Friday, 31 October 2008

Meeting & Making.

The half term holiday has been a wet and windy time in Cornwall. Every day seems to have been a mixture of showers, both torrentially heavy and drizzly light, and odd bursts of weak sun which fails to last. Today the sun is bursting through in a clear, bright sky turning the rosehips twining through the camellia outside our bedroom window the most brilliant shade of vermillion against a backdrop of glistening green leaves. Even Davey's lemon is putting on fresh growth, though I fear it will regret that when it turns colder and we get our one frost of the year.

Earlier this week I met up with lovely Diana from Pebbledash, another blogger from Cornwall. I have been so looking forward to meeting her and we arranged to meet up in The Yellow House, a pretty little shop in Penryn once featured in Country Living, selling all sorts of gorgeous things with the ability to drink coffee and scoff cakes to your hearts content... and goodness did we test that to the limit; I walked home thinking a couple of hours had passed to find it was actually closer to four! Oops.

Diana was just as I knew she would be - warm, interesting, funny (very funny - rats, that's all I'm saying Diana!) and so very easy to chat with as the amount of time we spent proved. I could quite happily have whiled away the remainder of the day, but we'll save that for another time instead. Diana also gave me the gorgeous stamped cards seen above made by her own very talented hands. I really think she should be allowing us to purchase her beautiful paperwork which you can see by popping over to her blog if you haven't already. My photographs don't do them justice I'm afraid, but Isabella thought they were beautiful too and chose this one to keep...

then changed her mind in favour of this one...

Such a lovely time... thank you Diana and next time we'll have to persuade Ginny down for a holiday! Well, off to finish making the skull pinata with the children for tonight's Hallowe'en party. Dressing up, apple bobbing and Dave's Boston Baked Beans are all on the agenda so plenty to do. I am actually on top of - nay, ahead of - the orders which is a lovely feeling and means I can risk doing something about my list of Christmas gifts niggling away in the back of my mind. Hmm, will probably regret saying that!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone xx


  1. What joy meeting a blogging friend! Glad your getting together was such fun! I had the great pleasure of meeting two blogging friends this past summer and it was wonderful. Wishing you & your a Spooktacular Halloween! ((HUGS))

  2. Another delightful report, Pipany. I looked at site of The Yellow House, and certainly can understand why you all chose to meet there. Wishing the House, you and Pebbledash continued success. Seems as if Cornwall has quite a few talents, and lots of positive energy.

    Happy Halloween. Please do take some photos!


  3. Sounds like lots of fun going on down there. Happy Halloween.

  4. Hi Pip, I've just posted my version!! Thanks for a really wonderful day, can't wait til next time. Have a wild and wonderful Halloween....
    Diana x

  5. What a lovely day you had Pip.
    Gorgeous photos of your daughter.

  6. Only just found your blog, delightful! i can't wait to see more. lou x

  7. Pipany you always seem to have so much fun! Isabella is such a poppet! Hope your party went well.

  8. Sounds delightful meeting and in a fun shop as well. The cards are gorgous.

  9. Oh lucky you! I;d love to meet the madly talented Pebbledash. Quite agree she should be selling her cards - they are totally delicious (I love my shopping list pad she sent me - generous soul she is).
    Yum to cakes.....
    Eeek, rosehips - must make some syrup.

  10. Lovely lovely blog and marvellous photos. isabella is a real beauty. Glad you had such a great time meeting a fellow blogger! All of my meetings have been fantastic so would heartily recommend it.