Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm Back!

At last, we have bitten the bullet and bought a new computer. Our old one has been worked on, gone wrong again, worked when it felt like it...you get the picture? We brought the ancient laptop into play, but it couldn't cope with all we needed it to do. Dear son, Sam, lent us his computer and even that started to go wrong! Definitely time to accept defeat, especially when you run a mostly online business and it is the busiest season of the year.

And oh my, has it been busy!

Having spent seven days a week working from about 7am till way past midnight for the last goodness knows how many weeks I can honestly say I have learnt a few lessons:

1. I need sleep!

2. There is no such thing as too much stock in hand.

3. When your partner and best friend (who has a three week old baby I might add) are frantically cutting out, your children are stuffing Christmas hearts and helping package orders for wholesale and even your daughter who lives a long way away is sending down packages of notebook covers all ready to be hand embroidered then it really is time to consider employing!

Pipany has really taken off this year which is so exciting for me as I had a plan when I started it with my tiny baby in tow - I wanted it to gradually grow over four years ready for when Isabella started school full time which happens in January. When one baby moves on the other will be waiting for me and I will be able to push it to the next stage. And that means employing.

One thing about sewing almost all day (and all night) is that your mind is free to wander. For me this means I have a whole host of ideas for how to take the business forward.

All I need now is for Christmas to arrive so that I can actually sit and plan out how to make it all happen!

In the meantime, it is back to work. Apologies to all who have enquired about how we coped with the recent floods - we are fine thank you as we live high on a hill so were unaffected unlike so many other poor souls. Apologies also to any customers who may be waiting to hear from me! Now we have a computer that works I will get there I promise!

Oh and look who's beautiful daughter graduated last week - congratulations my beautiful, talented, totally gorgeous Lauren. We love you x

Have a good day and see you soon x

P.S. The Christmas Emporium is now open!


  1. Welcome Back, Pipany!! It was such a nice surprise to see you at the top of my sidebar list just now! Well done on your business success, and on keeping up with all those orders. I do love those embroidered hearts so much and I'll be popping into your Christmas Emporium in a moment! Congratulations to your daughter on graduating too - you have lots to celebrate!
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  2. I am so happy you are back Pipany! It all looks so exciting at your place getting all the family involved too! I wish I lived nearer. I would gladly come and work for you! Congratulations to Lauren on her graduation too. Clever girl! x

  3. Hi Pip,

    I did wonder if you were completely snowed under at the moment - though I didn't realise it was a whole host of things.

    Sleep is definitely a good thing and I hope it calms down soon.

    take care and congrats to your beautiful daughter - you guys must be so proud.

    Nina xxx

  4. Your hearts are just beautiful!
    Congratulations on the success of your business!
    Congratulations also to your daughter on her graduation, always a very special time. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Hello Pip,
    Good to see you back, so glad it's going well, such an exciting time for you. Congratulations too, to your daughter, the hard slog is over! Not for you though, now get back to that sewing machine!!!
    Hen xxx

  6. Welcome back to you! So glad to hear that your home stayed dry. Also glad that you've got that new computer, and that your business is thriving. It's grand that you can now be considering hiring helpful hands.

    Yes, sleep can be a very good thing!

    And...congratulations to the beautiful graduate.


  7. Congratulations on all the goodness and newness! Glad you're back.

  8. Welcome back. So glad your business is doing so well and hope that you are able to put the next stage into action very soon. Love those lovely hearts but the thought of working on them all day every day might take the edge of for me! Bon courage.


  9. Welcome back!

    Glad to hear that those awful floods did not affect you.Well done on your successful business too! And it feel just right building things up as you go along. I know I would feel overwhelmed jumping in at the deep end.
    Well done to your clever daughter. You must all be so proud.

    Happy times. Even better now with a working computer.

    Take care

    MBB x

  10. Wonderful to have you back and its lovely you are so busy. Your work is so beautiful I am not surprised the business has taken off. Hope you still have a little spare time for those walks on the beach and a little beach-combing. Lovely to see the pic of Lauren graduating - clever girl. Karen X

  11. Good news all round Pipany, so glad that business is booming and that you now have a dependable computer. Hope that you are able to catch up on the missed sleep! x

  12. Reading this post reminds me of how the past few weeks have been for me. The whole family have been cutting, packing and doing the post office run! I'm really pleased things are working out for you and like you I'm excited to see what the new year brings. Well done and long may it continue x

  13. Huge congrats to Lauren on her graduation. Proud Mummy moment eh?

  14. Hello! Congratulations and all the best for your work and business and your Daughter!
    You make really beautiful and lovely things!
    Best Wishes! Teje

  15. Dear Pipany,

    Welcome back! Congratulations to your daughters graduation. She looks more or less the same age as my eldest daughter.

    Your Christmas decorations look very sweet! I will be popping into your shop to have a look.

    Good luck with the sewing!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Goodness, you have been busy! The hearts look lovely and it's great to hear that business has taken off so well for you - well done for all your hard work! And many congrats to Lauren on her graduation. x

  17. Aw, you've done so well. Gosh, I remember when the business was just a twinkle in your eye too. Good for you and good for your daughter. Congratulations to all!

  18. Congrats to Lauren - very proud mum there I expect, Pipany! Your stash of crafty items is fab and I hope it sells quickly. Best of luck with your ideas for extending the business - will look forward to seeing your progress.

  19. Lovely to see you back Pipany - you've been a great miss around here.
    Wonderful news about your business - I really look forward to hearing how you advance everything in the next few months. After the Christmas rush of course, and after you've had a good,long sleep.
    Wonderful news about your daughter, too.
    P xx

  20. Welcome back. Your work is so beautiful and I'm glad you will have a baby to keep you occupied when your little lady starts school. Well done to Lauren, you must be so proud.
    Twiggy x

  21. Welcome back, it sounds like you've been extremely (and productively) busy while you've been away.

    Big congraulations to your lovely daughter on graduating. My son graduates with his Masters next week....proud Mums aren't we?

    Sue xx