Monday, 14 December 2009

A Perfect Day + Giveaway Result.

Well, I know who won my little giveaway, but before I divulge this information I want to tell you about the wonderful day we had yesterday when this lovely lady came to visit with dear Walter who behaved beautifully putting up with much cuddling, pestering and generally being given no peace, poor chap. Diana came bearing gorgeous gifts such as this...

and these wonderfully scented pinecones which crackled and fizzed on the fire giving off the most amazing light and scenting the room with Christmassy smells. Of course, the packaging was perfect too with all my favourites included: brown paper, waxed string and butcher's string...ahhh.

We also had some of those beautiful paper lanterns which you place a tealight under and watch them float away as you make a wish. I love these and have never been lucky enough to own any, so we are planning to light these on New Year's Eve, making wishes for the coming year and thinking of our lovely friend and her wonderful, generous company. Such a great day of a little alcohol (thanks for the pink fizz Diana), a lot of feasting and a fair mix of chatting, knitting - Lucy, Davey, Diana and I all clacking our needles away around the kitchen table - and laughing. The very best of days (though you were heartily missed and talked about dear Ginny x).

And so, to the giveaway - thank you to all who entered and I loved reading your aims for next year. I will definitely link back to this next December when we can all compare notes and laugh at the notion that we thought of such lofty achievements or cheer each other on for those who actually managed what they said. I may even post reminders along the way to keep us all going. Quite like the idea of that somehow.

I used a random number generator this time to pick the winner and it came up with....


A Peace Dove Heart will be winging its way to you Simone once you have let me have your address please (email:

Sorry to those who didn't win, but I think I may do more of these next year as I quite enjoy them!

Off to work now. Have a lovely day x


  1. It sounds as though you had a perfect
    day. Congratulations to Simone on winning her gorgeous heart.


  2. oohh i do miss you both too... glad to hear you all had a wonderful time... i have a lovely group knitting image in my head now!
    congratulations to Simone too...
    enjoy that marmalade,
    with warmest wishes for a happy week.
    ginny x

  3. I have just been to Diana's blog and read about the lovely day you spent together. It sounds blissful! I am so happy to have won the giveaway. Thank you so much Pipany. I will email you my details. x

  4. Well done Simone!
    Those pinecones sound wonderful.. do you just add the essence of your choice??

  5. Ooh it all sounds so cosy and I love the idea of you all (Davey included) clicking away round the table! Congratulations to lucky Simone

  6. That really did sound like a perfect day in every way. Well done Simone.

  7. Friends, gifts and clackity clacking around the kitchen table sounds perfect to me.

    Have a fabulous week,

    Nina x

  8. Congrats to Simone! And thank you for the fun, Pipany! Those peace ornaments are so lovely--the stitching and tenderness is beautiful. I would love to dive into that jar of marmalade... mmm... Happy Week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

  9. It was an absolutely perfect day, wasn't it Pip? Thank you so much, I came home glowing, heart bursting with warmth and friendship and laughter.

    Congrats to Simone, the giveaway couldn't go to a better winner.

    Love Diana xxx

  10. I love the image of the group of you at the table clacking, chatting and laughing!

  11. Thank you Pipany for your really sweet birthday wishes!

    I missed your wonderful giveaway though! Congratulations to Simone(lucky girl)!

    Your weekend sounds great with the added bonus of the delightful company of Diana and Walter - I love the thought of you all sitting around clicking, chatting and inspiring!

    Have a great week. Jeanne x

  12. Ooh lucky Simone and lovely cosy blog as always x

  13. Congratulations to Simone. I missed the giveaway, sadly but I'm certain she'll enjoy that gorgeous little heart.

    It sounds as though you spent such a prefect day x

  14. Hi Pipany! I absolutely adore all your lovely embroideries. I am working on a few stitcheries myself. It's nice and relaxing doing them. Haven't done embroidery in quite a few years. How wonderful for Simone. So happy she won...she's such a sweetheart.

  15. I love the peace hearts.
    A wonderful day too full of beautiful things.

  16. That sounds like such a lovely day.

    And congratulations to Simone.(I always see giveaways just as a winner is being announced!). x

  17. I'm so sorry I missed your giveaway Pipany, I'm mortified! It's not the winning I'm anxious about, I just know it's nice to have lots of people entering when you do a giveaway, so my apologies for missing that. Lucky you getting some of those firelighter pinecones, I've always wondered if they work well, and always thought they looked fab. I'm imagining the glorious scent! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  18. I missed the giveaway too! (Unlike me!) but congratulations to Simone. What is that great ship doing in your lovely little river estuary?

  19. Oh, how lovely. I met Snailbeach Shepherdess yesterday for coffee as she had made my Christmas cake and she gave me several jars of chutneys and marmalades. It's so special to have something someone has taken the time to make.

    Well Pipany I'd like to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and 2010.

    Much love

  20. Hi Pipany

    Just popped over to wish you and your family Merry Christmas, I expect you've been super busy completing your orders. Looking forward to more blogging next year!

    Kate x

  21. Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x

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