Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Winter Light.

At this time of year when the light is all but gone I find myself drawn to the shadowy blues such dim light produces. There is something quieting, soothing about these tones which makes me feel restful even when I am far from it. It is the sort of light a fall of snow produces casting blueish notes into an otherwise white landscape and there is something so vastly appealing in this for me that I thought today's post would reflect it, particularly as there is a distinct absence of such a tonal range just now with greys and depressingly sludgy colours predominating. .

Ah well, a trip through the photo archives will find cool seas and frost-rimed seaweed.

A row of Butterfly Bags waitng for packaging hangs from the mantlepiece, the mix of almost Scandinavian blues and reds forming a pleasing picture on this dull day.

I love these images of the little ragdoll I made for Isabella last Christmas (she has named her Celia after our friends' little baby girl). Her tiny bloomers with lace-edged legs remind me that my darling daughter Lauren and I fully intend to start a bloomer renaissance as we love them so much! Beautiful shadows are cast by the winter light as it falls on the soft folds.

There is something faintly nostalgic in the soft creamy white of the bonnet with the age-worn tones of the cotton lace, a gift from my Grandmother many years ago and one of many I have as a reminder of this incredible lady.

I am normally so full of moans about the cold, but the endless rain we have experienced over the past few years - sodden summers with low light levels, brief forays into golden sunlight in the autumn only to be thrown back into the clutches of the watery onslaught - have made me think again. I now can cope with the cold, can dress in a multitude of layers which though i find them uncomfortably restrictive on my small frame, do at least keep the chills at bay. What I find hard to remain cheery in the face of is the all-encompassing, never-ending wet which works its way through every bright thought I may have. If I can only remember to look for the beauty hidden behind it all, remember to go out and grasp it in the brief moments of respite to squirrel away in images such as these to draw on when it all gets a bit too much, then maybe the winter months won't seem so bad?

Because there is such beauty there from the starkness of a frost-ridden morn

to the twilight-lit sheltering warmth of my kitchen waiting for the candles to cast their glow.

And there it is.

Have a lovely day x


  1. Oh Pippany how lovely - I too find the wet dismal grey of winter days hard to cope with and your post reminded me to seek the beauty even in these damp days. Loved your frosty pictures too - so serene and calm - just what I needed.

    Jane x

  2. Lovely post....I too am dispairing of the wet and damp we have had non-stop it seems from October.

    I am now loving the frosty mornings when I struggle to move in my many layers, and skid and slide on my way to feed the chickens. At least you get a warm cosy glow when you get back indoors, instead of steaming piles of wet clothes and muddy boots everywhere.

    Sue xx

  3. For me candles and an open fire go a huge way towards lifting my mood. And fairy lights too - we've wound fairy lights round the bedhead in my girls' room and it never fails to make me smile.

    It's bright and sunny here today - hope it is where you are too.

  4. Aaaahhh yes! What would we do without candlelight and fairy lights in winter hey? I have to say, and I don't think I mentioned it in my last comment, those butterfly bags are a triumph! Very different, and they look gorgeous, I imagine you'll have a best seller on your hands there.
    Cold I can cope with, wet and cold, that's harder. But you're right, the best thing to do is see things positively, that's the only way to get happiness.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. Beautiful blue-light photographs. I can do cold too but cannot abide the damp. drisly weather with overhanging grey/brown skies! Thank you for the uplifting and invigorating frosty beach pictures!x

  6. I do so agree with you. The dark, wet days are depressing. I love winter days full of sunshine and frosts every bit as much as long hot summer ones. I think I can remember them from several years ago.


  7. We've got the first sunny day for about a month here today. I've been sitting under my daylight bulb knitting through all the dark afternoons. Shortest day soon and it will start drawing out again - can't wait.

  8. Lovely Pipany, this should be on prescription for those with the winter blues (excuse pun, unintended).

  9. Pipany, such beautiful words and memories and your archive pictures are gorgeous - though you almost had me there (in return) with your first picture.

    Have a beautiful day,

    it's grey here too with no sign yet of any frost and crisp white morning's!

    Nina x

  10. Hello Pipany. I found you through Pink Purl and I am so glad I did. We, here in the east coast of the States, are just shaking off bitter winter rain and it was so nice to see your lovely photos. Thanks!

  11. Pipany, I also try to keep a store of wonderfully pleasant images handy, so that when I might not be feeling so cheery, I can dip into that stock of happiness.

    Worry is a negative meditation according to the Dalai Lama. (I am paraphrasing!) Better to keep your garden of uplift going strong.

    Mostly, this works for me, but I can imagine that way too much rain might present a big challenge.

    Keep bundled, warm, dry, and enjoy that candle light. xo

  12. Hello!
    Such a lovely post, I love your Christmas mug in the last one too!Your mantelpiece looks very pretty too!
    Rachel x

  13. Gorgeous photos Pipany and you are right about the rag doll shot, very atmospheric. I bought a tripod the other day and have been experimenting - it's going to be a long haul!

  14. i love her bloomers too but I'm glad I don't have to wear them - your photos are lovely - keep cheering me up!!!!

  15. Oh what a lovely dreamy post.I'm with you on the wet (and Cornwall has been soooo wet). Not fazed by the cold, and LOVE frost! I'll leave you to wear the bloomers....
    Four more sleeps...and Walter says yes please!
    Diana xxx

  16. What a treat to see these beautiful photos - it's heartening too that the daylight hours were dry today, with the promise of colder, dryer conditions for the next few days. Best wishes. Lesley

  17. Winter has arrived here, too, but instead of the blues and greys we have the black of the forest and the up-close green black of the individual trees, the deep black of the ponds and the blue-black of the late afternoon sky. The solstice can't come too soon for me!

  18. I love the warm, inviting glow all throughout this post, Pipany. It has been wet and gray here for days. Thank goodness the Christmas spirit livens things up--LOL! Your butterfly bags are pure magic--so sweet! Happy Days :o)

  19. Ooooh just beautiful - what a perfect piece of poetry.

    I've heard a whisper that the white stuff may be on the way next week! Cold tonight, fog and frost tomorrow and a heap more festive weather to come. I think the Atlatnic blues may leave us alone for a little while. Thanks Pip, have a lovely evening.