Monday, 10 November 2008

Oh to sleep perchance to dream.

It has been a little trying here since Firework Night; each night has consisted of the fizzing and banging of varous displays, both public and private, and I sit here now pondering on the fact that Bonfire Night was surely the 5th of November, not several days later, and if the dislays are to include children how come they are still going on at 10 o'clock? The reason I am beiginning to lose the plot (no pun intended) is because Isabella has now decided to play up at every bedtime, dreading the raucous racket which will surely follow. Most upsetting as prior to this she slept so well, but I think we are beginning to get there...I hope.

The weather over ther weekend has been dreadful, so much rain and howling gales, though I mind these far less than the rain I must admit. Berries still cling to the hedgerows with the rosehips slowing turning darker and losing that wonderful vibrancy. I will pick more to freeze today ready for when I have a little more time to make syrup otherwise I think they will suddenly disappear for another year. The ones I hung earlier in the season in the kitchen to dry for decorations are almost ready for use.

The odd spot of sun on Friday provided a chance for these pictures of burnished leaves and cotoneaster berries all grwoing around the boundary of our front garden in what could loosely be termed a hedge. This overgrown patch is shading the grass far too much to allow it to dry out, but I can't make myself cut it back until the colours have faded and the foliage will be used for Christmas anyway, hanging in swathes on mantle and windowsill and scenting the rooms with a freshness that mixes with the spices from our ever-present pan of mulled wine which begins on the 1st of December and ends with the decorations coming down....Mmm.

In the meantime, I shall continue working away on such things as children's bags and Christmassy stockings and a variety of other things which have been ordered and hope fervently that the fireworks have now been put to bed for another year, leaving Isabella with a peaceful night to dream a little dream.

I hope!

Happy Monday xx


  1. Poor Isabella and you! Everything is so much MORE these days - when I was a little girl it was one night only on the 5th whatever day of the week that feel on. I'm afraid you probably will have another weekend of it, unless we get another downpour. Lovely leaves and berries Pipany!

  2. Hi Pip,
    we had gales here last night and while i was merrily sewing away in the workshop i felt like i was cocooned in a glass shell with the wind swirling all around me.
    I hope the bed time routine improves... so frustrating for you. They go through stages don't they... each time pushing the boundries a little more. I hope it settles down again for you both. Sweet dreams to little Isabella.
    A happy, if rainy, Monday to you.
    with love
    ginny xx

  3. Yes, I heard in the weather forecast that it would rain a lot in England. And, a rain woman as I am, I thought:
    "Mmm, it could rain like that here too..."
    Call me silly at will, but I'm crazy for rain.

    Your creations are very nice and inspiring.


  4. I am with you about the fireworks, they seem to go on forever. You have remined me, I must pick some more berries, and rose hips, ready for Christmas.x

  5. Gales here last night too, and I was glad (as were my nervous-wreck cats) to have a night off from the Fireworks.

    Have to admit is not as bad this year as it has been in years past; the new laws forbidding them after 11pm, and the local vendor (Garden Centre) going bankrupt this summer seems to have staved off the worst offenders. Think the credit crunch has had an effect too, people arent so willing to put their ever decreasing resources up in smoke!

    Hope Isabella settles again soon, a good nights sleep is so important for everyone!


  6. Hi Pipany! We had a horrible weather weekend here in Norway too...a storm whipped through us here in the south, and we had some damage to the house, the roof. :o( Sorting it out today. Trying to calm my nerves with visiting friends whilst having a cuppa, and hope to update at my own place this afternoon. Hope the nightime improves :o) LOVE the girly bag you've made sooo sweet! Happy week to you all ((HUGS))

  7. I remember the days when my boys were frightened of the Bangs...grown out of it now thankfully but my in-laws have to have their tv at earsplitting level to stop the dogs hearing, the poor things were shaking for days last year, I hope Isabella is getting over her fright now.

    You have conjured up such a lovely vision, mulled wine bubbling and foliage adorning the house I'm feeling very christmassy already......and of course that is allowed because firework night has now passed :D


  8. Our bedtime bugbear is the hail and torrential train waking the kids up. Who on earth put velux windows in this barn? Oh erm yes that would be us, they are blummin noisy in bad weather the hail last night woke them both and we woke to them screaming total chaos!!! Nevermind, tha bad weather meant instead of gardening I've been updating my blog, felting and sewing and thinking about making my Christams cake!!!!

  9. Oh damn & blast fireworks, it hasn't been too bad for us this year but some years it starts in Oct and goes through until new year. You feel like you are under siege. One of our dogs is quite terrified of the loud bangs ans whizzes and has caused an awful lot of damage when she has been left alone. Once she actually gnawed a bit out of the kitchen work surface. There I've had my moan for the day.

  10. Hi Pipany. Like you, I am bemused by fireworks being set off every night for at least a fortnight around Bonfire Night! What is that all about? Nostalgia it may be, but I so wish that we could celebrate Guy Fawkes on 5th November (or the closest weekend) and likewise that Christmas might appear in the shops from November (not in September), etc etc. But onto more lovely things, you have wonderful autumn photos and the child's bag is totally adorable! Good luck with the sleep routine. Best wishes. Denise

  11. One of the many great things about living out here is the absence of fireworks! I do hope Isabella has settled down again. Doing without that precious bit of private evening time is hard going.
    Lovely pictures as usual.

  12. Howling gales and too many fireworks here too. Poor Isabella!

  13. Poor Isabella! Theres nothing worse than a toddler who needs their sleep. My hubby is a fireman and is infuriated that explosives (fireworks to you and me!) are sold so readily. Its nice to have tradition, but a shame things always seem to be exploited nowadays. Enjoy your evening - jacqui

  14. Gorgeous blog with ravishing photos as usual. I do hope Isabella is sleeping better now.
    Pip, thanks so much for the lovely comment that cheered me up!

  15. Oh Pwetty Ickle Bag ! and the photies are gorgeous !
    Finally got decent access to the laptop now x

  16. pinkflowerbuttons13 November 2008 at 13:04

    Such a very gorgous bag. Hope little one settles down, I feel for you trying to settle a child down and get some sleep yourself. Lovely photos. Happy christmas making.

  17. Pipany, I do hope that the precious Isabella will now have gotten back to normal sleeping schedule.

    Over here, of course, we don't do the fireworks on November 5, but I was delighted to hear one very local, and bried burst of firework blasts around 11 pm on our Election Day's evening, when the winner became official.

    That will be it for us until New Years.

    Best wishes to you on all your Christmas preparations.


  18. we have no children to be nervous of fireworks at home now but our new little dogs is very very frightened of them, if we need to go out in the evening we leave a radio or tele on loudly in every room hoping she won't hear the fireworks. I hope Isabella settles soon.