Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I love the word serenity. I love the way it sounds, soft and lyrical like the sea gently surging against the shore before slipping away ... away ... away. This morning dawned with a serene light of ochre peeping through silver streaked sky and as the deeper blue of night disappeared once more I felt the need for the freshness of sea air against my skin. Once Lucy was safely delivered to school Isabella and I headed off to the beach where the soft sand was ours to enjoy as we were alone apart from the oyster catchers dipping and diving for their breakfast feast. We sat on the steps watching the waves lap sleepily at our feet.

The tide was slowly making its way out leaving tangles of burnished seaweed, shells and sea-smoothed pebbles in its wake. We collected our favourites to take home, chatting about where we would put them with Isabella determindely insisting they would be best in 'my rooms' which would be about right as she seems to occupy far more space than the rest of the children stowed away in our tiny house.

I tried to teach Isabella the art of skimming stones, but I fear we have a little way to go yet. To be fair, her teacher is completely useless at skimming too and eventually we abandoned our game in favour of other things...

such as finding unsual flat winkles. These pretty shells are abundant on our coastline and come in a range of colours, the most common being yellow, brown and orange toned. Today Isabella and I found these little white ones scattered by the receding tide, their pearly insides matching the soft white exterior so that I almost missed them, mistaking them for pebbles.

So quiet was our time together that we felt the need to just sit for a while, soaking up the warmth of the sun and scanning the horizon for the ships ant-like in the distance, only the shushing of the sea breaking into our thoughts. Even my little livewire child was still for a moment, just a moment. I wonder what thoughts went through that ever-busy mind?

All too soon it was time to head for home and leave the quiet of the beach behind for another day. It is not easy to persuade any of the children, young or older, to leave the sea at the best of times, but today Isabella was happy to come as 'home' meant a cup of milk and one of Daddy's chocolate brownies - clever Daddy who also knitted the lovely scarf Isabella wears every day and which can be seen in these pictures.

Such a lovely start to the day. Such serenity.

Have a lovely Wednesday x


  1. Ahh, you make me envious - Cornwall is my favourite place in all the World I think, such quiet beauty.

    Serenity is a good word - I prefer Serendipity though.

    Little Miss, is looking quite serene too - she's certainly not camera shy!

    Zoë xx

  2. Pipany, for a few glorious moments I was transported to the beach and your words too reminded me of times I spent with my two at that age just pottering on the sand and searching for shells. Lovely.

  3. Oh such a lovely blog today... and your daughter is so beautiful, but then you would know that! Your time with her on the beach sounded so precious, a memory to tuck away and bring out sometime later.. do you print your blogs I wonder? I do, and keep mine in a ring binder I decorated, scrapbook style, for nobody's pleasure but mine own. I used to love going to the beach across the road from our house when I was a little girl, with my mother, and later as a mother, taking my own sons to the beach. Now they are grown, too quickly in some ways, and those days when they would come where I bid have long gone! Cherish them, they go so fast, the children grow so fast.

  4. Pipany, I love the pace of this posting. It really does evoke the rhythm of the sea.

    The photos are wonderful as ever, and Miss I really looks her best in that lovely scarf.

    Ahhh, I am feeling more serene myself. Thank you.

  5. Utter bliss! What a perfect start to your day. It's just as beautiful over here, wall to wall blue skies and sunshine, and some warmth in the air too. Happy days xxx

  6. Have just found your 'spot' Pipany. What fabulous photys and a lovely wee daughter. Haven't ever been to Cornwall but I was semi day/dreaming an adventure where I get to go there just last night. And now having seen your pics I REALLY want to go NOW!
    Lovely blog, I look forward to coming back soonest.

  7. Beautiful, Pipany, and I'm sure I recognize the beach!

  8. What a wonderful morning... serenity is a good word... you can feel it and see it in the word.
    Love your photos. How lucky you are to be able to nip down to the beach for a quiet moment. And to go home and have brownies and milk.

  9. Dear Pipany, How lovely your morning sounds. I am quite envious of your opportunity to go to the beach, but I am also so happy to have sunshine and blue skies here in Somerset. You've written a beautiful piece here which really speaks of your own sense of serenity. Happy days. Denise

  10. What a gorgeous post, you made me calm and relaxed just reading envious!!

    Sue xx

  11. Hi Pip, envy is such an unpleasant trait..but my eyes are green with it I have to admit. Having said that, my eyes are actually green so maybe I have more excuses than some lol! Dev X

  12. Wow, that looks simply gorgeous. How lucky you are to live there, and wonderful for your children too.
    Hen x

  13. What a fabulous post Pip and the photos are lovely too. I really felt my pulse slow and my breathing settle reading it. Lovely.
    thank you for your comment on mine too. I am horrified to think of your being bullied as a child but your happiness now is the best and most gentle revenge!

  14. Gosh, the beach looks so lovely and you appear to have enjoyed a beautiful day. I ventured onto Bamburgh beach last Sunday and eventhough it was freezing with a north east wind blowing, it was actually very pleasurable.

    CJ xx

  15. oh for some serenity I'm more of a headless chicken!!!!!! hey ho relaxation tonight. That beach looks very inviting I think we'll be off rockpooling sunday rain or shine we just get the salopettes out xxclaire

  16. Hi pipany... how lovely! I could smell the sea air, and feel the sand between my toes, all from reading your post. Thanks for sharing!!!

    And what a pretty little girl you have! Lou xxx

  17. I wish you'd teach me the art of skimming stones! What a lovely post - very soothing to my aching heart, nice to see your daughter stepping out into the world.

    Thank you for your very sweet comments.

  18. When I think of you and your lovely blog, the sea always comes to mind. Now I know why.

    P x

  19. What a lovely blog. I really enjoyed reading it. It's good to hear of folk that take so much pleasure in the simple things of life and to find beauty wherever they look.I could smell the ozone from here!

  20. The ocean is complete serenity I agree wholeheartedly.