Friday, 23 July 2010

Holidays and Giveaways.

Well, the holidays are here...hooray! I have my holiday jar at the ready (first told of last year in a few places on my blog) and will top it up with some new ideas in readiness for days of rain or days of not-sure-what-to-do-ness. I honestly recommend having one of these for anyone, whether children are around, visitors are visiting or just because it's a fun way of deciding what to do with a spare hour or two.

I'm still hoping the children will pick out the piece of paper instructing us to obtain more ducks as poor Biscuit's attempts at motherhood ended with precisely nothing and we really could do with another couple. Come to that, the piece of paper with 'buy some hens' is sounding pretty good too (or any of the 'make a kite', 'build a fort', 'bake a cake' ones would do).

Anyhow, onto other things; I, spoilt soul that I am, am being taken away to Italy for a week - yes, that's right, a whole complete week - by my lovely Mr Davey who booked us into a hotel in Bologna as a surprise. Having arranged childcare with our fabulous friend (for we are going to be childfree for the first time ever for more than a couple of days & we've never been abroad together either) and sorted the flight, I was presented with a fait accompli. I AM SO SERIOUSLY EXCITED!!!

Now I won't bore you with the fact that Bologna is the culinary capital of Italy or that it has a seriously wonderfully romantically historic background full of art and food and art and food and cloisters and old, old architecture and so much more; nor will I bore you with the fact that our hotel is right in the centre with a candlelit rooftop restaurant which looks across the Piazza Maggiore at two medieval towers (which apparently lean more than the one in Pisa).

Instead I will say that I can't quite believe this is me going away with my darling, wonderful, gorgeous Davey and that I will try very, very hard to damp down my deep-seated feelings of worry/guilt at leaving my babies behind - and yes, sadly I include them all in that, from the 27 year old to the 23, the 21 year old to the 20, the 14 year old to the 12 to the four year old that is little Isabella. They are all excited for us and the older ones really do wish I would accept they are adults!

The sewing will cease for a little with the last order leaving the sewing room today. It has been amazingly busy of late with everything from notebooks to bunting - five metres of which was sent out just this morning, the order having come in at eleven o'clock last night when I thought I was safe! The year so far has been a brilliant one for my business and I feel excited at the thought of a break, but equally excited to get back to all the things I have planned for the rest of the pipany year.

I must stop my rambling now and go, but before I say 'bye for now', I must just let you know that I will be holding a giveaway on my return. It may be for one of my 'Lavender and Bees Notebooks'

or some bunting

or some other item from my website

I haven't really decided but will give it some serious thought while I am away...honest!

I will now cease posting ridiculously random pictures which have nothing whatsoever to do with the text (which is no surprise as the text struggles to make any sense at all) and say bye for now and have fun while I'm away. See you for the giveaway.

Byeeee x


  1. Have a happy happy time away you two - I can't think of anyone who deserves a break more than you. Relax, be pampered, eat lots, and no thinking about your blog and giveaways and all that, they can wait. I'm sure all the children tall and small will be just fine!
    Catch up when you're back..
    Love Diana x

  2. Have a marvellous time away, Pipany.
    Do really enjoy yourself. Babbitt send his best wishes too and wishes he could come. He is an experienced traveller of course having been to France and Belgium, Germany and Spain with Theo and the circus last summer.
    Love the idea of the holiday jar. Must try that, too.

  3. Have a truly wonderful time Pipany. Italy! How fantastic. Lucky lucky you.

    That cushion is to die for.

  4. Wishing you a wonderfully happy holiday.
    Kate x

  5. Have a wonderful time. It all sounds so idyllic! x

  6. OOh lucky you, what a fabulous man. have a lovely time and I look forward to your giveaway!

  7. Have an amazing, wonderful time you two and take lots of pictures to share with us all. Thanks also for reminding me about the Wish Jar which I thought was a brilliant idea last year and then forgot all about. Karen X

  8. Well, Pipany, from reading your posts for a while, I already thought that Dave was a prince ... but now know I was absolutely correct.

    Have a fabulous time in Bologna. Food, style, history, beautiful culture from prior centuries. Of course, you two will so appreciate it all.

    Please do remember to take the camera?


  9. Have a wonderful time, what a marvelous Hubby you have.

    Sue xx

  10. Wow - Pipany, I hope you have a wonderful holiday - but how could you do otherwise in Italy?

  11. Well have a wonderful time and tell us about it when you get back. I thought of you the other day as I was adding a piece of paper to the holiday jar I made last year after seeing yours (make sock puppets and monsters - I'd cleared out my sock drawer!) I'd love to add a 'get more chickens' paper to ours too but sadly I need another jar, one for the grown-ups, which has things like 'mend chicken house' in it! Have a lovely time. xx

  12. italy for a week!! lucky lucky you...have fun!!!

    i love that notebook!!! so pretty and summery!!


  13. Have a wonderful time in Italy! The children will be fine so relax and don't worry about them!

  14. Ooooohhhhh Bologna is absolutely gorgeous you lucky lady.

    We went many years ago - pre kiddies and it was just so romantic, so fabulous and the shops/deli's/churches/style/fashion/ ssshhhh....chocolate & men (just looking) - don't tell Mr T!! was well....I was in Italian bliss.

    Have a fabulous time -

    Nina xxxx

  15. Have a great time, lucky you, and well deserved. Looking forward to seeing the pics and hearing about your travels.

  16. Have a lovely and well deserved break !!
    Twiggy x

  17. Oooooo, I don't have much time to comment and, boy, I want to! I am so glad for you! Have a WONDERFUL time, please! =]

    Love, Katy xo

  18. Hi Pipany,

    I wish you and Davey a great time in Italy! Enjoy it all!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  19. have a fantastic time but I'm sure you will also enjoy the coming home!

  20. Have a lovely time Pipany - what a treat for you both!

  21. Have a good holiday Pip.


  22. Have a MARVELOUS time away... Be happy, rest, eat, drink...ENJOY! Your giveaway sounds lovely. And so happy your business does so well. I am closing my little business soon, and while that marks the end of a chapter, I am excited about some things around the corner. See you here when you get back, Pipany. Safe journey... ((HUGS))

  23. What a wonderful break that sounds. Have a fab time. No thinking about anything other than food, wine, art, glorious buildings and each other!

  24. Have a fantastic holiday with your wonderful hubby!
    I'm sure your babies will be fine!
    Rachel x

  25. Sorry to have missed you - you will have gone.
    But have a wonderful time both of you and a well deserved rest. romantic! What a lovely hubby.

  26. Oh, Pip - Bologna! Italy! How I envy you. Have a lovely lovely time. xx