Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Little Harvest.

No sewing news today as my other model is at school; photo session tonight I hope of a re-worked skirt for my not-so-little Lucy. Instead a quick garden catch up for you. The cherries are slowly turning red on our huge cheery tree and the odd one plops onto the duckpond beneath. I love the way the sweeping branches bow and arch toward the murky waters below, the odd one dipping its toe in for good measure.

We have eaten yet more of these gorgeous Tayberries and as the juice dribbles down my chin I can't help thinking that perhaps the soft fruit season is my favourite of all. Of course, I do love plums and damsons and then there are English apples in all their glory. Oh I just love fruit I guess.

Overall our garden has had a bit of a quiet patch the last few weeks on the flower front, but the next flurry seems about to burst. These foxgloves are beginning to make way for day lilies, swathes of feverfew and lady's mantle, and bright yellow loosestrife.

Courgettes are coming thick and fast now

and Isabella helps to crop them, along with her broad beans (from a little plant she grew at nursery) and parsley.

It's all quite nice really.

What's good in your garden right now? x


  1. So many good things in the 'garden' right now. Yours looks lovely and productive too.

    Our courgettes are running amok and threatening to take over the farm, how can plants be SO prolific. They have more energy than me for sure.

    Sue xx

  2. I too have tayberries that the hens are rather partial to! It looks as though there will be plenty of blackberries in the garden in the autumn also. I have been picking tomatoes, french beans and yellow french beans for over a week now and the acorn squash are beginning to form. Isn't it exciting to see our gardening efforts come to fruition? x

  3. Lovely garden pictures. We have lots of yummies growing too and I'm looking forward to the first of the raspberries in a week or so. Isn't this a great time of year!

  4. hi pip,
    mouth watering post ... i l LOVE growing produce! we have courgettes, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries and we have noticed cherries on our morello just ripening too.
    the chard and oak leaf lettuce are good and the french beans are being harvested regularly. we also have some basil plants in the greenhouse which smell divine ~ i cannot resist taking in their powerful fragrance everytime i go in to water rods chillis!
    oohh and lots more still to look forward to, fingers crossed. have a happy end of the week and weekend xxxx

  5. What's good in my garden is much the same as yours, but slightly later! The polytunnel is full of cucumbers though. I can't explain why I love growing them so much, but they are my pride and joy. I shall be giving armfuls of them away soon. I'm envious of your tayberries - must get a plant!

  6. Not much I'm afraid at the moment, most of our action is down at the allotment and it's still all about a month away, well apart from the strawberries that the thought of harvest though.

    take care,

    Nina x

  7. I'm in Arizona, USA where it's very hot but our tomatoes are doing well, basil is growing like a weed and the cucumbers are gigantic! Some chile peppers are finally producing, too. Our first garden has been fun.

  8. Blueberries! Lots of them! Blueberries in everything!

  9. Looks lovely, Pipany. I can foresee wonderful eating at your place!

    The spinach in my garden (uh, make that micro-garden), is ready to harvest, so I'm heading out to pick some now.

  10. Lovely garden, lovely blog! :) Glad I found you.
    I hope you don't mind me linking your site on my blog.
    It's my new little creative blog :) If you have a little time and feel like it, please visit me once in a while. And if you rreeeeallly like it, maybe you could add me to your list... :) ;)
    Kind regards,

  11. Little bit further behind that you up here - no broad beans yet though we did have the first courgette and masses of mangetout from the polytunnel the other day.
    With you on the fruit front - all of it, love it!
    PS got to grips with moonfruit finally and got the website up - really chuffed! Thanks, after all, for the recommendation!

  12. We're a bit behind you on the veggie front, but our flowers seem to be keeping pace with yours. The Foxgloves are still pretty, but will only last another week. Lilies are out in full bloom - gorgeous!

  13. Ooh I might have to try tayberries at the allotment next year - they look delicious! Right now we're overrun with raspberries and new potatoes which are all very delicious.

    Our garden is going through the July slump, all the catmint and geraniums have gone over and I have lots of ugly gaps which I've now plugged with penstemons and dhalias (feels a bit early for those though) Lychnis and achellia are done well though. Hoping that when we come back from our hols in early August things will have filled out again.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Fresh! Lovely! Summery! Thanks for sharing, Pipany.

    Love, katy