Tuesday, 6 May 2008

All things merged together.

Isn't Bramley apple blossom pretty?

After thinking about it for a little while and seeking the advice of those good enough to read them, I have decided to merge both my blogs together; the business and family life are so very closely entwined that it seems increasingly hard to know what to write where. Obviously the family - all seven children, ducks, hens, cats, etc - existed long before the business officially began and the very skills I use for it are the skills I have used for most of my life. I have always sewn, whether for clothes for the children or soft furnishings for the house; I have knitted for longer than I can remember and I have gardened since I was old enough to trail around after my Grandfather, bucket in hand to catch the haphazardly thrown marigold flowers as I helped to deadhead them. I learned these crafts by osmosis, by following and watching, by trying with a determination that drives me insane sometimes (wish I could allow myself to fail just once in a while!), and now they are second nature to me and my life would feel odd without them.

How does all this relate to the blogs? Well, we have acquired a 90ft x 30ft allotment run not by the council, but by a lovely chap who happens to own a field which got a bit much for him. He thought he would rent out plots and get a bit of a community thing going and we were there in a jiffy. Already we have begun turning it over and as well as feeding our family from it, I shall be growing the herbs I need for the business - the lavenders and marigolds, chamomiles and marjorams; the list is endless and much of it we already grow in our own garden, just not in the quantity I need for a supply of sachets and pillows, etc. So with this allotment business and family life blend together once more, hence it is time for the blogs to do the same... here's a few pictures:

view from the top to the car

bit of extra land the lovely owner let us have to encourage wildlife and pop a shed on

view from the car up!

Ok, so now you are bored! Well, having dug like a mad thing for much of the weekend (slow but sure) I transplanted some young globe artichokes into the allotment, looking forward to when they get like this one in our garden

and on a different note, don't you love looking up through cherry blossom at a gorgeous blue sky which we had plenty of for the entire weekend?

So, there you have it - Pipany and the Poltisko Memoirs all in one blog from now on, and hopefully the change won't be too noticeable. Off to tackle an order for three feet of bunting now which should make for a bright and cheery day!

Byeeee xx


  1. That looks awfully big - it'll keep you fit.

  2. looks fab! Re lavender I wanted to grow enough quantity to 'harvest' properly so in the Autumn bought 480 plug plants of different types for just £115. I've lost a few of them due to my cackhandedness / neglect, but most are thriving. They deliver to the wild west too. Let me know if you want their number!

  3. Oh I have lavender too Pip - only 92 plug plants for me, small beer! They seem to be doing all right. Good luck with the allotment. How great to have all that extra growing space.

  4. Rather you than me with than field Pipany. My husband is keen to claim some of the land beyond the river for a veg patch - whether he will be prepared to put in the hours i doubt.

  5. love the view from the car and ... to the car. And yes, busy indeed, like you have so much time over as it is! Good luck you busy busy bee.

  6. oh, and 3 lavender plants here. That's 3. Not 30, not 300. 3.

  7. Pipany, you and the prior commenters have got me so envious.

    I could never manage any space the size of your allotment, but just to have a tiny patch of sunlit earth would be wonderful. As I barely recall, there is nothing like digging, weeding, planting, watching plants grow, having beautiful flowers, delicious fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs.

    Wow. xo

  8. Hello Pipany, Oh what gorgeous weather we're having! What a beautiful post...and not had time to say it before but great idea to merge your blogs, life and business is so intertwined. One of the things I like on Snapdragon Jane's blog is the extra bit she has for the serious business stuff - but all the day to day musings are in the chat bit. Am I making sense here? Anyway, thanks also from dropping over to me, and glad you agree re photos on blogger!! I'm envious your new allotment space, it'll be hard work but so rewarding. What a community-minded landowner! Happy days, Diana

  9. What a lovely idea renting out a field in allotments to encourage community spirit - I like that. Pictures please as it progresses.

    Yes I can see the sense in putting the two blogs together.

  10. My Bramley apple tree seems to have died, but the Gala Tree has lovely blossom.

    So you've got an allottment, great but it's going to be a lot of hard work. GOOD LUCK! My sister had to give hers up as not enough time to tend it properly.

    Merger of blogs seems good idea!!

  11. I really love the bunting. It's really jolly and makes me think of the seaside.(and Roskillys icecream!)

  12. Hi Pipany,
    Wow that is some large allotment you have there. At least you have lots of pairs of hands to work it. What a joy it will be to grow lavender, chamomile and all the lovely scents for your sachets in addition to all the gorgeous veg and fruit. Have you seen Snapdragon Jane's post.. you may have room for some dye plants too! How very exciting.
    By the way I think it's perfect that you have merged your two blogs, as your life and business are part of each other.
    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.. i love it!
    love Ginny x

  13. Im glad youve decided to merge the two blogs, i prefer it when bloggers have only one page to read, plus, like you said, when the subjects are closely linked then why seperate them?

    I was thinking just this week that i wish i knew someone with a field that i could rent from them so that i could do some gardening etc. The plot you have looks exciting!

    Please keep us updated Pipany!

    Lindsay XX

  14. I am soooo jealous! The waiting list for an allotment in our area is huge!

  15. Blimey! You've been a busy bunny. Well done and good luck with the allotment.

  16. Not bored at all-- looking forward to dseeing how it progresses. Good luck with the bunting
    Lisa x

  17. I've been waiting 5 years for an allotment, and still have 5 people ahead of me in the waiting list, think its a terrific idea to let the land this way, lucky you. Lavender is so easy to strike from cuttings, and will be flowering before you know it.

    So admire your 'can do' attitude - wish you all the luck in the world with it.


  18. Phew, so glad you've merged blogs....can't cope with things in different places and, as you say, your work is your life and vice versa. Your allotment looks, dare I say it, like a field....but know it will soon be brimming with gorgeousness. While my veg plot languishes under weeds. Truly I don't know how you do it all - and still stay nice as well! But love that you do.

  19. Me too - I like one blog rather than two then I can keep up all at once rather than lagging behind madly on one or t'other. I have a few lavenders too, but keep running over one in the car. Hardy old stuff though, it does bounce back marvellously. Gorgeous pics as usual, m'dear! xx

  20. I'm glad you have it all in one place (blogs).

    This sounds exciting. Take it slowly, don't expect to do everything at once (Granny speaking!).

    I am imagining great swathes of lavender and ah the scent..........

  21. I like the idea Pipany, of you having all (blogs in one space).

    Best of luck with the allotment, I adore Lavender, please keep us up to date with how it's going.