Thursday, 13 August 2009

No Grumps Today.

The grumps have gone thanks to your sweet comments - thank you - and a beautiful long day of sunshine... just the one you understand, nothing too much nor too heady a cup to sip from, but a hot, sunshiney day nonetheless where we decamped from the house to the beach returning home late in the day to collapse full of that wonderful lassitude from a day of fresh, fresh air. A day of playing

of blue skies with the fluffiest of clouds occasionally, lazily, drifting by

of searching for shells for Mummy

that last lazy amble across the beach as the sun gently lowers casting long shadows in its wake. Pretty fields across the water aren't they?

Other than these intermittent trips to the shore the week has been full of making. The holiday jar came up with 'make a cake' and oh, it was delicious ...

and also produced a label saying 'make bread animals' which produced some truly gruesome creatures once the dough had risen!

The rolls Dave also made were so scrumptious - love that word - and so good toasted,
slathered with butter and mint jelly that I have just made another batch for breakfast. Quite fancy trying teacakes at the weekend, though it does suggest a roaring fire and pot of tea to accompany them.

A cushion I sewed for Granny-Mother's birthday. I really enjoyed making this as I just made it up as I went along. No drawing first or planning out...bliss. Dreadful picture as it was a very dull day.

A cluster of houses...

a lighthouse...

and it all ends up feeling very Falmouthian - or that was the hope anyway!

That's me for now.

Have a lovely day x


  1. The lighthouse is gorgeous - I'm sure it will be loved. Yesterday must have been cake making day; mine was a victoria sponge with lime butter icing inside. Don't you just love real, homemade cakes?
    P x

  2. Hello Pipany,

    Definitely not a grump to be spied in that post.

    The beach scenes just call out ... this is summer!

    The baked goods call out ... please have a bite or five!

    And that beautiful embroidered picture calls out ... love to the person who will receive it.

    All marvelous. xo

  3. Mmmmm. . .that smell of rolls baking!! And what a beautiful cushion, she will love it! Gosh, those smiles are contagious, ya know? So adorable! :)

  4. Love the cushion - some of the best things happen when you make it up as you go along!

  5. I'm looking at your beachy pictures and thinking 'oh' I do miss the beach sooo much!! Roll on tomorrow when the crowds (hopefully) will mostly be gone and we can feel like we are not being invaded anymore.

    I adore your cushion and such a special keepsake - it is gorgeous Pip.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  6. I wish I were with you - it all looks so lovely - sunshine, cakes and a beautiful cushion - what more could anyone want?

    Pomona x

  7. Amazing what a little sunshine does for us. Glad you've re discovered your joi de vivre.

    Lovely warm post - but then your blogs always are - whatever the weather.

  8. How lovely, as always. The cushion is indeed Falmothian!

  9. hi pipany,
    love the cushion,anything with a seaside theme & im there!
    i have just started my own blog if you fancy following : hope you pop in! x

  10. What fab bread animals/monsters sounds like something my two would love to do!

  11. Fabulous cushion Pipany (especially that little street) and wonderful wistful beach images as ever. Oh that cake though. I'm in love.

  12. Do love the holiday jar idea. Your family's bread really does look scrumptious. I am very lazy. Just pour everything into a breadmaker. That too is delicious though.

  13. That jar of ideas is genius Pip - must do that here one day.

    Love the bread animals and the new cuchion. I adore the houses, ever so Cornish. I sketched a little picture in Port Isaac of houses curving around a bay but have gone and "put it somewhere safe". Can't sew but maybe a scribble will do!

    Save us a piece of cake btw - looks yummy!

  14. What pretty girls in matching bathers. Baking looks fab, (though I save my mint jelly for the lamb) and the cushion is gorgeous, I am sure it will take pride of place.
    Such a lovely post.

  15. So much lovliness in this post, it's hard to know where to start! I really would love a slice of that cake, and the rolls/buns look delicious too. Your beach shots are sweet and the cushion divine. thanks for taking me into your world xo

  16. Reading this late, Pipany, but oh what a lovely bright start to my week. xx

  17. I think it would be rather hard to have the grumps when everyone seems to be having such a wonderful time.

  18. Hi Pipany! Glad those darn grumps are gone and you are loving your life. I sure enjoyed all you beautiful words and photos.

  19. Definatley Falmouth! What a lovely day - actually insprires me to bounce out and play myself. have a lovely Sunday!

  20. I love the idea of a holiday jar. Am going to steal it.