Friday, 21 November 2008

Colds and Christmas.

The two little girls have colds of the nose-streaming, shadow-eyed variety. And so do I. The kitchen table is strewn with paperwork for the business which I have let slip a little recently and last night seemed a good time to bring it back into order as Mr Dave was away for the night due to work. It had obviusly slipped a little more than I thought as I finally went to bed at a quarter to twelve and there is still a small amount left to do. Still, no matter; I like the feeling of restoring order into chaos and that's just as well with a family this size. So, today two young ladies snuggled under covers on the settees (even though they are feeling fine in themselves, hence Isabella leaping around like a banshee every so often) and Mama has supplied copious plates of vitamin laden 'snacks'. They are like me in that they never lose their appetites through illness (depression, happiness, get the picture).

As I raced out to get some work in from the sewing room, I noticed this broad bean growing - well, flowering actually - by the steps. How many times I must pass this spot and yet only today did I notice just how well this determined self-seeded bean is doing. My mouth waters at the possibility of an out of season mini-feast.

Things are creeping along slowly on the Christmas present front with orders obviously taking priority. My recent foray into appliqued houses originated in this partly completed draught excluder I am making for my daughter, Lauren, who has the most enormous gap beneath her door in her student house. I am hoping it will eliminate the howling gale currently sweeping through her room and enable her to feel her Mamma is with her, keeping her warm as she works. More pictures when it is eventually finished, though I must say I find this kind of work extremely trying when attempting to get decent pictures - any tips most gratefully received please.

Other gifts in the making include this diminutive young lady for Isabella who absolutely loves dolls and has a mother who absolutely loves rag dolls. She will soon have her face, hair and some clothes to keep out the chills...

...and will also be wrapped up with her own quilted cot cover and embroidered pillow.

It's reversible too.

With embroidered flowers on the pillow. Oh, I mentioned that already. Dire light in this room today, but I am trying to avoid Isabella seeing.

The quilt I am making for Isabella is almost ready now, I just need to find a fabric for the back. Dave and I have our eyes firmly fixed on some beautiful Japanese material with cherries scatterd over a white ground...just lovely, but we shall see.

(Nearly there, I promise). A Christmassy door hanger...well, it could be hung anywhere actually - over a mantle, from a tree, on the wall.

And just so you don't think I play all the time, here are just a few of the huge pile of lavender and chamomile sachets to be completed for an order wending its way to Richmond later today. Can't even smell them my nose is so bunged up. Hot toddy tonight, mmm.

Bye for now xx


  1. The wreath on the door hanging looks so lovely - just how I'd like my wreaths to turn out. Though my hands are so cold today that I haven't yet faced the garden for greenery etc. I think hands wrapped around some knitting may be the order of the day. Is it just us with sleet and snow today?

    Hope the colds go quickly.

    P x

  2. Poor girls! I hope you all feel better soon. The round of seasonal coughs and colds seems to be never-ending in my household. I'm just hoping that cold snap will kill off all those nasty bugs!
    You have been very busy as ever - I love the appliqued house and tree! And the rag doll set is a wonderful gift.

  3. Such beautiful things you have made, you clever lady. I think it's a lovely idea to handmake gifts for children and I'm thinking of doing that this year. I'me fed up with all the naff plastic toys!
    Happy weekend.
    Hen x

  4. What a lovely selection of things. I think up and down the country we are all suffering from colds and poor light conditions (up here in Caithness it's only properly light between about 9.30am and 2.30pm!)

  5. I love the quilt! So pretty, but then everything you do is gorgeous.

  6. Oh, poor little princesses...Hope they will be on the mend and feeling better soon! :o) All your sewing is beautiful...I so admire your use of soft, pastel shades and prints--after my own heart. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  7. All looks so lovely and homey as I've come to expect from your blogs. You are like CL magazine, as soon as I begin to read and look at the pictures, the urge to get out my fat quarters, threads and ribbons comes upon me. Sadly, it's only the urge... the 'doing' bit gets taken over by wanting to write in my journal, or pick up the needles and finish the current project... a tweedy, soft hottie cover.

    Hope you are les girls are much better soon.

  8. I absolutely love the door hanging, and agree with Pam it is just how I would like my wreaths. Lucky Lauren,I'm sure the draught excluder will warm her room, and such beautiful colours - I love gingham.

    I hope you are all feeling better soon.


  9. Pipany, every single one of these creations has got your very special unique touch. Lucky folks who will receive them!

    Hoping all of you feel better soon.

    I do keep wondering ... do you ever sleep?!


  10. Pips I am in awe at how clever AND serene you are. You are a miracle and oh to be so admired. Have a great weekend xx

  11. Lavender and chamomile sachets...
    such nice idea.

    I hope the girls are better.


  12. Everything is so pretty and beautifully made. I hanker after all of them! Hope all the colds go away quickly. So good that appetites are not lost, except that you have to go on cooking!

  13. Oh Pip what a shame, I've just got over a monster cold so I sympathise with you and you brood. Your girls as so very lucky to have such a talented mum - what gorgeous gifts to treasure, heirlooms in the making and so beautiful too. Take it easy and enjoy a medicinal nip of something nice!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Hi Pip, sorry to hear you all so poorly, still better to get over it now so as not to spoil the coming festivities. Nothing worse than being ill over Christmas. I so admire how you are able to craft and keep home and look after tiny people..what's the secret? I could do with some of your energy! dev x

  15. I hope you all feel better soon.
    Your work is stunning as ever.

  16. You have a great start on christmas. Everything is looking so lovely. Please take care and I hope you all feel better soon.

  17. So many lovely things in the making even though you are unwell. You are a miracle!
    Hope the girls are better and you are on the mend too.

  18. Such beautiful fabrics, I am off to burrow in my drawers as it were!
    Having just recovered form flu you have my sympathies with your colds.
    Tuck your vests in!

  19. Hi Pipany, well on this dark and miserable, damp and dank day (get the picture?) your post has filled me with light and fluffiness. Your work is so delightfully light and happy. Just Lovely ! Especially the wreath hanging - so pwetty !
    I hope you all feel much better soon. Oh, and you've shamed me into working on my paperwork too, long overdue it is too.

  20. Oh, lovely, lovely work Pipany. You always inspire me to get on with some sewing, I am one of life's procrastinators. I love minature quilts, and all your little houses, nimble fingers obviously.

  21. what delightful things, I love the little quilt and pillow, you seem to have 48 hour days in Cornwall seeing everthing you get done, and you make Christmas presents.
    Well done you.
    Jan x

  22. Lovely things to look at, Pip. I hope you and the girls feel better very soon.

  23. Yikes! You have done all that with a cold!!! You must be superwoman! My girls would love to have had you for a mother - they liked nothing better than to be snuggled under a duvet on the sofa with me dancing attendance when they were ill!

  24. they are lovely, where do you find the time? Isn't it wearing when everyone is ill, including you, and everyone needs you?
    keep well