Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Gentle Catch Up

And so April has moved aside and taken the sun with her; May has been cold, cold, cold so far in our little bit of Cornwall with gusty winds which test the poor bud-burdened peonies almost to the limit. The poppies are faring even worse and look bedraggled and broken, the promise of the show about to come possibly being halted before it starts. Of course, this is a sad reminder that yet again I have not staked the plants, allowing myself to be fooled by the recent balmy weather - will I ever learn?

The cushion soft leaves of the alchemilla - such a pretty name, don't you think? - are unfolding, diamond bright raindrops held shimmering at the edge and the lime green flowers slowly opening. I have a real thing about lime-coloured flowers, particularly when placed in vases full of creamy roses and lilac blossom. Such an elegant and yet old fashioned feel to arrangements such as these.

In recent weeks the garden has been a billowing mass of fruit blossom, everything from the clear white of the pears, the Merryweather (another lovely name) damson and the Victoria plum flowering for the first time to the pink flushed colours of the various apple trees. Even our greengage was covered and all are showing tiny fruitlets, almost as exciting as the wedding-like display with its seemingly endless confetti drifting down and filling the view from the windows.

Now the view is a lush mass of foliage in many hues, a layering of bronze and bright green through to the deeper forest greens, the garden held in suspension as it awaits the scarlet poppies, peonies and yellow flag iris which provide contrast to the bluebells and aquilegia scattering the banks. Will I ever put the hose pipe away instead of making it the focal point?!!.

Bank Holiday Monday saw Diana popping over for chat, business planning (she's so darn bossy!) and lunch. I always love these visits so much and come away from them feeling inspired and focussed, a result of her bossiness which I unfortunately seem to need (!) and actually, come to think of it, I don't come away at all as I live here. Do please pay attention. Dear Diana came bearing great gifts of her homemade peanut fudge - two beautifully packaged jars no less.

and now there are none, only a slightly queasy Pipany left to mark their passing. I just couldn't stop popping another one into my greedy mouth, so delicious was the stuff with its sugary sweetness balanced perfectly by crunchy peanuts. I challenge anyone to resist! By the way, did you know that eating a piece of this fudge followed by a salt and vinegar flavoured crisp changes the taste of the crisp to prawn cocktail? No? Thought not.

Work is calling and the sewing room awaits. Perhaps I'll take a leaf from Isabella's book and pop on a white sparkly white dress, some pink wellies and release my inner princess instead ... it was just a thought!

By for now x


  1. Beautiful words and pictures. I too have a hosepipe that is the focal point of my garden! The fudge looks delicious. I want to make some just so I can eat some salt and vinegar crisps afterwards to see if they taste of prawn cocktail! x

  2. Beautiful pics, though I do agree Isabella has the right idea, sparkly dress and wellies is a fab combo! hehe. Hope the weather warms up too - am back in winter attire and feeling chilly as I type! Have a lovely rest of your week xx

  3. Lovely to see your post today, Pipany! I love the beautiful garden photographs, and wish I had a white sparkly dress and pink wellies like that! As for the fudge... mmmm fudge is one of my favourite treats of all time and that one sounds extremely delicious! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  4. The white sparkly dress and wellies do it for me. The thought of peanut fudge is making me drool. Yum Yum. Dev x

  5. What a lovely garden you have. All that blossom sounds heavenly to me. What was around has mostly has gone where I live. It always feels such a shame.

    Love your Isabella in her princess outfit with the pink wellies. Glam and practical you see!

    MBB x

  6. Lovely pics Pip! And thanks for a lovely time on Monday. I shall tame the bossiness next time...but you know me, you ask....and I say what I think!!

    My jar of fudge is nearly all gone too, shall have to make another batch. Have you sorted out your gauge yet?!

    D x

  7. Pipany, I love the views of your garden in bloom, hosepipe included!

    When you do adopt the princess persona, please do remember that tiara.


  8. What a stunning post - the image of those bluebells is breathtaking! The thought of Diana's fudge is making my mouth water!

  9. It has been really cold and windy here, too - the worst for little seedlings, as it is so dry as well.

    Pomona x

  10. Such an exquisite post - beautiful words and pictures. I think we should all put on sparkly dresses and be princesses (in wellies) for the day.

  11. Your bluebells are better than ours! Lovely garden, great post.

  12. I love your blog, this is my first comment here!
    Your garden looks a delight.
    Friends with fudge...they are the best kind!
    j x

  13. oohhh i want some of that peanut fudge right now x

  14. Lovely post, - hope your weather improves and the peonies and the poppies have fair days to blossom.

    You are not alone in your hose dilemma Pipany, - they seem to fade away until you snap a photo, and then there they are, - long and green and snaking up and down paths or across the yard.

  15. Hi Pip! It's been a while, I've had my head down, but in the meantime we've moved to a house with a beautiful garden so I'm not quite as envious as I used to be when I came over here (the house is a different matter!!)but I shall still enjoy all the gorgeous photos here. And yes, hasn't May been cold and windy?!

  16. Bluebells, forget me nots and I love the dress and wellies outfit, but is that an 'ouch' from your little one?

    take care and have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  17. Hi Pipany,

    That fudge sounds really good. I always love to take some with me when I visit England.

    Your garden looks beautiful with all those flowers. Hope the weather will turn fine soon!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  18. Glorious bluebell wood Pipany and your garden looks lush.

    I've just been over to Diana's - that fudge does look delicious!

    Hope May has brought forth more sunshine. Still no rain here though ...

    Have a great weekend.