Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I Want This!

We have had a lot of rain in Cornwall.

Too much for me.

I want summer back please.

Bright colours

sparkling seas

The locals!

Fun with the kids

Trolling through rock pools looking for sealife

Picnic lunches full of sand

Blue, blue skies with only the occasional fluffy cloud scudding by

And then home for tea.

Just thought I'd say. x


  1. So sorry you are not able to enjoy all that just now - we on the other hand have had no rain since last week's downpour. Life's not fair is it?!!


  2. Aw.....I hope you get it!

    We, on the other hand, need rain although at night would be good!

    Sue xx

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! The weather is dreadful today - really wintery...I hope this isn't going to continue into the summer holidays or it'll be a very long six weeks!

  4. Haha! You have sea children, too. I just got back from seeing my son who now lives on the Gulf. We do the same sorts of things you do at the beach. I have a couple of pictures of my sea children on my blog.

  5. Oh my goodness yes, Id want all that back too if I had it on my doorstep!
    We have also had lots of rain of late, summer has descended into a bit of a soggy mess, random downpours and the like. Lets hope it clears up soon and the gorgeous weather returns!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  6. I want it back too!
    lovely photos.

  7. I hope you get your summer back, Pipany!

  8. Hi Pipany,

    Hope summer will be back for you soon! The photo's of the beach and the sea look very inviting. It is very hot and humid in Holland at the moment. We would all love to take a plunge!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Our summer has been disappointing since school has broken up...share the sun with us if it does come your way please....lovely photos Pipany....dreaming of beach weather here too x

  10. Hi Pip, just had a text from a friend down in Cornwall who is very wet waiting for the Boddinick ferry and they are camping too. We were due to go down on Friday but have put it off to later in the hols and I am very pleased we have if its raining. I could tell you how lovely and warm and dry it is here in Sussex but I wouldn't want to rub it in! Karen X

  11. Me too! Love the first pic in particular, with the tiny cowries and top shells. x

  12. Your pictures look gorgeous! We are going to cornwall in the summer, I hope the rain is gone by then!

  13. We are in Cheshire ans have had rain every day for the last 2 weeks. We'd like some lovely Cornish sunshine too, when we head down for our summer holiday in a weeks time!

  14. Pipany, our NYC July has been aggressively hot. Not much rain, the promised thunderstorms just seem to pass us by.

    Last year's summer was much more gentle.

    I am keeping my hoped up for a kind August.


  15. over and over and over and over again, you remind how much I love the sea and the beach and the coast! What a lovely post. Just so lovely! The sight of your family is always so cheery.

    love to you, Katy xo

  16. P.S. It's been dry as a bone, here. dusty and brittle.

  17. Ohhhhh! Homesick again! I miss Castle Beach so much..boooo! I'm sure the sun will come back soon, it's due to be nice end of July, beginning of August! x

  18. Twas a bit wet yesterday here too.
    Did a craft fair in Appledore - washout in in every way.

  19. Do hope summer returns to your pretty corner of the world, Pipany! I just LOVE this parade of photos of summer life at its sweetest...*sigh*... Here in southern Norway we've been having overcast days of late. Last weekend we were blessed with lot of sun and took a long weekend at the coast...BLISS! May the bliss be back for you! :o) ((HUGS))

  20. I directed my daughter to your blog as an encouragement to make her own clothes. I showed her the photos of your daughter in the skirt you recently posted. You're an inspiration!

  21. Me tooo! It's poured down here.

  22. I agree Pip, just as the kids broke up the weather took a turn for the worse in North Devon. Today is looking good though and I am to venture down to Cornwall so I am hoping for lots of sun for you today x