Monday, 2 February 2009

A February morn.

It seems most of the country is having snow judging by the news. Not Cornwall. Here it is -3 this morning and beautiful. The sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is shining with so much strength, almost like a March day throwing the trees into a sharp relief. Of course, this meant grabbing the camera as we left for the school run and a diversion on the way home to chase that perfect wave...yet again.

It was beautiful. The waves surged and broke with an energy that quite belies the still day, far more suggestive of the howling north-easterly wind of yesterday which had offered a darkness and bone chilling icyness that made leaving the house too much of a chore. A distant memory this morning as seawood lay tossed in heaps, glinting in the early morning sun like so many jewels.

There is something about the feel of that sea chill freckled with salt spray, the shooshing sound of the sea as it breaks on the sand and slides hurriedly back once more filling your ears, the whole frequently forgotten in the adrenline surge of a crashing wave against granite rock.

Pummelling ... pounding ... persistent...

Ancient rock caught in slanting light, golden and grey and brown. Sharp edges melted slowly, so slowly, by aeons of the ageless seas.

Translucent waves roll weed in their midst, tumbling it onto the shore to be picked over by oystercatchers looking for some tasty morsel, their peeping cries carried away by the breeze.

Blinding light contrasts with the shadowed belly of a breaking wave

Gentler moments as the sea rests for a moment, just a moment, before continuing its morning play once more.

Occasionally almost frivolous as it shimmies onto the sand, seemingly shaking its skirts like a dancer in defiance of being told it is time to stop, that the dance is over.

Then reminds me of its rapidly changing nature.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll across the beach.

Bye for now xx


  1. Dear Pipany, what wonderful pictures from your walk home, I could almost smell the sea! I am delighted to say I did not feel my usual pang of envy seeing your Cornwall photos today, as we have booked our camping trip to Portscatho in early summer!! Counting the days....

  2. Fantastic pictures of the beach and the waves. Here... we have snow like the rest of the country!

  3. Cor, Pip, you've gone all poetic-like. Just beautiful.

  4. Simply beautiful. Gorgeous post as usual, I could almost be there, but looking out of my window I see only snow, snow and more snow.....

    Sue xx

  5. Lovely pics Pip! But I beg to differ re the hit the moor and north coast this morning...I had the most terrifying drive home from near Pendeen...and back to blue skies and sunshine, and the odd flurry, here in Pz.
    Love Diana xx

  6. Yes, it is actually slightly snowing here now!

  7. Pipany, I love going to the seashore with you.

    How well you capture the fascinating, changing rhythms of the eternal tides.

    Thank you! xo

  8. These photos are a feast for my eyes. I'll swap you our snow for your beach?

  9. Could hear the sea and the crashing of the waves. Wonderful - was almost there with you.

  10. Lovely photos Pipany. Had the first snow in Dublin to-day since 1982. Magical. Drove up to the hills to take a few photos. Went down to our nearby little beach which had disappeared with the high tide. Sea very grey and angry. All this in the middle of packing for Australia tomorrow, and facing into the sweltering heat!

  11. I am sitting here surrounded by snow and it is stunningly beautiful up here in the hills but you had me longing for the sea there! glorious.

  12. Beautiful pictures ... and lovely paintings in words too. I have never thought of seaweed as jewels before - will look at it in a new light now. Thank you.

  13. A poetic Pipany today - I take it that there will be poems in the book then?

  14. Beautiful.
    I do love the sea so much and your pictures tell me why I do.
    I wish I lived close to the sea it must be wonderful to go there whenevever you want.