Friday, 15 June 2012

Hello Once More.

Ok, let's face it head on and discuss the weather. What, must we I hear you say? Well, of course I reply for I am a good Cornish girl and weather is very important to this tiny sea-edged county. Anyway, it is a bit hard to ignore in this 'balmy' summer month! Even the ladybirds have taken to hiding...

Not that the weather is any excuse for this naughty duck who thought if she tucked her head under a branch I wouldn't notice that she had escaped the duck pen once again. So funny as she slowly peeked out to see if I had gone and then stuck her head back in when she saw me standing there!

We have had moments of inundation where the hens and the aforesaid duck, Pecan, have provided more than enough eggs for our daily needs! Much baking required to bring it under control.


And as nature likes a contrast, we have had moments of somewhat less than inundation. Isabella's broad bean plants are flowering wonderfully but we have only just begun picking the smallest amounts. All the sweeter for the scarcity I think.


In all our veg garden has been doing really well, particularly when the dire weather is taken into account. The rain has suited the Florence fennel and as for this gorgeous Red Russian Kale - ah bliss. We are having it in so many guises and it looks so beautiful: stately and abundant with NO SLUG DAMAGE! Hurrah. Oh, and of course it tastes amazing.

On a completely different note, our very lovely, very funny and extremely beautiful Isabella had her sixth birthday and despite being quite poorly at the time, had a wonderful day full of chocolate cake and presents and love as all good birthdays should be.

So, as I finally wind to a rambling close after an absence of aeons I wave goodbye to the mauve blue of the forget-me-nots and bid you adieu until another day.

Keep dry and hidden away from all this bad weather and I'll see you soon I hope.

Take care, 
Pip xx


  1. We can't help but talk about the weather, here, in Vermont, too. It's been so curious and effects us - what we're doing - what's happening - so much. We had summer in March, then, non-stop rain in May - so much so that I kept thinking that it was April, again, and was in shock when the calendar rolled over to June - already June! and, I'm gardening, gardening, gardening because, now, the weather is PERFECT! Too beautiful! Wishing the same from you....

    and I was thinking about you, yesterday, and am so glad to see this post from you, today! =]


  2. Ack! I meant, "wishing the same FOR you..." oops. =D

  3. Wow that kale looks good! At least the wet weather's helping the garden, although too late for my poor lettuces! I love the photos of the forget-me-nots. Mine have already gone over already. I wish I'd taken some pictures now! Isabella looks so pretty on her birthday, hope she's feeling much better now. :)
    jess xx

  4. Taking the bull by the horns, that's what I like to see. It is June, we are freezing and wet, the weather is plain wrong!

    Your duck is adorable, your kale looks delicious and I have serious egg envy!

    Hope birthday girl Isabella has bounced back from her brush with ill health x

  5. That little duck is so funny! She's gorgeous - as is Isabella, who I hope is feeling better?

    Love all the gorgeous photos of flowers and greenery. Everything is determinedly blooming in our garden too, despite the over-abundance of "Weather"!

    Have a lovely weekend down in Cornwall...

  6. All that lovely veg. Our patch is suffering with weeds as all this rain seems to be making them sprout before our very eyes.

    Happy weekend Pip,

    Nina x

  7. Everyone seems to be blogging again it must be the weather.
    Lovely photos as ever.

  8. You have broad beans! We have flowers but the whole plants have been sulking and clamouring for sun, no beans yet, not a one.

  9. Happy birthday to Isabella .. she looks just like Lucy in that photo and I can't believe she is now the grand old age of six!
    Lucky you having more eggs than you need, we eat loads of them here it's a shame you can't send them up this way.
    Are you going to the NOTHS do this week?

  10. Still laughing at Pecan here. I envy your ducks - we just can't keep ours safe from the foxes here and I end up heartbroken. That kale looks so healthy. At least the weather is always good for something! Happy birthday to Isabella too. xxx

  11. Love the duck! I've often thought about getting some...
    I've also nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger award - my latest blog post is all about it! xx

  12. Oh what a silly duck, made me giggle though! Ive really neglected my allotment, so envious of your russian kale, yummy! Its back to wet weather again here, oh well!