Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Sun Shone!

No windchimes to show just yet because THE SUN CAME OUT! Hooray! At last! Oh the relief to finally see blue skies, to feel the warmth on bare skin. Wonderful. So, we did what you do when your children are lucky enough to live on the coast: we packed a picnic and headed off to the beach for a long, perfect day of filling rockpools with water...

Spied fishing nets in wait for the tide to reveal the biggest and bestest of pools where crabs and shrimp and all manner of sealife would be hiding.

Completed a pleasing pile of sewing to the sound of the sea crawling over the sand.

Skipped through the shallows in a pretty sundress.

Doggy-paddled for so long I thought Isabella would never warm up again. Amazing what a cuddle wrapped up in a huge towel can do - Isabella was wrapped, not the cuddle you understand!

Tried to jump on shadows, but they just kept skipping away over the soft, soft sand.

Sat and soaked up this view over Pendennis Point.

And generally smiled...a lot!

It was fun and the much-needed sun burned all day. Hopefully today will prove the same and the children can spend another day racing around by the sea, splashing and building castles, and generally having the best of times. Windchimes next post.

Have a lovely day whatever you are up to x


  1. What a lovely nay gorgeous pair of girls you have Pipany and what a beautiful spot to sit and stitch in. The photo of Isabella jumping is magic.
    Hope your today is as lovely as your yesterday.

  2. I love your photos. Takes me back to the days when I used to wander round with my Canon SLR taking pics of my daughter and friends on our little adventures in the summer hols. We didn't have beaches near us so spent times in the woods, on the canal bank and in each others gardens. Blissful! Enjoy every minute - they grow up so quickly.

  3. Ah, it looks lovely, how wonderful for your children, I'm sure they'll always have super memories of their childhood by the sea.
    Hen x

  4. Oh to be beside the sea on a beautiful sunny day, what fun you all had!

  5. What gorgeous pictures, we have to make the most of the sunshine when it appears this year it seems, and you appear to be doing just that.

    Hope the sun continues to shine on you and your lovely family.

    Sue xx

  6. the sun shone here yesterday too... which was great as the girls and i did a car boot... it was fun and they now have pocket money for the rest of the holidays. your day sounds wonderful...lucy has such a beautiful smile.. and how lovely for you to be stitching surrounded by the squeals of delight from little isabella chasing her shadow!
    hope the sun continues to shine for you all...
    love ginny x

  7. Hurrah for the sun! How lovely it all looks too. Fingers crossed for more days like that! xx

  8. Likewise just wishing for some sunshine in August, Pipany. A little bit of sun today, but just haven't done all the usual Summer things. So disappointing. Great to see the girls on the beach and having fun, before going back to school.Still haven't slept in my pink tent in the garden with Muffin which we love to do, but maybe this month!

  9. It makes me want to be there! We have sea not too far away, but it's nothing like as lovely as that. I am very impressed that you can keep your sewing clean with all that sand around!

    Pomona x

  10. How lovely - i'm down in Cornwall very soon!! can't wait!!

    Lovely sundress and a great bit of stitching going on x

  11. It is about time too isn't it! what a grand day...just pottering on the beach is wonderful. The pictures are gorgeous Pipany.

  12. Wonderful Pipany - you've spirited me away - I needed this little escape. Thankyou

  13. aww, such fun. Perfect day for sure and some of the best kind of memories. :) Magical!

  14. At last sunshine. There's nothing quite like the feeling of wet sand between your toes. I long to be on a beach.


  15. Aaaaaahhhh feeling that warm sun on our skin has been delicious here too.

    Fingers crossed it stays,


  16. Your posts are so full of love and sunshine, Pip. They are just so cheering. The sun is out here as well but sadly my thirty something children have grown beyond the stage of filling rockpools with water (even if I haven't) but still there's Theo coming up - another year perhaps. he's only 6 months!

  17. Salt + sun + shore + children = bliss

  18. How lovely Pipany. You take me back to Cornwall every time. I try to get down as often as possible - usually to Coverack, where I first stayed as a small child in the 60s. I also love Cadgwith, St Anthony, Mylor, Helford, etc, etc.

    You're so lucky to be there all the time.

    Carol N

  19. Lovely pictures of a gorgeous day. We have had another today and I hope the sun has been shining on you too.

  20. Absolutely love your photos. Beautiful. It reminds me of when we went to visit my mom's family in Scotland and my feet hitting that ice cold water for the first time. Oh, but it was so beautiful I didn't mind:)

    I'm a Tennessee girl by the way and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts.

  21. your blog always puts me in such a good mood. Partic good to gulp in lovely images since the weather has changed back again.