Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Winner!

Oops, I forgot to post the winner of my Lavender & Bees Notebook giveaway. I actually did the random number generator thingy earlier today, but then got on with some sewing instead of blogging. Hmm, such a butterfly brain at the moment.

The winner is.... the lovely Kate from the very pretty and most readable Harmony and Rosie . Actually, I do recomend you go have a read as kate has some lovely pictures of a recent trip to Cornwall for you to peruse.

Thank you all for entering and Kate could you please forward me your details to so that I can get the notebook off to you. May well do another one soon, but in the meantime I have been drying herbs to remind me of summer when the weather is grim (!!!)

Scoffing loads of courgettes and tomatoes laced with garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and gorgeous herbs from the garden.

Picking pounds & pounds of our own scrumptious greengages

Beginning the blackberry season with ones from our garden before raiding the hedgerows. We are blending a bottle of last years blackberry wine to a bottle of reduced price Merlot to make the best red wine ever. Everyone old enough to imbibe is obsessed with it as it has the most gorgeous rich, fruity flavour, full body and is just amazing, plus each bottle of mixed wine costs us £2.00 per bottle! We are planning to make gallons this year.

Picking pretty flouncy sweet peas

Doing a lot of sewing

and generally just enjoying chilling out. Of course, a little more sun would be most welcome. Not asking for much am I?!

Bye for now x


  1. I spy Bridgewater mugs - and gorgeous greenages. Yours look a fortnight ahead of ours.

  2. Looks lovely as always Pippany.

    Jane x

  3. Well done to the winner! I must take advantage of the herbs in the garden and dry them before the autumn sets in too. We have had a taste of very autumnal weather this week and a lot of the flowers (especially the sweetpeas) have finished flowering now.x

  4. Lucky to the winner of the give away, Your little embrodery items are just darling. HUGS MARY

  5. Well done to Kate she is so lucky. Those greengages make me jealous as they are my favourite fruit and difficult to find around here. Thanks for reminding me about herb drying too. Karen X

  6. Oh Pipany, did you really grow those plums in your garden? Now you have got me even more envious of your gardening wealth!

    All of your pictures just reveal how marvelous summertime might be in Cornwall.

    Best wishes. xo

  7. Congratulations to Kathy. She is a lucky girl. The images from your kitchen with the berries, herbs and Bridgewater mugs look lovely!

    lieve groet, Madelief

  8. Pipany, how in the world did I miss your trip to Bologna??? Well, tis a bit late but, "WOW!" What a wonderful time, soaked in the sun, it seems that you had. You and your guy are so fun together.

    Then, whoops! I missed your pretty giveaway - alas! I hope that the weather is perking up for you - the thought of your berry wine is cheery enough, it seems. Yum! We have zucchini coming out of our ears, too. =]

    Love, Katy xo