Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Romantic Bologna.

We're back and although the weather is so truly pants, it is good to be home, but - and it is a very big but - I have to say Bologna is BEAUTIFUL! From the many, many cloistered streets

and tucked away alleyways, it has such atmosphere.

The Name of the Rose constantly leapt to mind thanks to all the medieval buildings, twisted stairways, hidden nooks and tall, leaning towers.

I did so love the architecture.

And as for a balcony... ahhhh

We climbed the tallest tower - 300 metres I think - to find this gorgeous view (no, not me of course, but the landscape below!).

The breeze was so needed after all those narrow steps.

Bologna is a city full of works of art which are just everywhere: on the ceilings

the walls, the floors, around corners - oh, you get the gist - they are beyond any words I can find. Sculptures in bronze

including Neptune in the Piazza Maggiore

The most exquisite painting which took my breath away and rendered me for once quite speechless. Truly this is a rarity!

Such evocative images

There were so many pieces which were incomplete, the work either never originally being finished or else being worn away over time. I realised what an impossible task it would be to restore such a vast wealth of art and grew to love these fragments of another world for the spaces they left in which to place your own interpretation. My worries over the thought of them being eventually lost forever faded like the subtle colours on the walls as the beauty of these works caught at my soul and I now value them as much as those piece which remain in all their completeness, defying the years to tell us of another age.





Our hotel had a wonderfully romantic lamplit rooftop terrace where you could eat or enjoy a cocktail or two whilst playing cards as we did, the sun setting to leave a golden glow in the purple sky and hte sound of people having fun in the streets below.

And some days we just wandered around the food markets

We really did have the best time in the hot, hot sun and laughed so much, especially when Dave decided to do his own interpretations of some of the artworks and we almost got sent out because of my hysterical giggling.

I can't think of anyone I would rather have gone with.

Thank you my lovely Mr Davey x

Giveaway in the next day or two and I hope to ccatch up with your blogs soon; have a good Wednesday x


  1. such a beautiful place, your pictures bring it to life.....hope you enjoyed your well-earned rest.
    florrie x

  2. Have been to Italy several times but never to Bologna, loved your pictures. Your hotel rooftop restaurant looked wonderful, lucky you.

  3. So glad you had your lovely romantic break away with Dave.Italy is such a feast for the eyes in every sense of the word.The architecture is so lovely, and your pictures are great.Always love the food markets abroad. I'm busy designing some outfits for my trip to visit my dear Palomina and little grandchildren in Australia in Oct. I'm sure you feasted your eyes on the wonderful fabrics there.Do pop over to see my blog and plans.

  4. oh yummy. what lovely pictures - and great that you had a laugh too!

  5. Hi Pipany,

    Welcome back! I gather from your text and photos that you are still deeply in love with Boglona's treasures! Thank you for taking us along!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Aahh what a lovely post pipany,looks like you had a great time. Isnt it lovely when you can say there isnt anyone else you would rather have gone with than mr davey!! x

  7. Awww, what a lovely post. We went to Bologna years and years ago and your pictures have brought the gorgeousness of it flooding back. Thank you.

  8. What a beautiful place, you must have had a wonderful time with your lovely Davey. I expect it was very nice though to come home to the children, your gorgeous garden and Cornwall. Very glad you had a good time you both deserved it. Karen x

  9. It really looks such an inspiring place. Full of history and beauty.

    Glad you both had such a great time!

    MBB x

  10. What a beautiful, beautiful city! Loved the photos.

  11. How beautiful! So pleased you had such a lovely time.

  12. what a fabulous break for you both. Bologna sounds beautiful just saying the name but wow , so romantic and steeped with history and culture.
    so pleased you had a wonderful time.
    warmest wishes
    ginny x

  13. Oh, I just love the photos of you & Mr Davey... they sparkle with your happiness... And how not to be happy on such a trip! Relishing every bit in these photos, Pipany. Not to self--MUST got to Bologna! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  14. What lovely photos, Pip...and I really appreciate being able to see them. Those paintings are glorious. Your trip looked truly memorable. And those are really cute photos of you and your husband!

  15. so glad you had a wonderful time - did THEY miss you?!!!!

  16. So glad that you both had such fun, Pipany. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of such a beautiful place. Bye for now, Lesley

  17. The smiles say it all. What a wonderful treat of a holiday!

  18. Oh!! I am just too jealous for words! x

  19. So romantic :-)

    Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing x

  20. I never went to Bologna but in July I went to Rome and Florence - and some other towns in Italy.
    It's amazing how we only can find beautiful things each way we look.