Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Summer into Autumn.

Not much to be said about the weather, particularly today which is stormy to say the least. Ah well, some pictures of things we have been up to here may suggest a sunnier time than the reality and cheer us all a little I hope. First up? Figs from our tree growing alongside the main pathway to our house. They are not very sweet due to lack of sun (!), but we have dried them to concentrate the flavour and are planning to use them in this year's Figgy Pudding (shh, I haven't quite said the 'C' word have I?). Quite excited about growing our own for such an exalted use!

The breadmaking continues apace. We always make a lot of our won bread here, but the craze just now is to do it all by hand rather than using the bread machine. Not sure how long this will last, but it's a very enjoyable way of passing wet days for now. I must say that we have to be quite organised as a family this size gets through an enormous quantity of breads, though this should even out once everyone is back at school/work next week (shh, I didn't say that either!).

The harvesting continues. Like so many bloggers I read, I so love the autumnal season with its chilling of evenings and lengthening, beautiful dusks where the light gently fades leaving deep silhouettes in its wake and only the soundf of birdsong to break the calm. So peaceful. I also love the hedgerows full of blackfairies (Isabella's variation on a theme), hips, haws and so on. Every outing provides so many possibilities such as this pretty bowlful...cordials or liquers?

And the blackfairies have been amazing, though so much rain means we have to pick like fury when it finally dries up for a while.

Our allotment has been stripped of some of its bounty. We did well for some things such as onions


and cabbages though holey are incredibly tasty.

Our early apples trees have all done well and have provided many windfalls to be eaten as they are or turned into jams, jellies and wines. I love all this!

The windfalls gone too far to use are thrown in for the hens to peck at.

and overall, rain hasn't stopped play...

at all!

Bye for now x


  1. Lovely pictures. Your vegetables look beautiful. I wish I had the patience to grow them myself. Bring on the autumn now, I think summer has had its time.

    CJ xx

  2. Hello Pipany,

    Every one of your pictures and words tell a story of how summer can ease towards a happy close.

    (I can just about imagine how much bread you all bake!)

    That very last picture of a certain little model is such a knockout. Beautifully impish!


  3. I love it all too - could just do with some time to get into the kitchen without lots of visitors around, although I do love the visitors, no pleasing some people! Great photo of your model.

  4. So many people are showing off their garden harvest! So jealous! I love autumn too - know exactly what you mean! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing - and those figs look lush! xxx

  5. hi pipany,
    love the last picture of your little angel,the look on her little face!! x

  6. Hello Pipany, a delightful post again. Lovely pic's.
    I am looking forward to Autumn now too, my log pile is ready and waiting. I have not been to my allotment at all this summer I have just had to give up on this project for the time being. My days seem to pass without much having been achieved. Well it seems so to me.
    Your loaves looks yummy, pass one my way I have a nice pots of jam to spread!
    Carol x

  7. Love that last picture Pipany and Blackfairies - how cute.

    We are having some unexpected warm sunny weather here this week as it was suppose to chuck it down which I have to say is much needed as all our crops are drooping!

    Nina x

  8. Love love love 'Blackfairies'!
    I adore the autumn and am lookijng forward to there being enough blackfairies to pick - not quite ready here. Apples just starting to fall and if I can get to them before the burludy slugs then I bring them into use - bread and butter pud today with apple and raisins - Delish. Bring on those wild and windy days - I love them.
    Gorgeous post Pips

  9. It looks so lovely and green - still no rain here, and it is all a bit yellow under foot. I used to hand bake all our bread, but it suddenly got all too much for me with 5 of us including 2 teenage boys, so I am afraid we use the breadmaker now - but handmade is best!

    Pomona x

  10. It's looking lovely down in your part of the world. The bread looks particularly fantastic.
    Hen x

  11. Isabella is certainly growing away now, bless her. Love the black fairies, we can now have black fairy and apple crumble!

  12. Such a comforting post Pipany. We're all getting ready to nest down for the cosy months ahead it seems and just eat and eat all the provisions stored ahead. Thank goodness for baggy jumpers.

    Lisa x

  13. Blackfairies they are then - bless her - hasn't she grown?

  14. Gorgeous Pipany, and I'm seriously impressed at all of the hand bread making!
    I really enjoy the glimpses into your part of the world.

  15. There is a definite feeling of autumn in the air with that wonderful harvest.

  16. Not quite ready for Autumn over here but always love dipping in here Pipany for a delicious dose of Cornwall.

  17. Blackfairies....I think I'll add that to my dictionary...what a wonderful word.


  18. Love the last pic!!
    Yes, we enjoy the fruits of our labour so much more..
    Please look out for my daughter,Sat.night in Falmouth.. also down Helford on Sunday.If you do manage to bump into her,give her a huge hug and kiss. She's 32, so don't worry.She has read your blog..

  19. I love autumn too. Mr Grigg did a lovely starter with puffball, coriander and creme fraiche last week. Delicious.

  20. Pipany... as a regular bread-maker I wonder can you recommend a good bread-making machine.. unless you fancy moving of course!! I haven't made bread for years, but around here, within easy driving distance are two mills now selling their own flour, one, a windmill, is just down the road by about ten minutes, the other is waterpowered, and further away. But I may not always want to make it by hand, so a good machine is called for... any advice, from you or anyone else who might read this at this late stage, please?

  21. Your bread and harvest look amazing! x

  22. No one has mentioned the apples. So beautiful! I love apples and apple trees. Such gorgeous colours and shapes hanging in the beautiful lush tree. Looks good enough to eat - yum. Imagine the crunch.Delicious picture.

  23. Everything about this post looks and sounds wonderful!

    Aqeela xx

  24. Gorgeous post. I have bread envy. What a bountiful harvest you have too!!!

  25. What a beautiful post to look at, Pipany.