Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blossoms and Bells.

So, one minute it's all about the rain and the next, glorious hot wonderful sun. The garden is burgeoning under the weight of cherry blossoms and crab apple blossoms and apple blossoms. Blossoms of all kinds, in other words. This is the view from our bathroom window and is fairly typical of what I see as I soak away my cares only then I see it all against a backdrop of sky and a huge oak tree. Rather lovely I think.

And of course, the bluebells are out. They, at least, love this weather where the ground squelches and the air is moist.

When the sun breaks through at last carpets of blue haze glisten and the air is perfumed with that delicate fragrance belonging only to bluebells. Every bank and hedgerow, each woodland glade is covered and I love it.

These pictures were taken on a visit to a local bluebell park called Parc Lye on the Enys Estate where swathes of purple blue roll out as far as you can see.

Nature mixes the three cornered leek with the bluebells so well doesn't she?

The final trees are now breaking into leaf and the vibrant yellows of lime, beech and oak against that perfect sky call me to lie on the ground beneath to just stare and drift away.

Now this bluebell is one of our own and is part a a drift we planted to mark the coming of our Bluebell Baby - little Isabella will be six next week and these gorgeous flowers herald her day as they were planted by me when pregnant with her. Seems so long ago now and the flowers have spread and mingle with garlic flowers and pink campion, the whole more beautiful than any scheme I could have hatched.

Looking up I can see the wide-spreading branches of our cherry tree. It is a fruiting variety though the birds do better than us from its bounty.

The cherry was here long before we moved in and is really too large for the garden, but I cannot make myself lose her. Just look at the beauty of those blossoms.

The fill the view from the kitchen window and scatter confetti all around in such a pretty manner.

So, there we have it...blossoms

and bells

Pretty perfect really. x


  1. Oh what a luscious garden walk!!!! We don't have day I will have to see beautiful....we are just past the fruit tree blossoms. I just adore them and they are so fleeting.........Thanks for the wonderful Pictures!!

  2. Ahhh Blue bells!

    We went for our woodland blue bell walk on Sunday. What a joy to behold and your right the scent from them en-masse is amazing.

    What lovely photo's love the blossom too. Even with all this constant rain nature is rather wonderful isn't it?

    P x

  3. Beautiful! The bluebell park is so pretty and your garden looks gorgeous! I've been looking around for plants and things for our garden, can't wait for the rain to stop so I can go and do some planting! Hope you're having a good day :) Jenny x

  4. As always beautiful photos - could almost feel the fresh air and smell the perfume of those bluebells.

  5. Gorgeous photos Pipany! The bluebells are even out on the headland now, inspire of the harsh winds... and the orchids are coming up too! The last couple of days of rain really seem to have given everything the last dash of encouragement they needed!

  6. *wow* - all those bluebells - I really must head out this weekend before they all disappear.

    Gorgeous pics,

    Nina xxx

  7. Oh what beautiful photographs and what beautiful flowers and blossoms and that blue sky!! where has it gone??

  8. What a pretty post
    Twiggy x

  9. Utterly gorgeous! That really is a sea of bluebells!

  10. Such a beautiful post Pipany!
    I love your stunning Cherry blossoms,Hooray for the sunshine too!
    Rachel x

  11. Oh wow, just looking at these pictures made me feel more relaxed and summery! Great post.

  12. Dear Pipany,

    I had to scroll up to the top of this post to see what date it was from.... only a month ago? My how summer comes on fast! I'm so jealous of your bluebell woods - I do love blue and they look absolutely glowing with it!

    I forgot to mention, in my last comment(s =}), happy birthday, dear Bella!!!!

    and, Pip! What a view out the window!!! So very pretty!