Monday, 17 October 2011

Such Fun!

Look what arrived in the post.

Lucky me was the winner of the lovely Pomona of Little Cottage Comforts fame's giveaway and, in typical Pip fashion, have finally got around to putting up a post about it. Such a gorgeous gift and so sadly remiss of me to take so long - my apologies Pomona.

This lovely book is so perfect for someone like me (or indeed, Mr Davey) and is full of the kind of projects we really enjoy undertaking. The difficulty is deciding which one to start with... scrumptious yoghurts could be first maybe

Or perhaps we'll try some of the cured meats. Dave makes pancetta for Christmas every year so he can now extend his repertoire. Ah the thought of these delicious cuts served with homemade pickles, chutneys and breads.

Talking of I wish we had a walk in larder like the one we had when I was little (the very same one I got shut in when sneaking in to scoff some of my Mum's lovely cooking only to let the darned door close behind me. I then faced the utter mortification of having to shout to be let out and endure the right royal telling off that ensued!).

Thank you so much lovely Pomona x

Other good things this weekend have included a little garden clearance with my trusty pal Isabella to hand. Nothing quite beats a roaring bonfire with ducks quacking and hens panicking - er, I mean clucking - in the background.

Well, not to my pyromaniac soul anyhow.


I even drew up a load of new ideas for designs which seemed to just fill my head this morning as I drank my first coffee of the day. I love it when that happens. This meant I needed to do a little fabric shopping. Poor me!

You can never have too many gratuitous shots of fabric I feel.

Such fun! x


  1. Don't apologize at all! There are far more exciting things to be doing (like playing with fabric) - and actually making the food. We have been doing apple jelly over the weekend, and haven't got on to the quinces yet - and yes, I have been sidetracked by sewing!

    Pomona x

  2. Fun indeed! This post has cheered me up after a particularly fraught weekend. Thank you.

    What beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon...

    We had a walk-in pantry and I would often sneak in to have a nibble here and there. My great mortification was when I would go to steal chocolates only to find when slipping my hand in the chocolate box that my mother had penned me a 'love note' saying 'DON'T TOUCH!'

    Enjoy playing with your fabrics.

  3. The pictures of flames are mesmerising.... it's been ages since I was last at a bonfire, but I remember lots of them for my childhood and they always captured me, I understand it totally. My parent's open fire had the same effect, plus it was always lovely and cosy! As I commented on facebook, your new fabric is just gorgeous, I love them all but especially the little bird one, it works so well with the stripe. Hope the creativeness continues for the rest of the week, always good to be on a roll! xxx

  4. What a fabulous book. Lovely giveaway from Pomona. It couldn't have gone to a more deserving winner! Is there nothing that Mr Davey cannot do - I love pancetta.

    Gorgeous fabric pics too.


  5. Hi Pipany,

    you chose some beautiful fabrics. I love all those bright colours!

    Such a beautiful book you received. Lucky you!

    Enjoy your cooking!

    Lieve groetjes,

    Madelief x

  6. Lovely pressie, lucky you. I know what you mean about pantries as well, when we moved into this house so many people suggested knocking through to the pantry and making my kitchen bigger. I am so glad we didn't do that. I wouldn't be without it. It is so useful. (Also great for hiding things when you have unexpected visitors and loads of stuff lying about in the kitchen!)
    Love that fabric, such pretty designs, I now have fabric envy!

  7. Ooo loving that fabric. Wayyy pretty.

    That book looks really amazing. love the yoghurts in the little jars. Should i be thinking that would the yoghurt taste any different? lol.

    Aaaa good bonfire love the smell of woodsmoke.

    Happy baking and making!

    MBB x

  8. I could feel the warmth from here in your pictures Pip.

    Nina x

  9. Oh yes I do like a gratuitous fabric shot, and I'm quite envious of your giveaway prize, it looks a great book. Loving your fire-y photos too Pip, perhaps there's no need after all to switch on the heating .. I can just think of your warming flames.

  10. Lovely post. Thanks for the fabric loveliness :)
    Twiggy x

  11. Hi, just come across your lovely blog via Madeleif. Bonfires just have to be one of my favourite pastimes in the Autumn, and walk - in pantrys well I am lucky enough to have one and love it! Love your fabrics. Jillx

  12. Gorgeous fabrics, and gorgeous many lovely pictures, Pipany! It's true, looking at lovely photos of fabric is a real pleasure. I also love watching a fire, it's so hypnotic and satisfying too (must stem back to our early origins??) Enjoy your making and cooking!
    Helen x

  13. Pipany, the gift book looks quite inspiring. Please do let us know which projects you and Dave try out.

    Your photos of those dancing flames are really beautiful! Lots of places over here (not just in the City) forbid individuals from burning leaves, so bonfires are becoming a rare sight.

    What happens over here is that families gather up their leaves, etc., and have them contained near the road near their homes to be picked up by massive recycling trucks sent by local governments. The trucks turn the gatherings into mulch...not sure where the mulch goes afterwards!

    Best wishes.

  14. Oooh fun indeed!! What gorgeous fabric, and a lovely looking book! (she says, creeping off stealthily in the direction of Amazon...ho ho ho!!)

    Julia x x x

  15. Beautiful fabric Pipany! I love the smell of bonfires...on our walk tonight the air was full of the smell of log fires. HEAVEN!
    A lovely post as always.

    Lou xxx

  16. You can't beat a good bonfire! I can almost hear and smell yours :D

  17. Oh, my, those fabrics are so PRETTY and that fire...cozy, cozy, cozy!

  18. Ooooh! Look at all that lovely fabric! What a fab prize to get too. Fun indeed.

  19. you have such a wonderful homely, family and crafty blog here- its beautiful and so inspiring, best wishes x

  20. Beautiful and cosy as always Pipany, though long time since I've been here - now off to have a peep at your website x