Friday, 16 May 2008

My birthday girl x

Just some pictures today as it's little Isabella's birthday - 2 today! As ever, I feel emotional and teary whenever it is one of the troop's birthday as I think back to when they were born, that mixture of excitment and fear and hormones...ahh, the hormones! Well, I know they have been on here before but here they are again - my own George Clooney

Me and my girl (golly, I look all nose!!!)

Mamma and Dadda (which is what she calls us!)

And at various points of Cornwall, six other children were waiting for a call to tell them what they had - baby brother or baby sister; they were most happy with the result!

And then she grew

and grew

and then her first birthday came around

and she carried on growing until she reached her 2nd birthday

Typically poor shots of the wriggly worm but at least it proves I did finish her dress, albeit at 1.30 this morning - yawn!!! Not meant to be worn over a vest and the shirring is a bit wobbly but hey...

Happy Birthday my darling girl xxx


  1. Oh bless. What a cutie.

    Have just 'found' you via the Craft Forum. I'm the jealous one
    ;0) hehe. Your blog is gorgeous. I have subscribed so I can keep getting regular doses of Cornwall.

    Hope you all have a fun day.
    Lindsey x

    Pipany, doesnt that fabric look gorgeous! It is a delight for me to see it finally made up into something so pretty.

  3. Big purply hug from Toady and Toady's Lauren. Gone all broody and nostalgic now.

  4. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl. Pip, she's so very gorgeous, you are a very clever Mummy for making Isabella - as well as all the pretty dresses!

  5. A very 'habby' birthday to Isabella - gosh, you could eat her, couldn't you? (That probably doesn't sound right in cyberspace but you know what I mean.)

  6. Happy birthday Isabella, she surely is a beautiful child. I adore the ringlets, Tom had them, long blonde curls that I allowed to tumble down his back, until the nasty teacher at nursery school said 'the children were confused, they didn't whether he was a boy or girl. I had to get his Cavalier mop shorn :( I would post a photo, but he is 20 now and I don't think he would appreciate it!

    Have a wonderful weekend Pip xx

  7. What a scrumptious child, def could eat her up with a spoon!

    She looks like you in one of those photos Pipany, but with a smaller button nose!

    Hope you all have a lovely day with your charming 2 year old. x

  8. Soooo gorgeous Pip. That dress is simply fabulous. A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to it's a great day.
    tons of love

  9. What a little poppit, love the dark curly hair. Hope you all have a lovely day.

  10. Happy birthday to the truly beautiful, and not so little now, Isabella! xo

  11. My mother would be delighted that such a beautiful little person has the same name as her there is only 84 years between them!
    Happy Birthday.
    Love Blossom

  12. Happy Birthday Miss Isabella, you little cutie! Loved all the photos, too. Diana x

  13. The birthday girl is probably tucked up by now ..but I hope she had a wonderful day.

  14. Hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday little Isabella. x
    hope your parents are recovering today from all the excitement. Children are a gift indeed. She looks so cute but with a good dollop of spirit. The dress is lovely Pipany ...hope you get to bed earlier tonight though.
    warm wishes
    ginny x

  15. I hope you had a wonderfully Happy Birthday Isabella x x

    Sara x

  16. Oooo yes gorgeous Hubby . . . and NO you don't look all nose you look ALL mother.

    Aw bless her she is a lovely little girl - Happy Birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday to gorgeous Isabella!

  18. Ah, bless, what a GORGEOUS little girl Isabella is, and beautiful mass of dark curls. The dress you made for her is lovely Pipany, you are so clever, I adore anything floral.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Isabella.