Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A special present

Isabella is a little under the weather today and as today is the one day in the week when she goes to a friend for a few hours, it means I have lost my work day. Hey ho, these things happen and it is lovely to snuggle up with her on the sofa while the rain pours down. Just need to shove down hard on that panic about stock-building and order sending and... enough, she is having a little snooze so I have a chance to post this blog before snuggling down again and that is just fine.

Today the postman brought this gorgeous parcel all for me! It is from the lovely Ginny at the Flour Loft and inside were this pretty card made by Ginny

a package of goodies

and THIS! Ginny and her friend Alice have written a book - a real and published book - and here it is! Lucy and I are going to make some of the projects and write a review; in fact, Lucy will insist on writing her own as she is so fiercly independent that she cannot see why I should merely pass on what she thinks, so watch this space. From a first look through the book seems absolutely bursting with great projects which cover a wide range and loads of helpful information. I have already earmarked two for us to make for a dear friend's 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks' time. Thank you so much Ginny - I am so thrilled and touched by your thoughtfulness, lovely lady x

And finally, Ginny also tagged me for some random facts which I have not got round to doing, so here they are:

1. I am known to say 'I love onions' often, a fact I did not realise until friends pointed it out to me. I love them any way they come - fried, roasted, caramelised, raw; I love them as leeks, spring, garlic, anything oniony really. and apparently I will quite happily ramble on about onions for hours (actually, any food really!).

2. Many of the females on my father's side of the family were white witches and my aunt - long dead now - once sat me down and told me I 'had the gift' too. My mother's side is full of stories of my Irish Grandmother's psychic ability which I also seem to have a bit of judging by the over-sensitivity to atmosphere, knowing who is going to 'phone, etc. Never really sure what one should do about such things so I do little, but can do a mean card reading when in the right mood! Oh, and I saw a ghost a couple of years ago when we were staying in a Nat Trust property for the weekend - most odd experience.

3. I often smell in colour - I forget the name for this right now. Doesn't everyone understand when I say something smells like scarlet?!!!

4. I have an absolute need for beauty and can generally find it anywhere I am. A piece of writing that can move me with its simplicity and honesty is my idea of heaven, music (Gorecki - just beautiful), a tiny flower, the colour of a leaf in autumn - so much all around if we just stop for a moment. Just picture the slowly unfolding twilight, the gentle deepening of dusk as the birds settle and silhouetted trees move gently against the velvety backdrop of an ochre streaked sky - how can that not move the soul? Lucky me to have a Davey who feels the same!

5. I am a dreadful worrier. I mostly worry about the children not world events which is terrible but I am so exhausted after worrying about seven children that I just can't fit much more in! I think it is all about low self-esteem (yes, that old cherry) and the endless need to make things 'better' for our children, but for the love of God can I not just stop!

6. I love almost everything about Autumn, from the colours to the mists, the fruits & berries (my fave), crackling fires, hot sunny days when we get them and crisp, chilly nights, even the rain today has me smiling as I watch the ducks enjoying it and the poor hen looking like a wet rag! Or perhaps I am just a bit chilled out today.

Well done for making it this far - off for a read of my new gorgeous book now before Isabella wakes.

Have a good day xx


  1. Hi pipany, i loved your random things especially the oniony one .
    and thatbook looks brill as do all them bits of material ....xx

  2. Hi Pipany, I too had a lovely parcel from Ginny. I'm already inspired! Hope wee little Isabella is feeling better. Love all the random bits and bobs. I think if I had seven children I'd be a worrier too!
    Happy day, rain and weak sun here...
    D x

  3. Hi, Pipany! Such delightful goodies from Ginny...and the book too--Hooray!! Fun to read your 7 bits...And hope your Isabella will be feeling better soon! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  4. Hi Pip,
    hope you are snuggled up and cosy with wee Isabella. i am so pleased that you like the parcel... a review from a 10 yr old... now that is scary! i am sure that she will find some things to make with your guidance. The 8 yr old in our house is more independant than the 10 year old.
    How do you do it all with 7 children?...i find it hard with only 2. Thank you for your great randomness.. with you on the onions and leeks... love your white witch connections and Rod is a huge fan of gorecki too!
    hope Isabella is feeling better very soon.
    Lots of love
    Ginny xxx

  5. Sounds a fabulous book and loved your random things too, many of which I share including a love of onions!

  6. Hi Pipany

    Loved the random thoughts, I can really relate to 2, 3, 5 and 6 - so familiar to me when I read it. I haven't seen a ghost but on a visit to Hellens I felt one!
    I hope Isabella is soon feeling better.

  7. Ha ha - I have a mother who is apparently psychic.....her speciality is predicting doom and gloom on more or less daily basis.

    I am a worrier too. And I love autumn....and I'm rather partial to onions!!

  8. Can you tell about the ghost on the PCoo paranormal forum please. Hope Babe is better soon. Clever Ginny on the book!

  9. Oh no! Another book I just "have" to have! Look forward to your reviews...
    Hen x

  10. that looks like a lovely gift, thank you for the comments on my blog and enjoy your time snuggling up.. sometimes stopping is good to get ideas - laziness mother of invention and all that! Cx

  11. ps. I am a little bit 'psychic' too - I prefer to call it intuition and it's just a case of picking up on things - I am good with houses and spaces and have done some spaceclearing knowing what has been or is coming, I think it's natural..but sometimes people expect it to work every time, some amazing things happen when you listen to your own intuition!! (and I am also shy telling people about it!!)

  12. Hope Isabella is feeling better soon. Love your random things, I too was tagged by Ginny but haven't got around to doing it yet and I too adore everything about Autumn. Never seen a ghost though!

  13. How interesting to learn of the white witches in your family. I imagine there are some tales to tell.

    CJ xx

  14. Oh, hope Isabella is feeling well soon. Isn't it horrid, that wanting to relax and snuggle and the panic about work?
    Clever Ginny - saw this on her blog a while back and was impressed then - and even more now I've seen more of her work. Now it's your turn, Pip - I think you need a book!
    LOVE your facts - I adore onions too....and am also a worrier, as you know. Love that your family is full of white witches (doesn't remotely surprise me!)....and yes, autumn just divine. jxxx

  15. I hope Isabella is better soon. I loved your random facts... gosh, seven children... I worry enough about four!

  16. Poor old Isabella, hope she perks up soon.
    Lovely to receive a surprise gift - lucky too!

  17. Oh my goodness...how had I missed the fact that you have seven children. I think you are quite right not to worry about anything other than them - it would be far too much.

    I think National Trust properties are often inhabited by other things - the last one we stayed in had mice in our bedroom and I barely slept for listening to their scurrying on our wooden floor every night.


  18. Gorgeous blog as ever.
    I identify with all your random things, even the love of the onions and of course having the Irish psychic genes (the family call me a witch) and I have seen a ghost too.
    Your friends book and parcel are lovely.
    I hope Isabella feels better soon.

  19. You have seven?

    I have four. Boys. Testosterone runs rampant here, or it would if I didn't hold it in check.
    I've never 'seen' a ghost, but I know my Gran visited me after she was dead. I was teaching a year 7 drama class at the time. Bizarre.

  20. Yes, I'm with you on most of them, I love to touch, feel, smell, listen, It helps you to enjoy your life much more

  21. Oooh, best we keep on the right side of you then! Hope that Isabella is on the mend.

  22. That's the second time in half an hour that I've read about that great book, I now have it on my wish list. I love Autumn too especially days like today it's been beautiful here. I hope Isabella is feeling better now.
    Yvonne x

  23. Lovely cherries in top photo. What a gorgous gift, the card is just beautiful.
    Each one of us are spiritual beings.
    I think we miss out a lot of the power that we can have in God if we only accessed Him by giving Him our every thought, feeling, anger, and joy. By not mis-interpereting who He is, thru the mis-representation that humans portray that He is. To me He is the One and Only safest Spirit to access.