Thursday, 9 October 2008

Feeding the Hens.

Phew, things suddenly got a bit hectic around here - the orders have begun to increase after a relatively quiet summer, which is just lovely. I have had a couple of new things commissioned which I have thoroughly enjoyed working on - more of those another day. I finally also managed to finish a little work in progress, a work which had made it this far, but no further...

until yesterday when I completed it at last. It is my 'I'm feeding the Hens' door hanging for those of us who have this little job as part of our daily lives and judging by what I read in the land of blog, that is quite a lot of us. So, first came the hen-house, complete with rose covered walls (and no, our hen-house has no roses left on it either!). Actually, in our case the hens came first in a cardboard box from whence Dave let them out whereupon they flew all around the living room until we novices caught them and proceeded to build them a home!!! Quite a few years ago and all of us, children included, are now very able bird catchers.

Hmm, back to the door hanging - next, of course, came the hens, the inspiration for which lay in the form of our own little Gold Line called Discovery. Well, she looks a little like this anyway.

And finally came the hedging as I thought an image of our 8ft fence would not seem so appealling to the eye, and here is the finished article which would go rather nicely with the 'I'm in the Garden' door hanging as I usually combine the two.

Another job ticked off the list and now I am off to make up a bag, a Babbit, a tote bag, a..... well, let's just say I'll be sewing!

Pipany xx


  1. I love it Pipany! You are very talented, perhaps a tiny cushion with "Do Not Disturb, I'm blogging" for our computers could be next?


  2. they're very sweet, Pips, I almost wish I could have hens (covenanted against). There again, with Lolly, maybe not. And, NO, HITC!! Blogging is something one pretends one isn't doing, not draws attention to!

  3. this is lovely... sure to be a winner... one day i WILL have hens... still working on the old man for that one..maybe i should wait anyway till the kitties are a bit older too and less manic.
    it's been beautiful here today and Al and i have just been out walking to town.. hope you have a sunny spot by the window and are happily sewing.
    with love
    Ginny x

  4. Go girl! You have been busy...and these are delightful. Sun's out, I'm off for a walk!
    Love D x

  5. Those tiny embroidered hens are so very cute! Wish I could have hens too.

  6. May need to have one of these although as we don't get many droppers in and even when we do I see a car coming from the henhouse, there isn't a serious functional call for it. Just like it!

  7. Another lovely item from your talented fingers Pipany, hen envy here, but maybe not on those cold winter mornings bashing the ice of the water bowl!

  8. Pip, could you do 'I'm walking the dogs' for me?

  9. just lovely, those little hens are fab, how very pretty it all is I love them.

  10. ohhh - my favourite so far x
    you MUST do a walking the dog hanging - what a lovely idea.
    hope you have a lovely weekend - sewing for me too!
    t x

  11. Wow this is absolutely gorgous. I love your themes so much. I would love to have hens. I think oneday we will. Happy making for lots of happy people who recieve them. xx

  12. Absolutely beautiful. Are you going to get these printed on wood or canvas? I'm sure they would be very popular.

  13. A beautiful, beautiful blog - I love it. Your 'feeding the hens' and 'wheelbarrow/garden' bags are gorgeous.

    I'll be back!