Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Ducky Tale.

It's pouring here today and so I thought I would share yesterday's adventure with you. Not my adventure you understand; no, it is spring and so the ducks are on their annual breakout of the pen, thinking in their rather dimwitted way that I would not notice them waddling noisily past the kitchen window, quacking with a particular style I now know after so much time together means it's Colditz Time!

Oh heck, she's seen us. RUN!

The Drake's Progress.

(Oh, humour me, for heaven's sake! I thought it was funny!)

She looks a bit cross. Let's head this way (and trample over the tulips we planted into the grass under the apple and plum tree to cast a scarlet studded carpet. No longer likely it seems)

Quick! She's getting close!

Forgot that was a dead end. S'pose we'd better go back. Nearly time for supper isn't it?

Biscuit: Is she still looking?

Mustang: Yup!

I know - look cute! She won't be able to resist (cos she really is that gullible!)

Er, I'm a bit stuck. Any chance of a lift?

My gorgeous Biscuit. I do love that girl.

Hope you're having a good day x


  1. Wonderful pictures. Aren't they gorgeous.

    We don't have any of our own ducks but we do have three pairs of wild ducks using our ponds this year (and waddling past the raised beds to raid the nuts and seeds that have fallen from the bird feeders).


    Sue xx

  2. Love it Pip! Good to see Biscuit and Co's latest adventures. Ducks are such characters aren't they ...

    We are having our second 'soft' day today - gentle showers but no sun to speak of, however we are promised 21 degrees tomorrow in Suffolk!


  3. What lovely pictures. I adore ducks. Sadly so do our local foxes which is why we no longer have ducks. I really enjoyed seeing the chase!

  4. Heehee.. how funny!! Your post and photos have really made me smile! Thank you!

  5. Haha, how funny! Bet they enjoyed their little adventure out in the sun! They look like they have real characters :) Jenny x

  6. Lovely ducks Pipany and such characters. Your garden is looking well, everything is that bit further on than up here.