Sunday, 3 June 2007

A bit bleary.

So, my return blog. Should it arrive in a blaze of fanfares and revelery? Perhaps fireworks are more appropriate? I can see their rainbow colours streaming across the sky even as I type. No, unfortunately reality has yet again raised its (frequently) tiresome head and ensured that my efforts today will be feeble thanks to the early-morning risings of Isabella. Today Dave and I are gritty eyed as befits those souls woken by the four-thirty am yellings of a one year-old babe, God bless her overlarge lungs.

Ah well, enough of that familiar moan. As I posted on the main page recently, we have been sans computer thanks to the fact that we have been sans phoneline. BT have worked hard to ensure we remain that way, but we battled bravely and eventually good overcame the dark forces of the overpaid BT network (apologies to anyone in their employ - tis the company that I berate) and we are connected once more. The impending threat of a 116.00 (pound sign has taken itself off in disgust) call-out fee - yes, that's right...CALL OUT FEE - was enough to guarantee sleepless nights in the Poltisko Farm household even without Isabella's best efforts in that department. The idea of the further charge of 99.00 per hour or part thereof was almost too much to comprehend, especially as it took five hours for the fault to finally be fixed. Why aren't we all setting up phone-fixing companies purple people? There's clearly a killing to be made somewhere!

Despite all things conspiring to the contrary, KittyB and I managed to meet up during her recent stay in not-very-sunny Cornwall. Nerves abounded as I walked into the pub - late as ever - only to find Kitty looking exactly like her photograph: slim, pretty and incredibly easy to chat to. The evening seemed to fly and yes, of course your ears were burning! It was my chance to catch up on what had been happening during my enforced absence. A uniform has emerged I hear? Will have to read up on that before I get detention for breaking school dress code.

Lovely though it was to actually meet a Purplecoo member in the flesh, I was slightly worried (oh, OK...Very worried) about being a disappointment myself. What if I registered shock on her face which could only mean the posted pictures of one Pipany were guilty of giving a false impression. Perhaps the one revealing only a back view of me on a beach would have been a better one to go with? I could have entered the pub in reverse and conducted the whole evening with only the subtle light of the pillar candles flickering in the window recess lighting my face in soft and flattering warmth or maybe wearing a hat with a veil in a kind of slightly eccentric this is how I dress for a pub attitude would have lessened the nerves somewhat. As it was, my usual disorganisation meant I didn't have time to do more than pull on trousers and top in order not to leave poor Kitty sitting for too long on her own. What did it matter? She was lovely and so was the evening. Just desperate to hear about the meeting between Milla and Kitty now.

Well, a bit of a befuddled and rambling (as ever) blog to kick off with. Thanks for all the lovely welcome backs and I will gradually get to all your sites over the next few days. I've made a start but it's a huge task - perhaps I should charge a catch-up does 116.00 sound?

Bye for now x


  1. Oh my goodness, am I first? No, bet Un Peu will slip in while I'm typing! Welcome back, Pipany! So sorry about the sleepless night - have SO been there and quake at the very thought of it. And with you too on the horror and abomination that is BT. My dear friend, the one who got married recently, works for them and merrily asserts that they are foul. And yes, yes, with you too on the fear of meeting PCers... I felt a bit like that meeting Jo (ragrug/Bodran/she of many names).... but bet it was lovely.... I wish you a blissful full night's sleep tonight (well, one can hope!).... janexx

  2. Welcome back1 Maybe someone ought to write a Purplecoo lullaby for our sleepless babies. I'd hate to be offline i'd go all twitchy!

  3. Good to have you back Pipany-It drives me mad when broadband goes down just for a few hours and I get withdrawals!!

    So lovely for you to meet Kitty B-Wish I was closer-I would have loved to meet up with both of you-and would have been just as nervous, I promise!

    warmest wishes and hope you get better sleep tonight

    warm wishes

  4. Well it's so good to catch up with your blogs again.
    I love all your photos, the baby ones and especially the one of you by the sea.
    Thanks for sharing the meeting with Kitty. I would have been nervous too.
    I bought a cushion the other day in that pale blue/ cabbage rosy design. Would it have been one of yours?
    I hope you have a better night tonight.
    BT. Now there must be a line we can think up? Bloody Terrible is all I can think of...

  5. I do share your BT frustrations - our 'line' goes down every time it rains ie a lot! What on earth are we paying that big fat fee for? Anyway nice to have you back.

  6. ....and have you had the terror of talking to the Dehli helpdesk of BT? Not an experience I wish to repeat..EVER! I have been missing for two weeks as well isn't it lovely to be back?

  7. Lovely to have you back, I have missed you. So glad your meeting with Kitty was fun - I would've been nervous too. BT - don't get me started ....

  8. You were nervous? I was nervous! And why? We had such a nice meeting and I laughed until my nose ran (nice mental picture for everyone, but you know what I mean).

  9. I was unfortunate enough to temp for BT for the longest fortnight of my life many years ago. What a *loody shambles! The other 5 who were despatched with me were all wise enough to contract life-threatening illnesses by 11am and swiftly left while hissing but dutiful me stayed on and on. Beyond dire.

  10. Great to have you back. Have been there with the sleepless nights and can totally sympathise.

    What a scanalous amount to charge, maybe all the purplecooers should have a whipround for you.

    Hope you get a good nights sleep, take care - Jacqui x

  11. Yes! welcome back. kept looking for you and wondering whether things were ok. meeting with kitty sounds great. would love to meet more purplecooers, so far it has been fab. Liked Kitty's "I laughed till my nose ran". been there.

  12. Glad to have you back! Your sleepless nights will now be because you're trying to catch up on blogs! I had a marathon traul - bloodshot eyes, the works! You missed my posting on the main pages a few weeks ago, where I asked for places to "must visit", as we are having 4/5 days near Padstow house sitting a friend's house. We'd like to discover the hidden Cornwall/Devon borders and any recommendations gladly received! xx

  13. Welcome back Pipany. How frustrating your BT experience must have been - and how very expensive! Lovely photo of Isabella and Daddy.