Wednesday, 4 February 2009

And then it snowed...

It took a little longer to reach our part of Cornwall, the soft south coast with its zone 10 climate - Dave likes to quote such things, bless him - but arrive it finally did. Snow enough to settle. Such a rarity here and so much fun to be had.

The garden was transfomed to a Christmas card prettiness with the ducks nestled in snow and the writing room taking on a cabin-like look, its summer bunting draping rather lamely and reminding me a new range is due.

Thin branches of winter flowering cherry hold frozen crystals which sparkel in the cool light.

The last of the rosehips from the delicate Ballerina rose stand out against the blanket of white.

Lemony, Maple, Biscuit and Mustang (oh dear, that name!) seem mildy impressed by the stange flooring, though not so impressed by the frozen pond which denies them their morning diving session.

Biscuit stood like this for ages, almost frozen in disbelief at what had taken place. She's such a pretty duck and much, much larger than the photograph shows. All our ducks are about 2-3 times as large as wild ducks, but I digress.

Back to the snow...

Somebody enjoyed it.

As did her sister, particularly while snowballing Daddy

Hmm.... bit Hannibal lecter in that hat.

And in case anyone thinks I never do any work, here's a pair of fingerless mittens I made myself and no, I am not punching the cat. It is very hard to take a photograph of one's own hand and not have a shaky picture!

Have a good Wednesday xx


  1. Gorgeous, Pipany. Your snow looks like our snow and was just as late it seems. Sadly it's almost all gone now. Wonderful photographs and don't the children look happy. I took a similar photograph of my children playing in the snow of 1979 and a local artist took it and made a painting of it which now hangs on our wall. She also made it into a fine art print.

  2. Lovely snow pictures. It's great to see you enjoying it in your Zone 10 climate! I'm impressed with the fingerless gloves too - the picture of your hand and the cat looks like it came from the Toast catalogue!

  3. It's been magical! Sadly it's very wet now, and the greyness has all had such fun, and your garden looks so pretty in the pics.

  4. Every picture does tell a story, Pipany, and every one of them is a lovely snow tale.

    Thanks for the cheer from Zone 10!

    Love the fingerless mitts, the ducks, the well-wrapped up family. All very fine.


  5. How lovely, bet it was nice to snuggle up by the fire afterwards.

  6. oh go on, punch the cat! great photos, Pips, love your daughter's smiling face.

  7. Amazing for Cornwall to have such snow, I think the last time was 1988?

  8. What lovely photos. I think we are expecting more snow here tonight but it is still lying hard all around, guess we are not zone 10!

  9. Sorry, I am sniggering at Milla's comment - she's a girl! We were even snowed in here yesterday, a rare event on our bit of coast too - but we are not as photogenic as you lot!!

  10. Your girls are lovely, Pip. You and Dave are so wise to get out there with them to enjoy the snow - they'll grow up so fast, as you know.

  11. Oh! My elder daughter has exactly the same coat as your elder daughter! Hers is soggy and muddy from playing out in the slushy snow today so I must be off to wash it ... again.

  12. Lovely pictures Pipany. Real photo album stuff for years to come.

  13. Gorgeous photos again Pip, your children are beautiful. I like the mittens.

  14. Hurrah you got it too! Wasn't it lovely? Such a rarity for us. It was like we had been given a free magical day just to play and enjoy.

  15. Oh so glad you got some! You all look so thrilled. We had a couple of inches but are right in the firing line for the next deluge tomorrow morning. I'm keeping everything crossed - being laid low with a cold, I could just do with a day working at home.

    Hope it sticks around for you.

  16. Lovely photos.
    I love the snow when it looks pretty but the next day it has gone.....that's all we ever get down here..... my photos were rubbish.

  17. You have to love a snow day or 2 !!!

    I still have lots of wool left , i have to take photos yet just a bit behind after yesterday !

    Sara x

  18. Glad you enjoyed the snow, we have been in a snowtastic frenzy all week up here. It is Twiglets first BIG snow as he calls it, so we've had a very jolly time :) your ducks are so pretty and I love you gloves!
    Twiggy x

  19. Lovely black caqt's nose, I have a thing for kitt'y noses especially black ones. My black cat has no face when she shuts her eyes just a shiny black nose!! Cat nose leather so cute! Those are big ducks, my neighbour is a baker and all the left over bread and cakes go to us and then on to the next neighbour with ducks and chickens, we'll all be dying from excess cake and bread consumtion at the rate we're going.

  20. Gorgeous Photo's Pipany, your children are beautiful. Sweet little mittens.