Monday, 16 June 2014

More of the same!

A day on a beach: swimming in ice sea, cool breeze wisping waves into your face and skittering the surface into dancing ripples. A receding tide reveals pools of sun-warmed water. Golden sand shimmers and shifts as a red eyed, in-a-bad-mood crab moves into view and pinches Isabella's finger as she pokes and prods the seaweed aside. A brief moment in a bucket allows a closer study and a photo opportunity. Just look at those beautiful claws.

So many different types of life, everything from bladder wrack and sea lettuce draped over rock, to crabs and shrimp and, on this particular outing, a flat fish which was spotted by a sharp eyed friend. Other than swimming far, far out in the bay with Davey, rock-pooling has to be my most favourite of all the many things I like to do.

Just letting time slip by as the waves ebb and flow, letting cares wash away with the tide ... what could be better?

A constantly changing landscape of boats and yachts and ships in the far distance, the whole set against that amazing backdrop of fields sweeping down to the shore.

The water was freezing on this day but we still managed to swim (no idea who these people are, but they are not us!)

This pretty boat appeared as the sun was beginning to cast a few shadows behind us. I love that feel at the end of a beach day; everything slows down a pace or two and the colours soften to a gentler hue. It becomes quieter as people wend their way home and leave us to ourselves to take a last swim or two. 

Finally we pack away wet towels and all the usual paraphernalia of a day out with children. Home to a glass of something chilled and a sit down on the courtyard listening to Ella & Louis, caramel notes drifting on the evening air and the shadows lengthening until we move at last back indoors.

A greyer day on Sunday meant baking for me: a gorgeous cake with the recipe filched from one of my favourite blogs written by the lovely Sue (who I am lucky enough to meet up with each year when she and her family holiday nearby). Her version of this cake can be found here: Elderflower Drizzle Cake but I had to use our homemade rosehip syrup as I had run out of elderflower cordial till the next batch is made. The cake was gorgeous.

Elderflowers have been picked and are macerating ready to make elderflower champagne.


So pretty; so cheap to make; so very delicious!

Hopefully, we shall mostly be eating outside for the summer.
Keeps the house a bit cleaner!

I also had a go at Sue's Ridiculously Easy No-knead Bread which was ridiculously easy with no kneading! I mixed white & brown flours but otherwise followed Sue's instructions as she is a darned good cook. The result has already been mostly scoffed by the bread-mad Dave & Isabella, and pronounced as a hit.

I would add that it pays to remember to set your timer. Ahem...

Do pop over to Sue's blog; it is possibly my most fave as she is so darned honest and also posts such lovely things/photos. I can see her blushing from here!

Bye for now x


  1. Flipping heck Pip, I really am blushing! Love your rosehip syrup variation and as ever after reading your posts and looking at your pictures I am yearning to be in Cornwall.

    1. Hehe, thought that would make you a tad embarrassed, but it is true Sue - I do love your blog & have tried quite a few of your scrummy recipes too! Not too long now till you are down again xx

  2. Ah, summer time and the living is easy ~~~ feel that salt sea air washing over me right now! Bookmarking that recipe for the Elderflower drizzle ~~~ hopefully, there will be elderflowers next Spring ~~~ for our neighbour cut down both trees on the boundary last Autumn :( Your blog has cheered me up today! Thanks xoxo

    1. I'm so pleased it cheered you up Deb but hope you weren't too down to start with xx

  3. Lovely days with beautiful photos! I long for the sea at the mo!
    In the meantime I shall have a go at Sues cake as I've made elderflower cordial this week! xx

  4. Don't mind a bit of 'more of the same' when the scenery is that beautiful. ;)

  5. Lovely summer views around your place, Pipany! I can just about feel the sea breeze.

    (Yes, Sue's blog is a delight to visit.)

    I cannot believe how quickly Isabella seems to have grown up! What a beauty she is.


  6. Lovely photos of the beach and sea and delicious food, captured as only you can, Pipany. Like the new bags in the next post too. Lesley x

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