Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Trip to Porthleven.

The sun shone bright and I was off! A day escaping the confines of the sewing room which, love it though I do, can be too much of a good thing when you spend an endless amount of hours in it as I do. My dear friend Looby Lou, sweet baby Ellenor and I got into the car and headed for the coast - Porthleven to be precise - where the cliffs were covered in bright yellow gorse, the breeze heavily scented with the delicious smell of coconut buns.

The sea glistened and sparkled with hues of jade and turquoise.

We strolled along the sands and I managed to get soaked as I took my eyes off
the waves for a moment!

Baby Nell sang and chatted in equal measures.

Porthleven's pretty harbour provides a safe (ish) haven when stormy seas thrash about.

A myriad boats lay waiting for high tide.

The beach we walked along is the other side of this church. This is one of several churches in Cornwall that lie either very close to or actually on the sands.

It seems odd today to think how very hot the sun was, no coats or jackets were needed and even the breeze was warm.

Just so



Bye for now x


  1. Hi Pip, those pictures really make me want to rush out of the office and down to the sea, to the sea, which I can see from my window. Sadly, it will have to wait until the weekend when it will probably be pouring with rain or blowing an icy gale. Fingers crossed though eh! Dev x

  2. Gorgeous Pipany. Thanks for sharing your lovley day at the coast. x

  3. beautiful pictures, looks like the perfect day!

  4. "The air smelled of coconut buns"?! Right that's it. I am packing my stuff and moving down immediately!

  5. Oh Pip! Thank you so much for my trip to Porthleven. It's usually our first stop in Cornwall, where we while away a few hours until we move on to the holiday cottage. I've photographed many of the same views and it's just made me wish I could rush down there. I hope you had time to indulge in a Roskilly's ice cream before you went home.


  6. just beautiful ... thank you for sharing

  7. Lovely pictures pipany..wish i was there!! x

  8. What a lovely post,it's put me in a holiday mood! Glad to hear you took a day off from the sewing machine. I did the same thing but spent my day shopping with my daughter. It's funny but I felt guilty taking a day off, but like you, it was well deserved! X

  9. To the sea - hi ho!

    My face is still tingling from our little jaunt down to the sea today.

    take care,

    Nina x

  10. Gorgeous Pip, I've now got seaside envy - in fact, am now planning a trip to weymouth for the weekend, maybe not quite so picturesque but the weather is supposed to stay beautiful - can't wait!!! xxx

  11. What a lovely day Penny, - gorgeous pictures and really enjoyed the outing!

  12. When my Euro Lottery tickets pays out tonight - I shall be on the first chauffer driven limo down! POrthleven is lovely, but ive seen some photos of it in storms with really rough seas and waves coming over the church. I wish I was in Cornwall. xxxxx

  13. What a beautiful place on a beautiful day!