. Great photos. Spring must be waiting to reappear and loved the babbit again.

  8. I noticed the blossom out today on the wild cherries but its so dull here it still feels like spring is along way away.
    Those rabbits are lovely and they look like they are having a chat xx

  9. Aw gorgeous photos and love Baby Babbit.

  10. Fabulous marigold! I'm feeling a bit frazzled today so I've headed over to Poltisko for a treat and I haven't been disappointed.

    The baby Babbits are gorgeous too, and I've had a throughly enjoyable catch-up on the blogs I have missed.

    I'm very jealous of:

    a) Your meeting with SM - I want to meet you both too! and

    b) that cake! Totally yummy.


    PS: Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - it's nice to be missed!

  11. Pip if you want the original images to print, I'll email them, they are much larger and higher resolution than the blog ones. Drop me an email, and I'll send them on.

    Took them yesterday when I was out and about.