Thursday, 14 June 2007

I've been tagged!!!

Well, I didn't even know it was going on till today and now I've been 'had' - tagged that is! Eight things about me that won't send you to sleep with utter boredom? Hmm, not easy really as I don't get up to much and when I do, I probably blog about it. Ah well, i'll give it a go ....

1. My one-time best friend and sister-in-law claimed she had terminal cancer for a year and a half and then sat on a train track so that her legs were ripped off when she was 'found out' - that got your attention, didn't it? Unfortunately, it really did happen and as the hospital subsequently informed us that she was in no way insane, we have had no choice but to understand that some people truly are coldly manipulative and single-minded in their quest to get their own way. And I know I sound hard, but it is the only way I can cope with all that happened without falling apart.

2. Something less heavy going perhaps... I was once painted with Tom and Lauren (when they were much younger) for a magazine short story competition. It was Woman's Own and apparently I had just the right sad, worried look for the woman in the winning story! Great eh! The artist also paints the covers for some of Babara Cartland's novels and also did the illustrations for the updated 'Joy of Sex', though I was NOT a model for that!!!!

3. I eat anything and everything. There is not a food I will not consume or try!

4. I had post-natal depression so badly after Lucy's birth (and during the pregnancy, now I think about it - antenatal, obviously) that I have been left with a tendency for depression which drives me potty! Luckily it doesn't appear very often. It also affected my memory which used to be brilliant and is now pants which also drives me potty.

5. I can do drawn threadwork, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, paint, draw, write poetry and knit anything from Fair Isle to cable! However, I sing like a cat (though it does't stop me, to the kids' disgust!), dance badly and cannot ride a bike!

6. I used to be in the school German folk club (could sing back then) andstill sing the songs now. Quite handy in a beer festival, I suppose...

7. I am a loyal, honest and caring friend who gives too much of herself because she can't bear others to be in pain. Ooh, I sound a bit worthy now!

8. I am certain I was a soldier in WW1 - and a clairvoyant once told me I was too!

So there you go. Nothing wildly exciting really. Am I supposed to teg someone now? Let me know if you haven't been had! xx


  1. Gosh Pipany, what a list. Unfortunately, I have a manipulative friend - she hasn't resorted to that kind of thing yet, but she is currently in a "happy life phase" and has sent me to Coventry. This will last until the next crisis - she knows I am always there, but as I'm getting older I have found some inner strength and think I will manage to resist next time. She sucks me dry.

    Me and you should form a girl band - your singing sounds just like mine!xx

  2. Wow, what a list, the first one was mighty shocking, couldn't quite get my head around that one, it must have been awful for all of you. What a talent you are too, who says you can't sing and dance?Don't listen to them!

  3. Wow, that is a very thought provoking list. And no, you don't sound at all worthy, you sound like someone everyone would be glad to have around. Despair at 1 - must take a lot of understanding to deal with a person like that.

  4. that first one *was* truly shocking, quite extraordinary - have you mentioned it before, or do I know of her by another route (well, you're hardly going to know *that*)! Don't get this tagging business, what is it, how do you know if you have been. Sob, because I haven't. Not that there's anything to say of any interest, so don't do it! Just intrigued to know what it is. Am a bit thick.

  5. I'll join yours and Woozle's band too. No 1 was a bit of a shocker. Did you write about it (or something based on it) in your creative writing bit? I had horrible post-natal depression/anxiety after my son was born. Truly awful. I was so paraniod it would return after K that I had practically the whole NHS on standby - thankfully it didn't, at least not nearly so badly. Great list.

  6. Wildy exciting - hells bells that an awful lot to take in. I hadnt known about your sister in law - how dreadful for everyone.
    The people you meet on this site - who needs to go out anymore. love mousie

  7. Flippin' heck .that first one really slaps you in the face like a wet kipper! How on earth do you deal with something like that?
    I'd better join your girl band as well ...I'm sure I can get paid not to sing!

  8. Good God I dont know what to say about the first one. She did that to be noticed! Did she die or survive....she must have died... the whole thing is too horrible....

    I wish I could do all the sewing/knitting things you do - very clever!

  9. I wish you were my next-door neighbour with all your needlework talents! I need to learn to knit again before the grandchild is born in September.
    Like the others I was stunned to read your #1. It is hard enough to learn that not everyone is straight up, without the horror of such an act.

  10. That is an interesting list.

    It was a bit shocking what the friend did-but also sad-quite a cry for help in there somewhere.

    I am fast coming to the conclusion that one of the perils of being a sensitive soul seems to be the curse of the black dog of depression from time to time. I think it must be all that worrying and overthinking.

    You sound just lovely to me and not at all worthy!!

    warm wishes

  11. Lot's of wow's here and another from me. You're an exciting person, obviously got a wonderful and interesting character and a lot to tell. Being photographed for a magazine must have really made you proud. And I think it's terribly interesting how you believe you were a soldier in WW1. I would love to hear more about that. Great facts!
    Crystal xx

  12. Wow, I thought I'd read your list but was obviously having a postnatal memory moment! Actually, and seriously, I am so relieved to hear that loss of memory can be a side effect and post effect of PND.....mine is awful and I have blamed it on dementia (seriously!). Though can one still have the effects of PND after eight and a half years??? Depression ditto. Blights the soul.

    Very shocking number one - not sure I can get my head round the leg bit at all. Doing these posts in reverse order, I can see why it would make an incredible story and anyone would want to read it.....but as I said before, entirely your choice.... jxxxxxx

    PS - ditto to eating anything (bar brains and lungs).