Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Creative Works.

Isabella has been very creative this week in a variety of activities. She has made creatures out of pipe cleaners, glue, etc in the best Blue Peter manner. A little help was given as you may have thought from the penguin seen in the picture, but the caterpillar is all her own work.

From here the inspired babe progressed to scribbling all over her Mamma's notes for an English lesson she was about to give a student once Isabella went down for her nap...when will I learn not to leave things lying around?

A little flower arranging in the garden with the hydrangeas which were intended for drying...

and of course one must always tidy up by brushing the path (note to self: check daughter is wearing tights of a colour not to turn lurid in the eye of camera before photographing said child + check all junk in form of bag of mother's embroidery is removed from step! No magazine feature pending then?)

Further note to self: don't hurl oneself into the air like some lunatic in an effort to imitate a bunny for daughter, nor twitch one's nose and make noises of a tongue-clicking-Bugs Bunnyish nature before checking whether the postman is watching silently with a large grin on his usually sombre face!

Bye for now x


  1. I get WannaDaughter-itis whenever i read your Isabella blogs!

  2. Enchanting xx at least until they are 18 xx

  3. What an absolute poppet she is. I used to have one like that too.

    I loved the previous blog too - I used to trail about the garden in Grandad's footsteps when I was little.

  4. What a lovely little girl ... she really is growing up!

  5. Sooooo cute! Honestly, you could sprinkle her with salt and pepper and eat her, couldn't you!

  6. Gorgeous girl! Oh, yes, the postie moment, I'm usually talking to the dog, having a very meaningful squat and cluck with the chickens or some other such lunacy when he appears. Oh dear.

  7. There's nothing like a daughter - nothing in the world!

  8. Cleverly written, and funny how children go about their business.

  9. so great to nurture the creative spirit of our little ones... what a sweetie... and i can tell your rabbit recreation was brilliant. lucky postman... but poor you...hee hee
    lots of love
    ginny x

  10. She's so cute. I have 13 years between my youngest and the next in line so I now have to re-learn not to leave anything lying around.
    Very funny 'bunny' moment!