Saturday, 14 February 2009

No mystery really.

I feel I must just put a quick note up as I hadn't realised my previous blog had hinted at such mystery. I felt the need to write in order to overcome the frustration of waiting for news, but as it is we are still waiting, albeit for news of a slightly different ilk. It is truly nothing momentous and I almost wish I hadn't mentioned it at all, but more I cannot say for fear of jinxing what may happen before it is confirmed. Really the blog was about the knitting!

So there we are: nothing to report, just an apology for implying a mystery I hadn't intended to imply and a note to self to think before writing rather than allowing the words to tumble onto the page (screen) in my usual haphazard way. Normal blogging will be resumed next week and, as it is half term, may include such exciting things as marmalade making (yum), allotment digging (groan) or pea wine concocting (possibly yum, though more likely yuk!).

Back to bathing the children!

Happy weekend all x


  1. Hi Pip, So pleased the news isn't something life-changing but we love the way your words "tumble onto the page" fresh and spontaneous. Hope you have signs of spring appearing. We sat out on the bench this morning with mugs of coffee for the first time for months, bliss. All's right with the world today because the sun is shining and the boys are home for half-term. Karenx

  2. Thank you Pipany, for bringing your eager readers back from the edge.

    The socks look great, and those clean toes look great, too.

    May your anticipated good news arrive soon, and be exactly the way you would want it to be designed.


  3. That did sound a little worrying - glad it's nothing serious pipany!

    I love the colours in those socks - as you say, like stones, pebbles or just the subtle hues of sheep, especially herdwick.

    Hope the news is good!


  4. Pip PEA WINE!!! wierd my gran made rosepetal and honeysuckle wine that was lovely although at 7 and 10 my brother and I were piddled after sneaking a few sips! Gran never told my mum whew.
    Half term with teacher hubby off here is stone wall building in the garden from our humumgous stone pile that's lived by the back of the barn for years, digging in manure into the veg bed mmm smelly! Oh and making a mountain of felt jewellery orders and a band practice here. We went mad and on valentines day bought a red leather L shaped sofa who said romance is dead in Wales:D

  5. Pip, I have to say I didn't wet and needle felt the strawbs they're all sewn and stuffed having read up on how awkward it was to wet felt them :D My friend loved them though they were for her little girl's birthday. I haven't used my machine for felting we have a treatment plant instead of mains drains and fabric/cotton bits going down the drain is a big no no. Besides, making felt by hand is blummin good exercise I'll have huge lat muscles I tell you! I wet felt and then needle felt the beads and the sushi beads you don't need tooo much elbow grease for them. Making the big felt sheets was knackering though, t6he bamboo mat is quite hard on the balls of your palms. Wrapping it in a towel helps with this. Hubby's friend is making me a wooden rolling pin with grooves in which if you roll over the felt it does the same job as repeated rolling of the bamboo mat. The kids love the whole thing it's a great family fun event. Try the felted pebbles too they were a hit with hte kids easy to do and lovely to look at

  6. Oh, I think we were concerned! Lovely pic!