Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow and an offer.

What an a very un-Cornish weekend it's been: we woke to a scene of snow on Saturday which looked so beautiful in the bright sunshine and then were snowed in yesterday as more fell, billowing over the landscape and turning our steep hill into an icy impassable skid bowl. Of course, I forgot to take any pictures!

So, no school, no post bring my much needed box of notebooks and envelopes and labels and definitely no getting orders to the post office.

Instead Isabella and Daddy steamed the Christmas puddings they had made at the weekend

Lucy and Elias played - trains followed by Tarot with Daddy to the sound of Edith Piaf floating on the air

and as for me? Well, I sewed of course! Thank you by the way to everyone who entered my giveaway and well done to the winners. For the rest who may be interested, I have put a special offer in place for the Dove and Mistletoe Christmas Hearts. They are now available for £14.00 each or £23.00 for a set of two until Monday 6th December.

In the meantime, the sun looks set to shine here so it's back to normal routines...sigh.

Have a good day x


  1. I didn't think it ever snowed in Cornwall! Of course it's very pretty snow indeed. I love Isabella's Sirdar Crofter jumper - it reminds me that I have promised to knit one each for my girls. It's lovely to have the normal routine interrupted isn't it - stolen days of fun. Stay warm! xx

  2. At least somebody seemed to enjoy the unexpected 'home' time. They were all happily busy and you got to sew too...can't be bad. Love those hearts, they are so pretty.

  3. Good grief...is it that bad???
    I'm sure it won't last though..
    I'm so sorry I missed your wonderful giveaway...too busy entertaining my gorgeous granddaughter!! Never mind, congratulations to the winners!!

  4. It sounds like all the festivities start tomorrow in your home - love the snowy pictures.

    take care and enjoy the rest of the snow.

    Nina xxx

  5. Lovely family time is always hard to get and when it comes unexpected it is always remembered. It looks like you all had fun. We had lots of snow here in Ireland and still have lots,forecast says even more to come. I went to work everyday but decided to have a home day today. I am going to craft for a few hours. Hug, Margie.

  6. I've now put your 'in the bleak midwinter' dove heart up near the aga. It's certainly bleak winter here in Surrey! Miss you on P'coo, Pipany. Lovely blog as always. Now off to look at your website. Faith x