Saturday, 8 August 2009

Of Fires and Moans.

Hmm, it all started so well, this blogpost which I began thus several days ago now...

The sun has continued and today looks set for another blissful day of lounging on the beach, though truthfully yesterday didn't feel quite so loungy as usual. Somehow I found myself spending more time ambling over rocks than usual as I had a need to search for shells and crabs, neither of which were abundant for some reason. beautiful, perfect tides which stayed balmy blue over the golden sands forming a huge lagoon of long, long shallows where the children could safely play while we swam close by and chatted with them.

Dave and Elias - and several other children who attached themselves to Dave giving him the air of the Childcatcher only much nicer - snorkelled in the calm waters. I had lent my snorkel and mask to a friend and so missed out (nothing to do with the fact that the sea was freezing despite the heat of the sun!). Instead I opted for a leisurely swim which made me regret the loaning as the water was so clear and just perfect for spotting fishes darting through the seaweed fronds. Oh well, today maybe? Remember what I said about beach hair? Isabella is modelling her 'look' just beautifully don't you think?

Ok, that's where I got to and then the sun disappeared... again. It popped back for a brief hour or so in the late of an afternoon sending us scurrying for a stroll in the warmth of its glow armed with bowls and tubs just in case. Hurrah, here's what greeted us.

We did quite well for a first picking, these ones being put in the freezer until we have enough to make the first batch of blackberry wine.

Since then the weather has been a mix of dull - we chanced the beach anyway and almost froze after picking through rockpools full of icy water - weak sunshine and mostly rain, endlessly pouring rain. We left the beach and I lit the campfire hoping to cheer at the sight of its rich flames. It worked and the sun returned albeit late afternoon yet again

Dave and Isabella joined me and we lazily passed the time away chatting as Isabella perched on the little log reserved for her


And today? Well, today I have the grumps due to yet more rain and am aimlessly skulking round the house, grumbling away at the unfairness of life in my bestest Eeyore manner - I do so like that donkey - and dear Davey has taken pity on the children, baking a cake with them to cover my moody moaning (with which they are more than familiar I might add!). Hey ho, I suppose I must go and 'DO' something useful in order to banish the glums...sigh

Normal cheeriness to be resumed shortly (I do so very much hope)!

Have a good day x


  1. Nope, I can't detect the grumpiness, Pip! Everything seems as golden, glowing and lovely as ever there.

  2. Rain in Summer also makes me drift.The frustration of not being able to do the things one should be doing on Summer days.It has improved a little here, so Tigger & I are taking Muffin to West Cork on Thurs. for a few days.She is so excited. Blackberries are not out here yet, but looking forward to their arrival and blackberry picking.It is hard to believe the children will be back to school in no time, so enjoy whats left.

  3. That picture of Isabella in front of the campfire is joyous. So sorry about the rain - we've had a good deal here too. I do hope the cake (and perhaps the thought of blackberry wine) cheers you!

  4. It still looks lovely - and I'm still wishing for a bit of rain! It was nice to spend the weekend outside, and it's great for the harvest, but I am sick of watering my vegetable patch!

    Poomona x

  5. Aw, there is nothing like summer rain to bring us down, is there? What beautiful pics though, and the campfire looks like great fun.

  6. I love Isaballa's beach hair! Hope you cheer up soon... here's wishing for sunshine!

  7. Well we've sunshine today though rain first thing. In fact it has been like that all weekend to rain and rainy rain overnight and early morning then by coffee time it starts to clear and the afternoons are fabulous. I really should be out there rather than in here. I too have the glums though not about the weather - would that it were. Lovely pictures Pips. Those blackberries look fabulous ours are all small and green not even a flush of pink yet.

  8. Been thinking of you, dear Pip! I felt very grumpy yesterday and today.. the weather has been so gloomy and misty today that vision ended just a foot beyond the end of my nose! Spotted and munched some enormous blackberries while out walking at the weekend. This looks like a promising season!
    Love to you all, hope the sun shines again very soon, and the grumps are banished.
    Diana xxx

  9. Even in the rain it looks like fun!

  10. Beaches and blackberries together. And beautiful seaweed. What bliss. It is nice to find a shallow beach too.

  11. Love the beach hair! You've got blackberries already??!! The sun's out again today though, so has the grumpiness gone?

  12. Fairly much the same here too Pip. Gloomy this morning and now the sun is out, but almost too hot to enjoy and town is heaving!!

    We have all just stomped home to get some peace.

    Chin up and hope the day turns out beeter.

    Nina x

  13. I hope that you have recovered from your bad mood. I know how you feel though, the sun is all we need, just for a few days without rain and it re-charges our batteries!
    Your campfire looks great, the warmth from it must have been a real always is for me! we lit ours quite early this weekend in camp, the damper evenings are drawing in aren't they!

  14. Hope your day is as fabulously sunny as ours today. Not a cloud in the sky and just a soft breeze whispering through the trees - bliss!!

  15. Just caught up on the last few and I love all the pictures - you capture the essence of the beautiful garden, the days at the beach, the home-made goodies - and little Isabella growing up so gorgeously, she is really very very beautiful.
    And just look at your display in Trebah! Perfect! It's my favourite Cornish garden, and to think - my friend has things in the shop. Well done!

  16. Just catching up on a couple of your posts Pip - sorry to read that you have had the grumps although I don't detect any from the great photos of campfires and blackberry picking!
    Hope this dreadful weather picks up soon - we are coming down to Cornwall in September so fingers crossed!