Monday, 16 August 2010

Images From Our Day.

Just a short post today for the sun is shining and I want to see if I can clear the workload ready for some more of this...

Yes, finally we had hot, hot sunshine. A blissful day of lazing on the beach - actually I didn't do much of that now I come to think of it because the rock pools were so beguiling. Just look at all these finds from the two kinds of starfish to an endless supply of hermit crabs.

All were returned safely to the pools leaving Isabella free to stick her foot into the bucket. Why you may ask? I really haven't a clue.

Still, it made her giggle and that is always a lovely sound to hear with the swooshing of the sea as a background accompaniment.

Really so very pretty aren't they?

So, at last I have stopped moaning about the weather and am hoping to spend today doing much of the same.

What are your plans today? x


  1. Well it won't be paddling - not here in rural Somerset! How lovely that photo of the bucket contents is - would make a lovely source of inspiration for a piece of artwork of some kind. Hope you get your workload sorted in time for some beach fun again.


  2. yours pictures are so lovely - really reminds me of the summer which unfortunately we haven't had much of up here in the North East !!

  3. You and your daughter (and your output) are so beautiful, Pipany! What a joy it is to visit!

    Love, Katy xo

  4. Pipany, it's so refreshing to see those pictures of you and the lovely Miss I down by the seashore. I could absolutly feel the breeze!

    The treasures from the rockpool are exquisite, and could easily inspire some new designs....

    I agree with Isabella that it has got to be fun to splash a little foot in a sunny yellow starfish bucket. xo

  5. BLISS... And we've been bliss-ing out here too this weekend... enjoying sun, grilled dinner on the terrace, much fun... :o)

  6. Oooh, it has been lovely today, hasn't it? About time I say!

  7. We've been kicking about on the beach today too, bliss to finally have some August weather, but how lucky you are to have found the starfish in particular.

    Lovely to see the contrast in photos of you and Isabella in the waves, you haven't changed Pipany!

    Kate x

  8. Oh I'm so glad the sun has come out down there. We were really lucky to get a few days of it when we were on our hols in July.

    What ace rock pool finds, I only found a teeny brittle starfish, what monsters you've found!

    Hope it stays lovely

  9. Sigh ... can I come and live with you?? x