Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Mid-summer Night's Tale!

Just a few more photos from Monday morning as the sun is weak here today and I feel the need to see the early morning light playing with the leaves. I have been finding myself popping back to my own blog regularly and clicking on the pictures containing marigolds to make them larger and then scrolling through the entire picture to view it all - the reason for this odd behaviour is that it seems to fill the screen with glowing, vibrant colour, May greens and zesty orange all catching the sun's rays and making me feel as though I have been filled with it too. The only problem is when you return the picture to its normal size the world suddenly seems to dim, so perhaps it's not the best thing to do after all!

The foxgloves are opening from this...

to this...

so pretty and I'm sure whichever fox wears these gloves must be the most elegant in the garden ( I have been trying this story out on Lucy as she is the most receptive to my ramblings!). We think the night animals, the hedgehogs which bumble around below our bedroom window making the strangest of noises, the badger who occasionally crashes through the hedge late at night and the scrawny fox who thinks I can't see him as he sits in the duck house cursing the deepness of our pond as the ducks circle around quacking in delight at his displeasure, Lucy and I think all these creatures are planning their mid-summer party and nothing could be nicer for a fox than to have beautiful, velvety gloves to adorn her paws. Well, that's what we think anyway.

Here is the view from our little, ramshackle back porch:

and here are the timy gooseberry fruitlets all hairy and tart. I love them and as we have three bushes I am hoping there will be enough for crumbles and wine and, my personal favourite, gooseberry and elderflower fool - yum.

Have a lovely day xx


  1. I went and gazed at my gooseberries last night. Last year, their first, I picked quarter of a pound! this year each bush is covered.....crumbles, jam..can't wait!

  2. Lovely garden, Pipany. About a fortnight further advanced than ours. Most Beatrix Potterish your descriptions of foxgloves - reminded me of the Tale of Jemima Puddleduck.
    Our gooseberries will be coming soon but so far it's just the rhubarb that we have taken, great thick stems almost like tree trunks but sweet and tender when stewed.

  3. Yes, indeed, Pipany, a lovely garden - and about 20 years more advanced than mine!
    I am just beginning and have got hardly anything, apart from about 45 'baby rubbish lavenders' (EJ's description!)
    But love seeing your pics, they will hopefully inspire me to carry on, either that or prove what a useless gardener I am!!

  4. Hi Pipany, thank you stopping by my blog. You have a lovely pretty garden. I adore Foxgloves. I have not any in this garden and keep meaning to go and buy myself a couple.
    Gooseberries are a favorite of mine too, as is gooseberrie fool !
    I love Cornwall too! it must be brilliant to be so close to the sea.
    Carol x

  5. Pipany, "yum" is just how I respond to these beautiful blogs you post! Our weather is still so cool that it will be a while yet before any of the beautiful flowers and fruits you describe will be seen in our farmers' greenmarkets. I do thank you for the preview.

    (Your tales about what those critters are planning are charming.)


  6. great pictures - I've just posted photos on mine for the second time ever I think. It takes forever and mine haven't got nice borders (to the photos) like yours. Right, am inspired to go and do some gardening now.

  7. OOh, I see what you mean about the photo - how lovely! Sadly I'm afraid gooseberries bring back horrible memories of my very first school dinner which has put me off them for life!

  8. Hi Pip!

    Loved those shots - your garden is so like mine in summer! All those lovely perky calendula's and chive flowers - marriage of colour that is so perfect! Yours looks bigger and better though!

  9. Your garden is just lovely, I have Foxglove too ( just the one though) and Snapdragons, we've always moved the flower heads so they talk... does that make sense? I think I'll have to get some Marigolds
    Lisa x

  10. Your garden is further forward than mine I think. Our foxgloves are only just coming into bud. They are my husband's favourite flower, so I always think of him when I see one.

  11. Wow Pipany gorgeous view from your porch. I am totally inspired to leave the gardening to you - you are clearly excellent at it.

  12. I love the idea of the fox in little pink gloves, how about cows wearing nightdresses made of tiny white flowers, otherwise known as a cowslip?! Sorry, had to add that as i was reading about eating cowslip earlier this morning! LOL.

    Oh, i have tagged you too, i hope you dont mind!

    Lindsay XX

  13. Everything is looking wonderful Pip, Gooseberry and Elderflower is one of my favourites too. I havent got any goosegogs yet, but hope to buy some standards in the autumn, nothing beats Gooseberry crumble, unless its Rhubarb, and then theres apple, or plum, Food!!

    ::wonders off muttering to self::

  14. Gooseberry fool - yum. Love your elegant fox in gloves!

  15. hi Pipant, you have a lovely garden there.
    Sarah x

  16. Gorgeous photos and you have so many of the things we have here and I love. I adore gooseberries and we have five bushes for some reason so look to be in for a monster crop again. We have only just finished eating the last of the ones that went into the freezer when I ran out of jam jars last summer.