Monday, 12 May 2008

Beach bags and broccoli.

A lovely weekend here, though the weather took a slight nosedive on Saturday - mist rolled in from the sea and worked its way inland, refusing to lift till Sunday when it was glorious. I quite like the mist as its one of the many things that go hand in hand with living so close to the sea; I love the atmosphere it brings, all ghostly and cloaked suggesting pirates and mystery, where sounds become distorted and intensified so that all the senses seem keener in an effort to orientate oneself. Where I grew up on the North Cornish coast sea mists were a little more common and, combined with the majestic cliffs and huge, huge seas which flattened eerily in misty weather to an oily slick, the whole gave a very free reign to my always fertile imagination. As I walked my dog alone over the cliff tops surrounded by rustlings and weird noises it was impossible to name, I would frequently find my step getting faster and faster in an effort to outpace the blanket rolling over me from the sea - no wonder I have such a love of the Gothic genre! Of course, I would never let any of my children walk alone like this; how times have changed.

Well, enough of that. As I said, Sunday was just perfect and provided the ideal opportunity for photographing the latest range to come from the Pipany sewing room (which sort of implies they made themselves - if only!). As usual poor Lucy was dragged in to model for me; actually, she loves it and was only slightly cross as she hadn't time to change into a pretty dress!

The bags are from my 'Summer Days' range and come in two sizes (child & adult)and have a central panel appliqued & embroidered in one of three designs: The lighthouse, Beach Hut or Ship Ahoy. Each also has its own pouch of shells collected from the beautiful Cornish beaches which can be added to of course and the adult size has an interior pocket to pop keys, etc into to keep them safe. I think all the designs would work as well for the beach or a trip into town.

End of business bit except to say that it has been incredibly busy and I do apologise for being so behind in my blog reading - I will catch up hopefully this week now the designing stage of these bags is finished. Other lovely things this weekend were:

* Working on the allotment - broccoli (sp?), brussels, spinach, pots, mix of lettuces all gone in; much skimming of sward & digging of beds happened & much involvement of children of all ages in digging, eating Dave's homemade scones sitting on a blanket and generally enjoying being outdoors.

* Tea with Dave's mum which is always gorgeous and consists of far too much food (meringues, strawbs & Cornish cream; ham; chicken; salad; choc buns, etc, etc...)

* The beach, of course - children in & out of pools, and Isabella loving the water, however freezing it may be.

And finally, a picture of her lovely ringlets just because I love them. It's her 2nd birthday on Friday and I can't quite think where the time has gone.

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Your descriptions of the sea mists conjure up images of Mandalay in Rebecca.So your weather was the same as mine...I'm just glad it lifted yesterday morning. Even hotter today... You've been busy, the new bags are beautiful. Think it's time we saw you featured in a spread in Country Living. New issue arrived today with lovely feature on growing lavender...I thought of you and your new allotment. Diana xx

  2. Oh for ringlets like that! Loved the mist description...and the bags are so gorgeous. Love the idea of the little bag of pebbles.

  3. Pipany, those new designs are fantastic, and I am sure that you will be doing a lot of sewing!

    The little pouches filled with local shells is inspired. Every time that I read one of your blogs I really do feel like I have taken a lovely little journey to a beautiful place.

  4. oh loving those bags and the idea of little shells. You should get some good PR for those in the papers if you send off some pics and a press release

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  6. Hope this comment works and blogger is behaving.

  7. Love those bags, you must spend so much time making.

  8. Lovely bags, lovely baby. It was my grandauhter's birthday today. Two years has just flown past...

  9. Those ringlets...........too, too sweet!
    The bags are gorgeous, Pipany! You are really onto something with them - I'm sure they'll fly out the door.

  10. Gorgeous bags, especially the Lighthouse design. It had a very Cornish feel.

  11. I love the mist too - we get some spectacular sites in the hills with the mist.

    I really like your bags . . .they are so fresh and bright and summery . . . I can't quite justify a new bag at the moment - but know exactly where to come when I can.

    Aw bless her - bet you she straightens her hair when she is older.

  12. Hi Pipany, me again...well, the weather today has been a touch hazy, but full blue skies this afternoon. Hope it was like that for you too! Diana x ps I hope Isabella is going to get her party frock on for friday.

  13. Gorgeous bags - must think of someone who needs a present!
    Don't ever ever cut that hair, it's too gorgeous.

  14. Lovely summer bags you have made there !!!
    The weathers been grand up here too .. i hope its like this when we get down there !!!

    Sara x

  15. I love your bags Pipany, im hoping that sometime soon i can buy one, just waiting to start my new job first!

    Sounds like youve been hard at work on your 'allotment', i bet you cant wait to eat it all when its finished growing!

    Lindsay XX

  16. Oh, i forgot to say, love the way you described the sea mist in Cornwall, really made me feel like id experienced it myself. Maybe you should be the next Daphne Du Maurier??? Ive always admired your style of writing since i first saw your blog.


  17. Pretty ringlets!! Your bags are lovely. I know what you mean about enjoying the gothic genre, for me I love to roam about in the ancient ruins of places like Whitby Abbey on misty days - oohhh it's fab.
    Twiggy x

  18. Hi Pipany,
    I love the bags, especially the little pouch for taking home any shells that have been collected... a fabulous idea. We love collecting shells and pebbles in our family.
    And if my daughters had gorgeous ringlets i would be photographing them all the time.
    Happy, Happy Birthday to little Isabella for Friday. I have a slightly bigger Isabella here who will be 10 in a few weeks. Precious times.
    The allotment sounds like its going to be fab with all that fresh produce...look forward to seeing some photos of all your hard work.
    Have a lovely week.
    Ginny x

  19. Golly! You have been busy. Your new range is gorgeous, I hope you have loads of interest in them...aah, but the best photo today must go to Isabella and her curls.

  20. Your bags are gorgeous, well everything you create is gorgeous Pips.

    Best of luck with the allotment, and growing all that beautiful Lavender.