Monday, 7 December 2009

Sewing and Knitting and Mud.

I think I have been revelling so much in the festive feel racing through blogland that I had sort of missed the fact that the Big Day is actually also racing, ever closer, ever faster. Lucy has just informed me she has eight school days left. EIGHT SCHOOL DAYS!!!! How did I miss that? Of course, there are weekends in amongst it all, but even so. Ah well, I have thoroughly enjoyed my perusing of everyone's wonderful Christmas makes, decorations and feeling of good cheer, so thank you one and all. Now, on to my own little blog and here's today's Christmas Mug Shot

Now, I did promise some crafting. You may remember I had put myself firmly back in the world of sock knitting only to find I didn't like the wool I was using? Well, its garish tones are growing on me as the sock itself moves along. It certainly isn't something I would choose, but I guess it will be good to wear something different by the fireside as I snuggle down for the evenings. This change of mood was much helped along by Mr Davy who announced that he would be happy to wear them if I made a larger - much larger - pair. Lor', the very thought of knitting such long socks again made them seem beautiful to mine eyes. Not sure I could stomach the sight of them on his mannish feet either!

This wonderful piece of pink knitting is my dear Lucy's own. She has been knitting now for a couple of years and has moved on so much just lately in terms of progress. Her tension is becoming better than mine - afraid I am affected by mood and knit furiously when holding an imaginary conversation with someone or there is some action film playing in the background, particularly if we are watching a psychological thriller. The needles fly and although mistakes are fortunately rarely made it does mean the tension varies with the plot! Lucy is the image of calm and can now even work out how to correct some of the mistakes she makes. not bad for an eleven year old is it? (Dave take note, and stop asking me to pick up your dropped stitches please!).

Today's orders waiting for finishing and packaging include some of these Little House Notebooks

and a couple of these Butterfly Bags, one in each colourway which makes for a lovely bit of variety on this dullest of days.

So much rain is falling outside that a cheery boat picture is just not possible today, so I will settle for one of the nuddiness that is Mylor Creek; so beautiful when the tide is out, but Saturday wasn't playing fair with me and the rain, grey skies and gloopiness of the mud made me ever-thankful for the cosy house waiting for me.

Now I am off for a blog catch up with my mug of coffee before starting the real work of the day.

Have a happy Monday x


  1. And that should read 'muddiness', but hey, it IS Monday! x

  2. Lots of festive loveliness there. I'm doing the 'blog and coffee' diversion before attacking the housework too!

  3. I love the socks, but definitely for dainty feet not big mannish clodhoppers!!

    Sue xx

  4. Lovely things. And the mug and the bag... Wonderful.

  5. Love your Bridgewater mug, Pip, that must get you in the festive mood! Glad you are busy with lots of orders, too. Very impressed to see your daughter's knitting and I think it is great you are passing on the skill - wish someone had taught me.
    Hen xxx

  6. I really wish I could knit. I have tried but it's when I drop a stitch I get totally stuck. Keep meaning to join a course but there are so many other things I want to do too!

    Looking very festive down there in Penryn!! x

  7. And a Happy Monday to you too Pipany,

    love the cheerful tone and even the multi coloured socks though mannish feet don't really do it for me either wrapped in socks or not!!

    have a good one,

    Nian x

  8. Lovely post. You are clever. I am also catching up with coffee for half an hour or so before knuckling down to some more work this afternoon. x

  9. Christmas has rather crept up on me too this year! You are so funny Pip - I absolutely love those bright cheery socks!!
    Nice bit of knitting by Lucy (better than mine I have to say)!

    Jeanne x

  10. I mustn't let Tom see those socks - he'd love them! Just caught up with your previous post too - lovely photo.

  11. Aaaahhhhh! That's the Christmas spirit, that first photo makes me think of log fires, cosying, knitting or crocheting, being snug, being content, being happy. I've just spent some time reading the on-line magazine you feature in Pipany, congratulations on that! What a fab publication, very impressive, beautifully put together. Will have to return to read your interview properly. That lady who lives in the truck, with no fixed abode is fascinating, isn't she? Her life looks idyllic, but I do find myself thinking "shower?" "toilet?" What beautiful photos she takes. Very admirable soul she is. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  12. It's so good to know we're "all in the same boat"--LOL! I keep having to remind myself that advent doesn't last forever and the grand day will be here shortly--so racing to get lots done and still have fun! LOVE your bag, that is so sweet... and the knitting is so pretty. Now is the best time for knitting, isn't it? Happy Days :o)

  13. What is there not to love about this post, Pipany. Love the sock yarn, the embroidery, the post the loveliest photos! Cozy, very cozy.

  14. When I first saw the title I thought you'd been sewing and knitting mud - at last a use for the stuff! Sadly not, but all of your creations are exquisite and your photograph even makes the mud look chic. Lovely socks. I've just been drooling over a pair of hand knitted socks in Narberth, but at £30 I think I'd better knit my own (but not from mud!)

  15. I like those crazy socks! They are just right for evenings at home or Saturday mornings with the newspaper and cup of coffee.