Monday, 30 May 2011

Look What Arrived Today!

Look what we found this morning...two beautiful little babies hatched by our gorgeous duck, Biscuit.

Terrible photos as I was obviously trying to keep back as far as I could but oh, how cute they are. One bundle of yellow fluff and one of cream and chocolate.

Names are already chosen - May for the little girl (the yellow) and Pecan for the boy.

Dear Biscuit has spent most of the morning washing herself and running around like something possessed, the result of sitting on eggs for so long and pride I guess - yes, I am applying a little anthropomorphism here. Indulge me please: I am a rather over-excited Pipany today.

The ducklings have wobbled their way all over the duck pen and are getting bolder by the minute. So blooming sweet!

Masses more photos will no doubt follow and will hopefully be a darned sight clearer.

Have a great day x


  1. Oh they're adorable! Well done Biscuit.

  2. They are so lovely - there is something heartbreakingly beautiful about little chicks - yes, I am sure that I am being totally anthropomorphic!

    Pomona x

  3. New life....always such a miracle ..they are so perfect and the names!!!! Love them!!!! Happy day to you all!!

  4. ahhhh....they are gorgeous!

  5. So sweet!! They are so very cute, well done to Biscuit, who must be a very proud mummy! x

  6. They are so adorable and what a lovely surprise! The names really suit them too! x

  7. Aaaaawwww ducklings - now I understand.

    Nina xxx

  8. Cute, cute, cute!
    Oh they are adorable!
    Rachel x

  9. Hi Pipany,

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  10. Congratulations to Biscuit, and to you also, Pipany, for being able to get these photos without invading the nursery.

    Looking forward to seeing these ducklings grow and start their paddling.


  11. Aaahh! So sweet and such cute names you've given them. Hope they keep safe and sound.

  12. lots of babies for you!!!!

  13. They are just gorgeous! How amazing x