Sunday, 28 November 2010

Giveaway Winner(s)

The giveaway is over and the winner as chosen by the Random Generator is.....

The lovely Donna Flower!

Of course, me being me I felt mean that so many of you sweet people had entered and so decided to give three more hearts away. The numbers chosen were for the equally lovely:

* Julia Crossland

* Gemma Mortlock

& * Roslyn Mitchell

As Donna was the first and therefore the 'real' winner I will send her two hearts - one of each design because I'm quite nice like that!

Please send me your addresses ladies - - and I will post them off to you this week.

Well done and thank you all so much for entering. Another one soon methinks!
Happy Sunday x


  1. Lucky ladies - I hope they will enjoy their hearts as much as I do mine!


  2. Well done to the winners. Your garden looks delightful Pipany. I wish we had snow!!! x

  3. Lucky ladies, I love your photos, we have been lucky with only a light splatttering of snow, if it's too heavy we get snowed in!
    Apparently my Mum has been told this week that 'Snow before Christmas, mud in December'. We'll see!

  4. Lovely pics - sorry to have missed your giveaway - do pop over and enter mine!

  5. Well done to your lucky winners. Love your snowy garden picture. We are much the same at the moment with more forecast. Karen X

  6. Love the snowy pics, no snow here at the moment - it will wait until I have to go to work. Well done to the giveaway winners.


  7. Ohhhhhh!!! How lucky am I? I never win anything. I feel so blessed Pipany. They really will be treasured, thank you so, so much xxx

  8. What a lovely gesture sorry I didn't get to enter. The snow looks lovely. x

  9. Dear Pipany,

    Your garden looks very pretty with that layer of snow!

    Congratulations to the lucky ladies!

    Lieve groet & happy new week,